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The Helix Method

The perfect synergy between multiple disciplines of fitness including strength training, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility, hypertrophy, sports performance and conditioning to give you the fastest and most sustainable results.
The Helix Method has been built on large investments in education, mentorship and coaching experience internationally with the worlds best coaches, athletes and clients.
Each training and nutrition program is designed to maximise your results and performance for the short & long term while optimising progression and having fun.

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Option A: Premium in-person training

Train with us in our premium results based training facility.

We cover everything from strength, conditioning, mobility and bodyweight style training to get you the best possible result.

We provide you the platform to train with our community to work together while getting your goals faster.

We have a huge  timetable of small group sessions  coached by our expert team.

Option B: Online Programming & Coaching

Do you have a specific goal you need a plan, program and accountability for?

We will asses you physically, set goals with you and get you setup with a training & nutrition program from our in-house experts.

Our training plans are personalised to you, your goals and requirements.

We also provide daily accountability, check-ins and updates with our coaching team.