How Group Fitness Training Can Change Your Life

What Is Group Fitness Training?

Group fitness training is a form of fitness that involves an instructor leading a group of participants through a class. Common group fitness workouts include spinning, dance classes, aerobics classes, and more.

Group workouts often have a high-energy, fun vibe and a strong focus on aerobic training. If you thrive on upbeat energy and being around like-minded individuals, group fitness training can be an amazing way to stay in shape — and have fun doing it!


What Are the Benefits of Group Fitness Training?

Group fitness training offers a wide variety of benefits. We’ll be sure to go more in-depth on the benefits of group fitness training, but here is a quick look at a few of the advantages you may enjoy by working out in a group setting:

  • Can help boost and maintain motivation
  • May help you stick with your fitness program over the long-term
  • Keeps you accountable
  • Makes exercise feel more fun and less like a chore
  • Often features upbeat, fun, catchy music to help you enjoy the workout and push yourself
  • Social and teamwork aspects
  • May help you work even harder if you are competitive
  • Can lead to an endorphin rush from the cardio
  • More affordable than hiring a personal trainer


Other Benefits of Group Fitness Training

1. Built-In Structure and Accountability

Group fitness classes offer structure without feeling overwhelming. For starters, the class occurs on a set day and time, creating a sense of consistency.

Instead of going to the gym on days you feel like it or randomly completing a series of moves and reps during a self-led workout, a group fitness session features a safe warm-up, an effective class, and a proper cool down.

Signing up in advance for a class or knowing other members in your group are expecting to see you create automatic accountability.

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2. Expert Guidance

Receiving instruction from a certified trainer is an excellent way to achieve results safely. A proficient, experienced group fitness instructor will offer customised advice, modifications, and support for participants.

This eliminates the guesswork of training on your own and adds structure to each workout session, ensuring you get an efficient, safe workout.


3. Social Support

The camaraderie that often forms during group fitness classes is hard to beat. The support, encouragement, and contagious positive vibes from your classmates may just have you counting down until your next group workout session.

Group fitness classes are often bursting with positive support, zero judgment, and shared passion. You’re sure to see individuals from all ability levels, ages, and backgrounds — a reminder that there are zero expectations or judgments. The only thing that matters is showing up.


4. Look Forward To Your Workouts

The “fun factor” is easily one of the top benefits of group fitness classes. Say goodbye to the old saying, “no pain, no gain”. Instead, group workouts offer the chance to see amazing results while having fun obtaining them.

Many participants marvel at how fast a 45-minute class can fly by. The more you enjoy the experience of exercising, the more likely you are to stick with it for the long run.

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5. Change Up Your Routine and Explore New Movements

Do you feel like you’ve been doing the same moves over and over? Or feel like you are stuck in a rut? Have your results plateaued? A well-rounded group exercise class is an ideal way to bust out of fitness ruts, explore new movements, reignite your training, and inspire you to keep working toward your goals.

If your workouts feel boring or rigid, switch it up and try a dance class. Need to work on your flexibility but aren’t sure how? Try a group yoga class. With so many class options, it is possible to find the ideal fit for your goals and needs.


6. What Are the Mental Benefits of Group Fitness Training?

Regularly attending group fitness classes can have a variety of beneficial effects on mental health. Individuals who attend group fitness classes often report an improvement in sleep, mood, well-being, self-confidence, and stress relief. All this translates into a happier and healthier life!


7. How Group Fitness Training Can Change Your Life

Imagine if exercise felt fun rather than something you dread. Imagine bonding with new friends that will help support you on your wellness journey. Group fitness offers so many benefits beyond the physical changes (although those are pretty awesome as well!).

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Who Is Group Fitness Training Best For?

Group workouts can be especially wonderful if you struggle to maintain motivation and consistency with your fitness routine. With their high-energy and positive vibes, groups workouts often fly by and allow you to have a blast while getting in shape.

When you find a class you enjoy and look forward to, it becomes far easier to stick with your fitness goals. You may even find yourself looking forward to your next class!


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