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Improve Your Fitness with Helix Gym's Tailored Approach

Situated in the heart of Perth, Helix Gym offers an unmatched pathway to elevate your fitness journey. Amongst Perth gyms, we pride ourselves on a unique blend of expertise, community, and commitment. Whether you’re embarking on your fitness journey or seeking to intensify it, our specialised small group classes ensure you achieve and surpass your goals.
Fitness Journey

Helix Gym's Small Group Classes - Where Transformation Happens

Harnessing the power of group motivation and expert guidance, our 60-minute classes offer an optimal balance of cardiovascular and strength training. But what sets us apart is our intelligent approach. No need for guesswork; we’ve got the programming mapped out. Show up, be present, and let us guide your transformation.

The Importance of Elevating Your Fitness

Fitness Journey
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Cardio Zones Demystified

At Helix Gym, we ensure a comprehensive workout by navigating through different cardio zones.

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Helix Gym's Commitment to Your Fitness Journey

When you step into Helix Gym, you’re not just entering a gym; you’re joining a community dedicated to holistic health, conditioning, and the mission to consistently “improve your fitness”. 

Our ethos is simple: provide the best environment, expertise, and encouragement to ensure your success.

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Join us and experience the Helix Gym difference firsthand. For a deeper dive into our specialized small group training sessions and to kickstart your transformation, visit our dedicated page here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cardio and Improving Fitness at Helix Gym

Cardio workouts enhance heart health, boost stamina, accelerate fat burning, and elevate mood through the release of endorphins. Our tailored sessions ensure you gain all these benefits and more.

Our 60-minute small group classes are designed to offer a balanced mix of cardiovascular and strength training, ensuring optimal heart rate elevation and calorie burn.

Absolutely! Our Zone 2 ‘fat-burning zone’ cardio exercises are designed to optimize fat utilization, helping members achieve and maintain a lean physique.

  • Each cardio zone targets specific fitness goals:
  • Zone 1 preps your body,
  • Zone 2 focuses on endurance and fat burning,
  • Zone 3 improves cardiovascular health, and
  • Zone 4 pushes your limits for peak performance.

We ensure a gradual introduction to cardiovascular training, helping beginners establish a solid foundation before progressing to more intense zones and workouts.

While individual needs vary, we generally recommend participating in our small group classes 3-4 times a week to see consistent improvements in cardiovascular fitness.

Yes, our small group sessions seamlessly integrate both cardio and strength training exercises, providing a comprehensive workout experience.

Safety is paramount. Our expert trainers guide members through proper techniques, warm-ups, cool-downs, and ensure a gradual progression, especially during high-intensity Zone 4 exercises.

We advise members with health concerns to consult their doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. However, our trainers are skilled in modifications and can tailor sessions to cater to individual needs.

We regularly update our blog with insights, tips, and the latest research on cardio training and its role in holistic fitness.