Why Your “I’ll just start next year attitude sucks”

I was having a chat with a client last week and I asked him if he was getting results.

He said “Nah, I’m not tracking my food. I’m just going to start again next year”

I thought to myself, fuck… that’s a sucky way to look at things.

Just because there’s going to be a few higher consumption days of food and booze doesn’t mean you should just throw away the next 3-weeks.

3 weeks = 21 days

21 days = 63 meals

Christmas + Boxing Day + NYE = 9 meals

9 meals = 14% of all meals over the next 3 weeks.

So because 14% of your meals aren’t going to be 100% should you blow the rest of the 86% of the year off?

I understand for some people there may be some alcohol consumption involved.

For me, this is a deeper issue.

People are looking for the right time, moment or situation to start, do or continue something.

There is never going to be the right time for anything.

Nothing will be perfect, nothing will have the best possible conditions or moment.

It’s about being consistent year-round, that’s why I like the 80/20 principle.

Smash is for 80% of the time and enjoy the 20%.

Don’t just throw away the 80% good because the 20% will be bad.

If you’re in this situation and you’re struggling to get results, its related to your mindset.

Be consistent and good things will happen to your results.

Want results? Start now.

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