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The Helix Experience
Escaping The Rat Race

It’s a rat race. It’s a phrase that describes the never-ending cycle of work, the daily grind, and the sense of being stifled by a monotonous routine. Many of us desire to be liberated, take back our time, and live lives that are fulfilling and purposeful. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Escaping The Rat Race.


You’ll Learn:

  • What is the rat race?
  • How can you break the mould?
  • How to escape the rat race?



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[00:00:00] Hey guys. Today we are talking about escaping the rat race. So what is the rat race? What the fuck is Tim talking about today? It’s a topic I’m pretty passionate about because I do think there is a big rat race going on and we’re all in it without our conscious awareness. A lot of people are unconsciously.

[00:00:24] Well, consciously maybe, but subconsciously aware that they are in the rut or the wheel of [00:00:30] life. And usually people will start feeling like this when the seasons change or winter comes about because life becomes very monotonous and it becomes very same, same. And you know, for me, I was writing the draft for this podcast and I wrote out the rap race for me, and I’ll go through it.

[00:00:47] I think it’s about eight points. So, You’re born, you go to school, you study, you get a job, you get married, you have kids, and you die in the same spot. Usually most [00:01:00] people is in the same spot. So where you grow up where you’re raised is usually the point where you stay along the way. You pay your taxes 50%, and you’d be a good little citizen.

[00:01:11] Is there anything wrong with that? No. That is a good thing. A lot of people in, you know, Western world would call that first world problems, which I would tend to agree with unless you have the opportunity to do something else. But just because everyone is [00:01:30] doing it doesn’t mean you should or could because some people know there is more out there and they know there is another way to live and.

[00:01:38] Probably more for the freaks and the risk takers. You are the people I’m talking about. If you’re someone that’s vanilla and you’re happy with the nine to five, then maybe this podcast isn’t for you, but it is to spread awareness to those people that want something else. If you want to be different.

[00:01:58] Don’t do what everyone else is [00:02:00] doing. If you want to be the same as everyone else, then do what everyone else does. Go to the same places, hang out at the same spots, drive the same cars, take the same holidays, or don’t take holidays, go to the same universities, and you’ll be indoctrinated in the way of their thinking.

[00:02:19] So how can you break the mould or escape the rat race? So what I did is I went to uni, which is totally rat race thinking. I didn’t even know I wasn’t the rat [00:02:30] race probably until a couple years ago. But you know, I’m firmly in there and I was in there in the progress in process of escaping it. That’s why I made this podcast.

[00:02:38] So most of my education or study or things I’ve learned have taken me forward as an entrepreneur, coach. And generally, you know, quote unquote successful person has been things that I have studied myself, things that I have learnt and gone out and educated myself on my own because I believe that.

[00:02:56] The education that you get outside of the curriculums that you’re taught through [00:03:00] major institutions is far more important and will get you further. That’s why they’re not taught in major institutions, and they teach you the bare minimum and charge you the maximum amount of money to learn that education.

[00:03:11] So my first point here is, you know, if you want to escape the right race, you need to study yourself. I learned more outside of university and spent a lot less than my 60 K tax. Oh, hex debt. In the years post university, that took me and made me more [00:03:30] money and gave me more freedom than I did at university, which is crazy.

[00:03:34] Next we’ll talk about like nine to five jobs. They kind of keep the world going, which when you think about it, like most of these nine to five or whatever are shifts or whatever, they are in usually vital industries that are like the lifeblood of the world. You know, running power stations, water, utilities banks.

[00:03:55] What else? Examples here, you know, lawyers, doctors, these types of jobs that keep the [00:04:00] world going and you know, obviously that’s super convenient for the world, but less convenient if you’re in one of those jobs cuz you are tired to it. You know, your career is your thing and that’s the only thing you’ve studied, therefore you changing and making.

[00:04:13] Enough money to live is a harder thing to do, which why is why a lot of people stay in their careers. And then they get trapped in the, in the rat ways, the AI revolution, which is why there’s a lot of backlash on it will change this. Maybe not so much with those jobs, but. [00:04:30] You will need to adapt and there’ll be less jobs and less positions as you’re seeing at the moment.

[00:04:35] You know, robots, machines are taking over, AI is taking over, especially in the creative kind of world at the moment. But you know, there will be robots and self-driving cars and all these things that humans are gonna have to get a lot more skilled. If you wanna adapt and everyone thinks it’s probably so far away, but.

[00:04:51] In reality, you’ve seen how fast the AI revolutionists come through in the world. It’s quick, like things are happening fast. If you want to get paid well and live the [00:05:00] life on your terms, you need to develop skills. And skills that can’t easily be replicated. You can get into the, you know, the top 1%. Let’s say, you know, one industry that’s getting replicated at the moment is copywriting, and that’s by ai.

[00:05:13] Obviously, AI copywriting isn’t as good. If you don’t know what copywriting is, essentially writing sales copy to convert sales online, landing pages, ads, et cetera. But the top 1% or even the top 5% of copywriters are not gonna lose. Their market share or their worth to AI because it’s just not as good [00:05:30] as copywriting people.

[00:05:31] As a good copywriter, people want the best of the best, and a good copywriter is always gonna be AI for now. Unless or when they do train up the algorithms to be better, or the machine learning or whatever it is to be better than a copywriter, still gonna win. But like a shitty social media manager is gonna get beaten by AI at the moment just because it’s better and cheaper.

[00:05:52] You need to start thinking along these lines with. Skills for the future that you can develop or write that are going to pay dividends for you in the long run. [00:06:00] So another problem with the nine to five thing is they get you in the wheel or the the rabbit hole of, you know, pushing for pay rises. An hypothetical example, if you get a 10 K year pay rise, after all it’s said and done with taxes, et cetera, this probably ends up being like 50 bucks a week.

[00:06:19] So 50 bucks a week is not gonna be enough money to change your life. And it’s funny, this is like a complete tangent, but a friend of mine He wanted to do an NLP course and he’s probably listening to this at the moment and he said you can’t [00:06:30] justify the 5K at the moment. And in my head I was cuz 5k course in my head I was working out or he was just saying like, I just can’t, like, I don’t have that cash at the moment saved.

[00:06:40] And I said, you should just get a credit card and, and put on credit card paid off. And I thought to myself, like for him to save five grand is gonna take like probably a year or so. The opportunity cost of waiting a year to do a course that could be revolutionary and change your life is far greater than the 5K and the opportunity cost and the time spent.[00:07:00]

[00:07:00] So you may as well just get a credit card put on your credit card. And then pay it off over time, because you know, that course could change your life to an extent. Where you start coaching, you start a new business, and you make that 5K back immediately. Like, especially when you start something and provide value to other people.

[00:07:14] But you know, the common thing to do here would be to save up be a good citizen, not do the course, and then, Pay for it when you can afford it, but the opportunity cost is far greater than the $5,000 that he would’ve saved. If not, and then, [00:07:30] you know, we could talk about, you know, these jobs that everyone has, like doctors, teachers, nurses, you know, firefighters, et cetera.

[00:07:38] You know, they argue for a two to 4% pay increase per year. You know, they fight tooth. And now with the government for these. Pay increases, but then you look at the cost of inflation, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10%, and the true cost of inflation is a lot more than that, but you know, you, you’re going backwards. Your money is worth less just due to the sole fact of inflation and they’re, you know, fighting [00:08:00] tooth and nail.

[00:08:01] The end result here is you’re getting paid less money. The government is getting paid more money. It’s less for you, less opportunity, less growth, less, you know, quote the American Dream or the Australian dream. It’s getting further and further away from us at every point. The only way to get ahead is to gain skills and monetize them.

[00:08:18] That is the only way. I know a few people that are high net worth individuals that have jobs, but it’s few and far between. Most successful people have skills that they monetize. They [00:08:30] get better at those skills. They get passionate about those skills and they make more money on those skills. And then, you know, everyone says money doesn’t buy freedom, but it buys you a fucking shitload of stuff.

[00:08:39] Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys you freedom. Sorry. And freedom is key. Being sovereign is key. Living life on your terms is key. And the other alternative, which is not a bad alternative, but it’s what everyone else does, is you can be a good citizen. Pay your taxes, pay rates, follow the rules, pay the fines, contribute to society.

[00:08:59] [00:09:00] But you know, have you ever looked at where the tax money goes and you have a look on your, I think in Australia they do it now they give you like a, on your tax return, they tell you where all your money goes, and everyone says there’s some nice roads and. Cleaning the beaches, but honestly, have a look at your next statement and tell me if you’re satisfied.

[00:09:15] That’s where your hard earned money goes. And you know, talking about taxes, you pay over 80 taxes just to live 80 separate taxes in Australia, 80 zero. That’s not just like income tax and GST and [00:09:30] you know, purchases, taxes, 80 different taxes. You work on average two and a half days a week just for the government.

[00:09:36] It’s like your silent business partner that just contributes nothing. Well, they do contribute something, but not to the extent that you pay them. And the people like you and I that good, hardworking citizens, we end up paying for everyone else that isn’t contributing. So how can you escape the rat race in your spare time?

[00:09:55] Study a skill once you have it, monetize it and it needs to solve a problem for someone else. [00:10:00] Okay. It has to be a big problem that they can’t solve on their own, otherwise they won’t pay for it. And some examples of this, I think that coding is a big one at the moment. I would say copywriting physical stuff is, is paid well at the moment.

[00:10:15] These are all skills that can be learned for you, but you need to find something that solves a problem for someone else. Don’t spend your life or night watching Netflix or recovering on the weekend from your quote unquote hard week of work. Those are the times that you should be building skills, [00:10:30] not playing PlayStation, cuz that’s how you get stuck in the rat race.

[00:10:32] That’s another way that they keep you in there. Focus on your physical health train, eat well, recover sleep well. Getting into the top 1% of humans for physical strength and development is key. Use every opportunity, Ken, to travel. Get out from where you are and gain perspective on your life. What’s going well?

[00:10:54] What’s not? What are you complaining about? What can you change? How can you move forward? How can you grow? How can [00:11:00] you get better? And lastly, spend less time on social media, more time reading and learning. You’ll spend your whole life focusing on what everyone else is doing rather than your own life. And I’ve seen this countless times.

[00:11:12] People get so caught up in the lives of other people, they forget to live theirs. Now let’s talk about me, how I’m escaping the rat race. I’m still very much in it, but at least have conscious awareness that I am in it and I want to escape it. Not that it is a bad thing. I have done the things. I have [00:11:30] obviously been born, I’ve been to school, I’ve been to uni.

[00:11:32] I’ve got, I’ve actually never had a job. Married, don’t have kids. But that’s where I gained consciousness and I can change it. I know people that grew up with conscious parents and they’ve never been in the right race. They’ve never lived in a western country. They’ve never paid 50% tax. They’ve never been to conventional schools.

[00:11:50] They’ve always been to alternative free thinking societies. So how I escape the right race, I study daily learn skills and monetize them in the process of launching a new [00:12:00] thing. I have a couple of businesses at the moment, but I set up multiple businesses, so I’m not relying on one or anything. I’ve got multiple things on the go, which some would argue that, you know, you’re gonna put less effort into.

[00:12:13] But that’s fine. But I’d rather have you know, not putting my eggs in one basket, so to speak for me. But that way I can gain my own sovereignty as well. I’m not relying on one thing. You know, what happened during the last couple of years when the the big government said you can’t work, you know you can’t make money in.

[00:12:29] If you can’t make money, you [00:12:30] can’t live. So it’s not great for your own sovereignty. I worked out how to make the system work for me. That might be a bit of a mind fuck, or that might not make sense, but once you work out how things work, you can use it to your own advantage and manipulate the variables for it to work for you.

[00:12:49] Next I learned legal tax mitigation strategies. So how to make your tax dollars work for you is key. Don’t just go and be like, yep, cool. Accountant said it was the best thing I [00:13:00] can do. Or the accountant said that that was the least I could pay. There is ways around it and there is ways to legally mitigate your taxes.

[00:13:08] I also got multiple passports so I’m a German citizen as well as an Australian citizen. So next time a global issue happens, touch wood, but we all know what’s gonna happen. I’m not stuck in any one spot being a prisoner in my own state or country. I am in the top 1% of strength and physical performance because when you are stronger physically, you are stronger [00:13:30] mentally and you can handle all the shit that life throws at you.

[00:13:33] And lastly, I have a 10 year plan and it doesn’t involve being tied down. I’ve forward planned my next 10 years. I actively know what I’m working towards. I actively know what I need to make, what the business should look like, or businesses, what kind of freedom I want, and how to live life on my terms. If this sounds.

[00:13:50] Too hard for you to do. It’s not. You just need to give an effort. So tonight, instead of watching Netflix or doing the same shit you do every single night, you should actually plan about, [00:14:00] and there’s tons of people you’re gonna follow online for inspiration on this, about where you want it to go and who you want to be reliant on, because.

[00:14:07] You can’t be reliant on anyone. You need to be reliant on yourself. You need to be sovereign to yourself. Your future is up to you. You can change it or you can die wondering what could have been like. Always. Guys, have you got any value from this podcast on escaping the Rat race? It’s a fun one. I feel like I’ve got my Tim Po hat on here, but it’s interesting to talk about, even for me to get this out is is quite fun and I hope this gets you [00:14:30] thinking.