Why You Need A Coach Now More Than Ever

We’re deep in the iso life at the moment, the government isn’t giving us much information about what the future holds. 

You can’t live your life waiting for the what if’s to play out with life returning to normal, you need to take action on your goals – they aren’t going to happen by just thinking about them.

A lot of people believe in “manifesting” your goals, but in truth, without doing something about it all the wishing in the world won’t make it happen.

Some are on the fence about getting a coach to guide them on the journey, others are going HAM (Urban dictionary if you’re not sure what this means 😉 with online coaching.

As with anything in life, people who take action get rewarded eventually.

I’m going to get stuck into four of the main reasons why you need a coach to hit your goals.

1. Accountability

It’s a buzz word at the moment, but if you’ve ever had that message from someone saying “Hey, why haven’t you been training” it’s like a gunshot to the soul, especially if you’ve said you were going to get after your goals and you aren’t.

If you’ve never had that message, close your eyes right now and imagine getting that message from a coach or me…

A big gunshot, from a big set of guns.

The truth is we all need accountability, because if you had what it takes to get it done on your own, you’d have already reached your goals by now.

Having a coach reach out via calls, text, video messages are essential to keeping you on track and focused.

2. Bullshit Calling Out

We’re usually our own harshest critics, you get the exception to that rule with those super-spiritual people with their crazy positivity…. They’re on another level.

Sometimes the stories you tell yourself are true, more often than not – they’re bullshit and you sometimes need to be told that by someone who’s got your best interests at heart.

I could probably change my job description to “Chief Bullshit Caller”  because I’m always telling clients to stop lying to themselves.

Sometimes you might be being hard on yourself and you shouldn’t be, other times you might be being a softie and you need to toughen up.

Either way, a good coach will tell you what’s up.

3. Programs Custom To You

You can open up YouTube/Instagram right now and get a million workouts from influencers.

Do they work? Maybe, but they’re not specific to YOUR goals, needs or injuries.

Do they know what they’re doing? Maybe, but it’s important to note that looking good in fitness and knowing what you’re doing are vastly different things.

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

Free workouts will be that, free and valueless.

Custom programming based on your needs which yield epic results = damn good value.

4. Action Plan

One of my favourite sayings I first heard by my marketing mentor Kim is:

“You can’t read the label from inside the bottle”

That hit me like a tonne of bricks, in fitness you get so caught up in the emotion of hitting your goal it’s hard to create an action plan of what you actually need to do to get there. Usually you’re making it harder than it needs to be. 

Also, let’s be honest, there’s probably someone more qualified than you to give you the best action plan for your situation, so you can stop second guessing yourself and start taking action. 

So, if you’re still unconvinced that you need a coach, feel free to keep scrolling. But for those of you ready to get guidance, take action & hit those muthafucking goals jump in for a free 7-day 1 on 1 coaching trial with us by clicking HERE

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