One On One Personal Training Perth

Why Invest in Personal Training at Helix Gym?

Picture engaging with a personal trainer daily. For some, it’s appealing; for others, it may seem excessive. At Helix Gym, we believe that while personal training is invaluable, it shouldn’t be a lifelong dependency. Instead, we view personal training in Perth as a transformative educational journey, delving deep into training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset. Once empowered with this foundational knowledge, we transition you to small group training, offering greater value and enhanced outcomes.

Sounds intriguing? Let’s dive deeper.

Helix Gym's Unique Approach to Personal Training

We champion personal training as the stepping stone towards self-reliance. This approach is not about cutting ties but ensuring that you’re equipped with the knowledge to sustain a fit lifestyle independently. Our vibrant team of personal trainers is dedicated to imparting knowledge and skills, ensuring you transition from one-on-one sessions to our high-value small group training in Perth with confidence.

Our personal trainers are more than mere instructors; they’re educators. Beyond motivating and ensuring engaging sessions, they aim to empower you with the know-how to sculpt your best self.

Comprehensive One-On-One Sessions

Each 60-minute session is meticulously designed:

  • Warm-Up: Preps your body for the imminent challenges.
  • Strength Exercises: Focuses on muscle development and fat reduction.
  • Accessory Exercises: Amplifies volume and reps for essential exercises, promoting athleticism, strength, and fat burn.
  • Conditioning: Carves out your desired physique.
  • Progressive Strategy: Weekly evolution ensures sustained, tangible results.
Coach Tim Frey
Your First Personal Training Session

Why Helix Gym is Perth's Choice for Personal Training

  • Seasoned Expertise: Celebrating 15+ years of specialised fitness training.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Premium functional equipment, recovery suites, sauna, ice baths, and more.
  • Accolades: 400+ 5-Star reviews vouching for our unparalleled quality.
  • Results-Oriented: We don’t just promise; we deliver.
  • Holistic Assessments: Comprehensive initial and progress evaluations.
  • Variety & Flexibility: Access 35+ sessions, six days a week.
  • Elite Coaching: Work alongside our expert trainers.
  • Custom Nutrition: Tailored nutrition plans complementing your training.

Experience the Helix Difference

Eager to unearth what makes Helix Gym stand out in functional fitness classes in Perth? Join us for a consult. Let our team introduce you to the myriad benefits awaiting you at Helix Gym. Embark on a journey where motivation, transformation, and results converge.

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Questions That Get Reps

Our PT sessions are between 45 & 60min depending on which option you choose.

We have a minimum of 6-week commitment for all PT services, 1x session starts at $85 per hour.