3 Unique Recovery Methods For Better Performance

3 Unique Recovery Methods For Better Performance

Recovery is a crucial part of every athlete’s training programme since it allows the body to heal and regenerate after a rigorous physical workout. You may perform at your peak and lower your chance of injury by including special recuperation techniques into your training regimen, enabling you to realise your full athletic potential. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about 3 Unique Recovery Methods For Better Performance.

You’ll Learn:

  • Sleep (in a cold room)
  • Ice bath
  • Protein consumption


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What’s up guys?

Actually just recorded this and it didn’t record. So here we are on #2. Take two. So today I’m talking about the three unique recovery methods if you want better performance.

And it’s probably like a similar saying here that, you know, abs aren’t made in the kitchen, no, abs aren’t made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen.

Well, performance isn’t made in the gym, it’s made in the recovery or the bed. Depends which kind of performance we’re talking about here, but, you know, wink, wink. So I’m talking three unique recovery methods.

If you want better performance, we know that performance is.

Made in the recovery, we do the damage in the gym so we do the sets, reps we do, the weights we do, the tempos, we do the hard conditioning pieces, we do the mobility. But how does that actually turn into greater performance? It’s in the recovery.

People or my clients, especially the ones I I know that train really hard and recover like ****, don’t really get the same kind of results as the ones that recover well. And I even know some people that.

Train a little bit less and recover well and they get better results and people, transit says we can recover like ****.

At some point you kind of got to ask yourself like, is it my recovery that’s limiting my potential, my performance? And if it is, listen the **** ** because this is for you. I did.

Write this for.

You recovery is.

Key to performance.

And you need to be utilising and harnessing these things, these things you may have heard of them, and you may know them, but do you really know them? If you’re not doing them? And my argument is, no, that’s the difference between knowledge and mastery.

Knowledge is knowing something like you may know these things and master is actually doing them and that proves you know them and can action them.

So the first one is sleep, obviously. Oh my God. Sleep, you said sleep.

Sleep in a cold room less than 18 degrees.

And this is hard for some people generally because they are tied to us as they don’t want to run air con.

And let me tell you, life is too short to not live to your full potential because you’re scared about the power bill from.

An air con.

And if you disagree with that, you’re going to die with a really big bank account and you’re going to be in the grave.

So, rich with all your Ferraris and nice houses and you’re never really going to know what it was like to live your full potential because you were so worried about running the econ.

The key with sleep in a cold room is it’s got to be less than 18 degrees. 18 degrees is the sweet spot of the magic number.

Which is ******* cold. So if you ever crank your air con to 18 and maybe stood in front of it for a while, you will get chilly, but you’ll have a blankie to keep you warm.

Here and this is the magic number I want you to shoot for tonight in bed. It’s 18, not 18 seconds with your misses.

18 degrees on the air con, my second unique recovery method is ice bath. Oh, my God. Ice bath. But there are two numbers you need to know. And the first one is 10 minutes.

10 minutes a week is the minimum sweet spot or minimum viable dose for an ice.

The way you can divvy that up is 3 sessions, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 3 minutes or 343.

Whatever you want to do, or you can just do 33 fours and round it up and make each one the same, but this is total time submerged in the ice bath.

Has to equal that per session and the second number to do with ice baths is 4 degrees so.

4 degrees or less than for the temperature of the ice bath to be optimal. If you want to be an optimal, you can be one of those.

If I can dudes that gets a green bin and put some ice in it and some water and that’ll be like 10 to 12 degrees. But if you want to be really optimal, you get to a non Polvo gym like Helix gym.

That has an $8000 ice bath that you can just hop into and get nice and cold to that two degree number. The magic number that you need for recovery and you do 10 minutes a week.

Real simple. Two of two of these are related to cold sleep at 18 degrees and then ice bath for a minimum of 10 minutes per week at 4 degrees, and my third one is protein consumption, but a very specific number to do with protein consumption and that is consumed 2.2 grammes of protein per KG.

Their body weight.

And what does that look like for 100K gorilla?

Like many gorillas that I know is.

220 grammes of protein, split between three meals. If you split between three meals, it’s quite a lot, but.

If you did a couple of protein shakes and a couple of protein heavy meals, you will get there.

And a lot of people say that they can’t hit those numbers. They can’t eat that much food. They just, you know, they can’t afford protein well.

If you can’t afford protein, go get a better job or go get another job that you can afford to give yourself for the vital components that are going to help you to become the best version of yourself.

And if you say that’s not possible, then I say you’re lying because everyone has the same amount of time in the day to earn a great living, so you can live your full potential.

But excuses will get in the way.

With this one.

So in summary, Cold room 18 degrees.

Ice bath 10 minutes.

4 degrees and then 2.2 grammes of protein per KG. Yes, this is going to cost money. Yes, this is going to be effort. Yes. You need to do it.

And if you cannot afford it, find a way, because there’s a better life on the other side of affording these things and becoming the best version of yourself. But it takes effort, like anything worth having in life.

And if you do want to have better performance in the gym, you need to emphasise and maximise your recovery.

And if you don’t, then stay average. That’s not my fault. I gave you the skills I gave you the tools. I gave you the resources to do it.

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