Group vs Individual Training – Which Is Best for You?

Should I do group training or individual training? This is one of the most common questions we hear.

Both individual training and group fitness training can offer excellent results, depending on your goals and lifestyle.

Here, we’ll break down the pros and cons of group fitness training compared to individual training to help you decide which type will benefit you most.


Group Fitness Training

Group fitness training refers to any form of fitness that is done in a group setting and led by an instructor or personal trainer.

Group workouts tend to have a fun, upbeat vibe and focus heavily on aerobic training. If you love the energy of having other people completing the workout along with you and prefer the social aspect, group training can be an awesome way to stay in shape.

We particularly recommend group workouts to individuals who struggle to maintain consistency in their workout routine. If you find a class you love, it suddenly becomes easy to stay in shape and work out regularly. You may even find that you can’t wait for your next class!

With the high, positive energy that comes with group workouts, participants often find that the workout flies by and feels more like fun than work (even though you end up completely sweaty and sore).


Pros of Group Fitness Training

  • Can help keep you motivated
  • It may help you stick with it long-term if you find the workouts fun and look forward to them
  • Fun, upbeat, high-energy vibe
  • Often features catchy, upbeat music to help you push through the workout
  • Social and bonding aspects
  • It may help you push harder if you are competitive and trying to keep up with those around you
  • Often a low-pressure environment
  • Can lead to an endorphin rush from all the cardio
  • Cheaper than hiring a personal trainer
  • Most instructors do an excellent job of including modifications throughout workouts


Cons of Group Exercise Training

  • It is difficult for the instructor to correct your form or technique if it is wrong as they are focused on the entire class


Individual Training

Individual training involves training on your own or with the help of a personal trainer. When working with a personal trainer, results are best when it involves consistent, long-term training.


Pros of Individual Training

  • Includes a customised plan to target your specific goals
  • Allows you to choose your intensity and pace
  • Can help you discover and address specific weaknesses or imbalances
  • Modifications to your training program can be made as needed
  • Gives you 100 per cent of your instructor’s attention if you use a personal training
  • Possibility for proper alignment and anatomical form
  • Set long-term goals and get help working toward them
  • Personal support and encouragement from a trainer to help keep you motivated
  • Supervision from a personal trainer to keep you safe and ensure proper form and alignment
  • Personal training includes a thorough assessment and evaluation of your health history, goals, diet and exercise history, and body type to ensure results and safety


Cons of Individual Training

  • Generally more expensive, unless you train completely by yourself without a personal trainer
  • No social aspect or group support to look forward to or help push you through each session
  • Can be tougher to stay motivated if you thrive on interaction with other people
  • Often lacks the high-intensity, upbeat, fun vibe offered by group classes
  • Can be overwhelming to have all the pressure and attention focused on yourself, especially if you are a fitness newbie


Should I Take A Group Exercise Class Or Train On My Own?

Choosing to train individually or take group fitness classes depends on your goals.

Ask yourself these questions to help decide if individual or group training is best for you:

  • What are you looking for from your workouts? Are you trying to lose weight? Increase your stamina? Build strength? Target specific muscles?
  • Are you just looking to burn some extra calories and socialize or are you looking for an intense, personalized training program?
  • Do you thrive on social support?
  • Do you prefer high-energy, fun, upbeat workouts?
  • Do you have specific goals you want to achieve?
  • What keeps you motivated? Can you stay motivated on your own or do you need the support of a group or trainer?


Group Fitness Training Near Me – Welcome to Helix Gym

Whether you are looking for a personal trainer to help you decide on a customized fitness plan or want to join fun, effective group classes, our talented team is here to help you unlock your potential and become the healthiest version of yourself.

Book a free consult with one of our expert coaches today to get all your questions answered and find out how we can get you the support and guidance you need to get started on your fitness regime.

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