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Imagine training with a personal trainer every day for the rest of your life.

For some people, that might sound great, for others not so great

We HATE that idea because we don’t want you to rely on a PT

We want to transition you from 1 on 1 PT to small group training


Because it’s a better investment of your money, you get more bang for your buck and better results

We view Personal Training as an educational tool to teach you all things training, nutrition, recovery and mindset

Once you have the basics you won’t need us

Sound good?

Book a consult and let’s get some reps

At Helix Gym, we have an energetic and experienced team of personal trainers who know how to work with people one-on-one to get the desired results. Our one-on-one training aims to give every client the tools needed to build the best version of themselves.

Our expert personal trainers are well educated in fitness and nutrition. They understand how to motivate clients and make your workouts fun and beneficial. Unlike some other trainers, our coaches do more than bark orders. They give you the support and the knowledge necessary to create the best version of yourself. Your success is their goal.

How Our One-on-One Training Helps You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Our 60 min training sessions run as follows:

  • A warm-up to ensure you’re ready to do the work in the session ahead
  • Strength exercise to ensure you building lean muscle and losing body-fat
  • Accessory exercises to add volume and repetitions to key exercises that are important for building athleticism, strength and burning fat
  • A conditioning component to shred fat and build your dream body

Each week the program is progressed from the previous week to ensure you are achieving long-term sustainable results

Coach Tim Frey
Your First Personal Training Session

Why Train With Helix?

  • Over 15 year of specialised experience in the fitness industry
  • High end functional equipment, top-of-the-line gear, recovery suite, shower facilities, sauna, and ice bath
  • Customised small group and personal training
  • Almost 400+ 5-Star reviews
  • Guaranteed results
  • In-depth initial assessments and progress assessments along the way
  • Access 35+ sessions, 6 days a week
  • Training with expert coaches
  • Fully personalised nutrition plans

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The best way to understand all Helix Gym has to offer is to check us out yourself. Our staff would love to show you around and help you discover all of the many benefits Helix Gym has to offer. Just schedule a consultation and prepare to be motivated to reach your fitness goals.


And find out how we can help you become the strongest version of yourself!

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Questions That Get Reps

Our PT sessions are between 45 & 60min depending on which option you choose.

We have a minimum of 6-week commitment for all PT services, 1x session starts at $85 per hour.