How To Maintain Your Gains With Online Training & Coaching

Many of our clients have seamlessly incorporated our new Online Virtual Workouts with us into their new normal of “iso life,” while others still struggle to find a routine like the old one.

The truth is that training at your gym is dead for a while, you need to adapt and get results in your new situation.

It’s no secret that the rate of Australian’s engaging in fitness has dropped 95%, this isn’t the case for our clients that have embraced digital training and coaching.

Some may think that it’s not possible to get results from training at home, and others simply just might not understand how it all works.

This article is to prove to you that quality coaching can be received from anywhere in the world, with or without equipment.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what Virtual Training/ Online Coaching is and if it’s right for our them.

Let me start out by saying, if you’re wanting results the principals of how to get there haven’t changed through coaching, accountability and results.

We’ll dive deep into everything you need to know about it below:

  • Virtual vs. In-gym sessions: What you get in a Virtual Training and how it compares to your training in Helix.
  • Effectiveness: The intensity level and effectiveness of body-weight style training vs barbell.
  • Equipment & Space: What type of equipment and training space is needed to complete Virtual Workouts/ Online Coaching.
  • Training on your Own: The difference between training on your own at home, or with a guide instead of getting coached by our coaches.
  • Injuries and Conditions: How you can still benefit from Live Online Virtual Training, despite injuries.



Our Virtual Personal Training sessions are an extension of our iin-gym training.

 What’s the same?

We use the same program design principles guaranteed to get results, we use the same format for sessions all the way from the announcements, to the way we warmup to the conditioning piece at the end of each session. The goal of each session to get a physical outcome that will take you towards your goal. We walk you through every exercise and demonstrate proper form & technique LIVE on video so you can get results from anywhere in the work, we’ve also increased our level of coaching and accountability to give our clients more value.

What’s different?

It has been based around body-weight only programming and can be adjusted to suit added equipment.

The equipment. We work with whatever equipment you currently have, even if that’s just your own body. All training has been based around body-weight only programming and can be adjusted to suit added equipment.

2. Does Virtual Training cost the same as In-Gym sessions?

Yes, and we’ll tell you why. 

Training at home and getting coached isn’t any less valuable than working out in our gym.

You pay $0 for Youtube workouts, do they work? Maybe but theres no back on forth with your coach.

There’s no customisation, there’s no coaching, there’s no modifications, there’s no accountability.

The level customization and coaching you cannot get from any other online source.

We believe in the value of coaching as the key pillar to your success.

3. Will the training be just as intense?

Your coaching team is working very hard behind the scenes to make your workouts as perfect as possible for you, and that may mean even more intensity than expected.

At the end of the day, how hard you go is entirely dictated by you.

Need more proof? Here’s what some of our clients said:

“Training is fun, intense and I’ve been getting crazy results” – Luke P

“I’m feeling great, I’m getting a lot of compliments from my family on my appearance” – Molly D

4. What happens if I just wait until the gym opens back up?

We look forward to reopening Helix just as much as you do. The problem with waiting to workout until we reopen our doors is you risk losing so much of the strength and progress you’ve gained so far. Not to mention, gaining back some of the things you don’t want– body fat, poor mindset, low energy and lack of motivation.

If your shower broke, you wouldn’t wait weeks for it to be fixed before you decided to take a shower again, would you? No, because it’s a necessity- and so is staying healthy and strong.

Our Virtual Sessions will help you continue to get an intense strength & conditioning training as well maintain results at a minimum so when we reopen, you pick back up right where you left off… or better.

We don’t know exactly when we will get to reopen so until then, this is the best option.

5. What if I don’t have any equipment?

No barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells? No probs, If you’re slightly sceptical about whether or not a bodyweight workout can be effective or challenging.

Just think about all those prisoners who have no equipment and come out of jail looking jacked and lean while eating garbage.

Any strength exercise, including bodyweight exercises, has the potential to be extremely effective.

If you have equipment, we can give you custom programming to make that work also.

6. Can I just train with videos at home? There are tons of workouts on YouTube.

You’re right, there are stacks of training sessions to choose from out there.

But watching free videos or following cookie-cutter routines will never get you the same results (and ensure your safety!) like working with a coach.

If those videos workouts were as effective and you didn’t somehow need the accountability of an appointment and a our coaching team, you’d probably be doing them already.

Videos, manuals and guides can be great resources in a tough spot. What you don’t get is the customized approach. You don’t have someone completely focused on you to see if you’re doing an exercise correctly, doing it safely. 

A video doesn’t know your goals, your injuries, limitations or how you tend to hold your breath a little before you hit muscle success. Your coach does.

There’s just no way watching a video will ever be as effective as working with a coach in a live session. Think about how hard you can be pushed when you are working with your coach– it’s always more than you thought you could do! Know that a video will not render that same kind of effort and certainly not the same results.

Here’s the short version of what you need to know!

  • Virtual Sessions are still a small group, appointment only, LIVE with a coach.
  • The cost of Virtual Sessions is the same, as the value of the session is higher. We have increased our levels of support, accountability and programs we offer.
  • The workout can be as intense as in-gym sessions, depending on the customized program your coach has for you.
  • Waiting for the studios to open up is not a recommended plan of action. We can still help you reach your goals working remotely.
  • You don’t need much space, or any equipment; however, we can and will work with what you do have.
  • Working out with videos, guides and manuals are better than nothing, but they cannot match the coaching you receive from a coach. Your 1-on-1 coach will always provide more value for you than a video or guide ever could.
  • Walking is great for the body but it won’t help you maintain or gain strength. The best way to do that is to actively be strength training.

We can all agree that NOT working out is not an option, especially during a time where maintaining peak health is crucial. Although Virtual Sessions are a slightly different experience from In-gym sessions, we’re confident it will be a positive experience for you.

No matter what, keep working out. And the best way to continue working out is with your Trainer and using a method that is scientifically proven to get results and help you get them safely. That’s why you joined The Perfect Workout in the first place!

Have concerns? Most of our client’s concerns and questions are resolved in their first Virtual Session.

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