Staying Fit and Getting Bored

You had a good start.

You exercised every day, going to the gym no matter what. You meticulously followed a plan you discovered online. Your clothes began to fit better, coworkers began complimenting you on how energetic you were, and your partner continued to give you those “looks.”

Later, you became bored.

Those online programs? You did notice that it became the same thing every week, though. The diet, too? After a time, grilled chicken and broccoli become monotonous.

What then should you do? When exercise becomes monotonous, how can you maintain your fitness?

Call a Friend

So ask your bestie to come along to a class with you—exercise is always more enjoyable with pals! You’ll be benefiting BOTH of you. The gym can be your way of meeting new people, especially during the chilly winter months when it’s easier to hibernate than venture out and mingle.

Exercise is only one aspect of health. Hit two birds with one stone—we need to connect with each other!

Blend It Up

You’ve always run, but are you becoming sick of the same old scenery? Consider including some strength training.

Been working out ever since you can remember? Get outside and move your body with your muscles!

Go hiking nearby, rent a bike, or ask your friends if they want to play basketball over the weekend.

The answer to making you like working out again may be some originality if your workout regimen gets boring. It’s time to rediscover that new feeling of freshness because the routine you’re currently bored with was once new and fresh.

The same holds true for your diet. Try selecting a few new healthy dishes to prepare this week if you’re sick of the same old ones!

Get a Coach

For long-term health, accountability is key, and engaging with a coach can assist avoid stagnation.

With the novelty you need to stave off boredom, a skilled coach will help you stay on course. A coach can assist you in setting reasonable objectives and helping you stay committed to them when your desire wanes, whether that means adding variety to your workouts or your diet plan.

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