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Here's Why You Should Fast More

The practice of fasting has been around for a while now and is thought to improve one’s physical, mental, and even spiritual health. The 16:8 protocol has garnered a lot of attention within the domain of intermittent fasting due to the fact that it is both straightforward and has the potential to be beneficial. What, then, is fasting according to 16:8? A 16-hour fast and an 8-hour window for eating are the only restrictions of this time-restricted eating regimen. Health enthusiasts, researchers, and people trying to improve their well-being have all expressed interest in this strategy. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Here’s Why You Should Fast More.

You’ll Learn:

  • What exactly is fasting 16:8?
  • Reasons why you should fast more.
  • Can fasting give you results?



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Hey guys, thanks for checking out this episode of the Helix Experience today. I’m talking to you about his why you should fast more in particularly with fasting. I like to use the 16 and 8 methods, so the 16 and eight method is.

Fasting for 16 hours, eating for 8:00, so that eating for eight would be within an 8 hour window. So how that would look would potentially be let’s say your fasting window started at 10:00 AM and then it would end at 6:00 PM. So you’d have that 8 hours of available time when you could be.

And then you would fast from that 6:00 PM all the way up until 10:00 AM. So you’ve got the 16 and eight method there, which I think is a really simple way to do it.

I think like the best thing about this method is that you have that time where you’re essentially not eating anything, so it’s a really easy way to cut.

Calories. A lot of the time, people just tend to eat the other way around, so they eat for 16 and then you know while they sleep, they’re not eating, which is can be an ineffective method, especially if someones trying to lose fat.

If you just limit your opportunity for yourself to not eat, then you’re going to be consuming less calories, therefore losing weight.

Super simple way to do it so you know top three reasons why you need to fast more first one you upregulate your fat burning after waking so your body goes into a slight or can go into ketosis or a form of ketosis and then we also can get an upregulation in beta oxidation.

Which is a good thing for fat burning. The second reason I did touch on was it’s a really easy way to cut calories from your diet.

So if you think you know normally, let’s say hypothetically for a male, you know you’re having 1000 calories for breakfast, 1000 calories for lunch, 1000 calories for dinner, snacks, protein shakes, etcetera.

Could easily get yourself up to 4000 calories which you know, depending if you’re ******* massive or your unit, that still might be in a calorie deficit for you, or it might not be.

But let’s say.

You cut your ability to eat one of those meals. You’re already 1000 cows down.

And one snack so, you know, could be 3-4 hundred calorie snack. You’re only 1400 calories down for the day.

On that hypothetical example, so really simple way to cut calories there which I do kind of prefer. It does take some discipline, especially if you’re training in the morning.

So if you someone that gets up early and trains and then you’re not able to eat till you know 10 or 12, whenever you set your window.

Or can be a little bit difficult because you may get hunger pains on those days.

Generally, when I would like to use this method now is on rest days. So if I’m not training on the weekends, Saturdays, Sunday, I can do a 16 and eight there and then in the 8 hour window I’ll try to eat just lean proteins for.

The day and that will get me in quite a significant deficit for the week can be an efficient way to do it.

So you know how this would work on a on a training split as you train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

On Wednesday and Saturday you could do 16 and eight on the 8 hour window, lean proteins on the other days you could eat normally and you could put yourself in a deficit of 1002 thousand, 3000 calories for the week. Quite easily for that. It takes 7700 calories in a deficit to lose 1K of fat.

So, you know could be 1/2 kilo a week with very minimal effort there in terms of a fat loss, which is incredible.

The third main reason why you should fast more is increasing your ability to use your own energy stores. Your body just becomes a little bit more efficient at running.

Running what I mean is in terms of its operation. So in summary guys, it upregulates your fat burning after waking via ketosis and beta oxidation. Easy way to cut your calories.

From your diet and #3, it increases your ability to use your own energy stores.

That’s why you should fast more. I think everyone should experience fasting and the results it can get. At least do this for 30 days just to test it out.

Get them before and after. Do your measurements, get a body scan, see what your body fat is muscle mass.

All those types of things, it may be the thing that is key for you in terms of getting results. So let me know in.

The comments or let me know on Instagram realtimfrey. I’d love to speak with you about this and if you need any more information on fasting let me know.