20 Benefits of Group Training

Did you know over 50% of adults in Australia do not meet the recommended physical activity guidelines?

Being physically active is linked to improved overall well-being, increased energy levels, improved quality of life, and reduced risk for a variety of health concerns.

But how do you reach the recommended daily exercise minimums when you have to juggle a career, a family, and a growing to-do list? The key may be finding an exercise program that you find fun and look forward to.

Have you considered joining group fitness training? Group fitness classes are a fun, effective way to incorporate more physical activity into your life.

Here, we’ll look at the many benefits of group personal training and how to get started.


1. The Kohler Effect

The Kohler Effect refers to a phenomenon where an individual work harder as part of a group versus alone.

The Kohler Effect was first discovered by psychologist Otto Kohler in the 1920s when he asked individuals to use heavy weights to perform standard curls until exhausted. Some participants competed individually while others competed as a group. Kohler found that the group participants performed significantly better than individuals competing on their own.


2. We Are Social Beings

Research proves that humans are social beings and thrive off of interaction with others. We also gain natural motivation by spending time around other healthy individuals.

In one study, 96% of individuals completed a fitness program when part of a group compared to only 76% of individuals who completed the program alone.

Scientists believe this effect is due to the increased motivation that results from exercising with like-minded individuals.


3. Variety

Are you tired of always doing the same exercises over and over? If so, group fitness training may be a great way to switch up your exercise routine and prevent boredom, bust through any plateaus, and keep your motivation high.

The natural variety found in group fitness classes means you are always trying new things and no two workouts will be the same. This is an excellent way to stay engaged and motivated. It also helps prevent over-training of certain muscles.


4. Save Time

Another benefit of group fitness training is the time you save by not having to plan your workouts. Group fitness classes are carefully planned out by your instructor, meaning you save time and energy that you can spend elsewhere.

All you need to do is show up to class! Certified instructors also ensure a proper warm-up and cool-down, essential parts of a workout that are easy to skip if you are working out solo.

Strength training at the gym.


5. Experience An Even Bigger Endorphin Rush

You’ve probably heard of or even experienced ‘runner’s high’, the rush of good feelings that occurs after intense physical activity such as running.

This is a result of endorphins, feel-good chemicals, also known as happy hormones, that get released during exercise.

Training in a group fitness class can help you enjoy the effects of even more endorphins if the group setting lifts your spirits and causes you to push yourself harder.


6. Enjoy Your Workout More

Studies prove that workout out is more fun with friends. Researchers from the University of Southern California found that individuals who worked out with friends enjoyed exercising more than when they worked out on their own.


7. Push Through the Pain

A group fitness class can help you push yourself harder during workouts. Watching the people in your group push themselves can help inspire you to maximise your efforts as well.

Researchers at Kansas State University discovered that individuals who worked out with someone they thought was fitter increased their workout intensity and time by 200 per cent!


8. Friendly Competition

Some friendly competition can help you see more results from your workouts. Some gyms even hold monthly competitions or give out prizes to winners.

If you’ve always had a competitive edge, group workouts may be a powerful tool to add to your fitness routine.


9. Cost-Effective

Group fitness classes are cost-effective and more affordable than personal training. By following a plan created by a certified instructor, you also ensure you are getting as much out of your workout as possible.

The money you save by joining a group fitness class can be used on comfortable new workout clothes, new training gear, or healthy foods to amp up your wellness routine.


10. Track Your Fitness

Training with a group allows you to rate your achievements and progress against other members of the class and keep track of your progress.

Rather than only focusing on your journey, it can be helpful to see others around you progressing as well. Tracking your results along with the group can be a more realistic, honest, helpful way of following your development.


11. Accountability

Have you ever set an alarm to get up and work out in the morning only to hit the snooze button? We’ve all been there before. Without accountability, it can be too easy to make excuses and skip workouts.

Group fitness classes have accountability naturally built-in. If you know your friends are waiting for you to show up to class, it becomes harder to miss a workout. You may even get charged for the class anyway if you cancel at the last minute — talk about motivation!


12. Camaraderie

When you share an experience with another person, it helps you bond and reminds you that you are not on your journey alone. This support and camaraderie can help keep you motivated even if you hit a plateau or have days where you are tempted to skip a workout.

It also helps build connections outside of the gym that may serve as excellent networking opportunities.


13. Reduced Loneliness

Loneliness is a common issue. Exercising in a group fitness class is an easy, healthy solution! You can interact with like-minded individuals, work together toward a common goal, support each other, and maybe even form lifelong bonds.

Exercise also releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps lift your mood and make you feel good. This is a wonderful way to reduce the negative feelings that often accompany being lonely.


14. Be a Part of a Team

Studies indicate that the feeling of being a part of a team can help you push through difficult tasks more than if you were working on your own. By working as part of a group fitness class, you can work harder and reap additional health benefits.


15. Improve Your Social and Communication Skills

Another benefit of group fitness training is the opportunity it provides to hone your social skills. Depending on the exercise, many classes require communication, leadership, and teamwork. All of these skills can translate to improvements in your social skills outside of the gym.


16. Be a Part of a Community

Many times, individuals who join group exercise classes end up forming their own little “fit family”. This community can offer a significant amount of encouragement, guidance, and support throughout your fitness journey.

It also feels great to help keep others motivated in your group as well. Just think, you could be the reason someone pushed themselves to get to class that day rather than skipping a workout.


17. Get the Support of a Professional

Working with a professional in a group fitness setting offers a variety of advantages. A certified instructor will help you maintain proper form, support you, and help keep you motivated, all while being more affordable than a personal trainer.

Having an instructor to guide you can be especially helpful if you have never worked out before or are trying a new workout for the first time.


18. Reduced Chance of Injury

Another benefit of group fitness training? You may experience a reduced risk of injury. Between having an instructor to keep an eye on your form and others around you, it becomes easier to make sure you are completing the exercises properly and safely.


19. Make New Friends

Did you find it was easier to make friends when you were younger? You probably met new friends through school, college, or work. As adults, it can often be more difficult to meet new friends. We get in our routines and often see the same people over and over.

Group fitness classes are an excellent way to increase your social interactions and introduce you to entirely new groups of potential friends that you already share common ground.


20. Have More Fun

In addition to all the other benefits of group fitness training, there is one last advantage to mention: having more fun! Often, group fitness classes feature high, positive energy, upbeat music, and a group of individuals you are happy to surround yourself with.

Many times, group fitness classes become so much fun that we find our clients can’t wait until the next class.

Helix Gym - Group training exercise.


Experience the Benefits of Group Personal Training for Yourself

Community, a sense of support, motivation, variety, fun… there are so many benefits to group fitness training. Our facility offers a variety of challenging yet fun group fitness classes run by our certified fitness coaches.

If you would like to learn more about our affordable, effective workout programs, please reach out to our team of experts today or sign up for a free trial.

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