Recovery Suite: Ice Bath & Sauna - Perth

Elevate Your Recovery at Helix Gym

At Helix Gym, we champion the mantra: recover as fiercely as you train. Embodying this belief, we’ve curated a holistic range of recovery solutions to optimise every workout session’s benefits. Whether you seek the icy embrace of an ice bath or the comforting warmth of an infrared sauna, our facility stands unmatched in Perth.

Comprehensive Recovery for All

Helix Gym members enjoy free, unlimited access to our entire recovery suite with all in-person memberships. Not a member? No worries! We offer a dedicated recovery-only membership for just $50 per week.

Our Premium Recovery Offerings:

Ice Bath - Odin

Delve into the rejuvenating world of cold therapy with Odin. The benefits of ice baths encompass:

  • Combat Muscle Soreness & Inflammation: Cold immersion restricts blood vessels, mitigating muscle inflammation and soreness.
  • Boost Recovery Time: Reduced metabolic activity in muscle cells can cut down muscle fatigue and enhance recovery.
  • Bolster the Immune System: Experience immune function improvements through cold immersion.

Infrared Sauna - Sun Stream

Bask in the soothing heat of our Sun Stream infrared sauna. The encompassing benefits include:

  • Relieve Muscle Soreness & Tension: The sauna’s warmth relaxes muscles, easing soreness and tension.
  • Enhance Cardiovascular Function: Experience a temporary boost in heart rate and blood flow, aiding cardiovascular function.
  • Strengthen the Immune System: The sauna’s heat can stimulate and fortify the immune system.
  • Melt Away Stress: Let the calming ambiance of our sauna alleviate your stress and elevate your mood.

Compression Unit - Hyperice Normatec

Experience the innovative compression technology of Hyperice Normatec. The benefits of our compression unit include:

  • Alleviate Muscle Soreness & Inflammation: The boots’ compression boosts blood flow, addressing muscle soreness and inflammation.
  • Accelerate Recovery Time: Improved blood flow and nutrient delivery can shorten muscle fatigue and recovery duration.
  • Supercharge Athletic Performance: Enhanced circulation and oxygen delivery can optimise athletic prowess.

Address: 3/30 Buckingham Drive, Wangara, 6065

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