Yoga & Pilates vs Strength Training For Physique Improvements

Yoga & Pilates vs Strength Training For Physique Improvements

“Hey Tim, I’m tossing up between yoga, pilates & S&C to improve my physique (fat loss, lean muscle gain), what are your thoughts?” Another question we’ve got from the website and it’s from Sally. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Yoga & Pilates vs Strength Training For Physique Improvements.

You’ll Learn:

  • Analysis of the types of people that do yoga & pilates
  • Analysis of caloric expenditure
  • Analysis of stimulus of yoga & pilates
  • About training environments
  • About the bro test


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I ******* love when these questions come through on the podcast, so I received a message from our website and then on the broadcast tab you can submit a question on there.

00:00:15 Speaker 1
Hey Tim, it’s from Sally by the way. Hey Tim, I’m tossing up between yoga, Pilates and S&C to improve my physio.

00:00:21 Speaker 1
AKA fat loss and lean muscle gain. What are your thoughts and you’re about to open up a can of worms here, Sally?

00:00:29 Speaker 1
So if your goal is to change your physique, what would your best option be?

00:00:33 Speaker 1
So what I’m going to do here?

00:00:35 Speaker 1
I’m going to analyse the types of people that do yoga and Pilates analysis.

00:00:38 Speaker 1
Of the caloric expenditure, which is.

00:00:40 Speaker 1
Obviously helps with fat loss analysis of the stimulus to create lean muscle on yoga and Pilates versus S&C. We’ve got training environment and I’m going to give you the protest.

00:00:51 Speaker 1
So an analysis of the type of people that do yoga and Pilates. Ask yourself what types of body shapes generally do you see coming out or going into a yoga and Pilates studio?

00:01:02 Speaker 1
I asked you the question. I’m not going to answer that one. Do these people actually get noticeable changes in their physique?

00:01:11 Speaker 1
And do they get results OK? And I’m not talking about the outliers here. Obviously in any type of physical training endeavour you can talk about the outliers. Yeah, my friend did yoga and Pilates and and she lost 5 kilos.

00:01:24 Speaker 1
Or my friend did Pilates and she said it was a really hard session and she’s really in shape. Was she in shape before she?

00:01:31 Speaker 1
Did yoga and plays.

00:01:32 Speaker 1
Or was there something else that?

00:01:35 Speaker 1
Basically got her that 5K fat lots, so I want you to that in general and generalise here. So start to think of the types of people and the body shapes that do yoga and bodies versus the types of people and body shapes that do strength and conditioning.

00:01:48 Speaker 1
And do you know of people that do strength conditioning and got physical results? There should be most of your answer.

00:01:56 Speaker 1
Next up, we’re going to talk about the analysis of caloric expenditure.

00:01:59 Speaker 1
So yoga and Pilates is. This is also depending on how much you weigh gender. These types of things, but generally yoga and Pilates.

00:02:07 Speaker 1
So we’ll go yoga 1st 200 to 500 calories. Pilates 300 to 450 and strengthen auditioning 500.

00:02:14 Speaker 1
To 2000

00:02:16 Speaker 1
So if you do strength conditioning, you’ll probably well you will be burning double the amount of calories. So if you got 60 minutes conditioning, strength conditioning, 60 minutes yoga, and Pilates, you’re going to be burning double.

00:02:27 Speaker 1
So, where where’s Beth to spend your time? If caloric expenditure is your goal, caloric expenditure? Are the difference between how much you eat and how much you burn is generally going to be the thing that dictates the most amount of fat loss. So it would make sense to do the thing that is going.

00:02:42 Speaker 1
To burn the most calories.

00:02:44 Speaker 1
Am I right? Yeah, you’re probably thinking this is pretty one sided. Yes, I do own a strength conditioning gym, so let’s talk about the analysis of stimulus of yoga and Pilates. So question for you. Just stretching increase lean muscle mass.

00:02:59 Speaker 1
No, does stretching help promote weight loss? No. For arguments sake, let’s say Pilates is strength training, which it isn’t.

00:03:09 Speaker 1
You could say that it provides some stimulus to produce lean muscle mass. You could say, and that’s a ******* stretch.

00:03:16 Speaker 1
I would love to see some research articles on this so you know the main points you need to get from the science building.

00:03:23 Speaker 1
Lean muscle mass is you need to be doing 10 to 20 sets of direct work on a muscle group.

00:03:29 Speaker 1
The week.

00:03:31 Speaker 1
Another question, do you think you’re getting 10 to 20 sets of adequate strength training in yoga and Pilates? Obviously not, so therefore its ability to provide enough of a stimulus to get results from a lean muscle mass point of view is highly doubtful. And then you’re going to.

00:03:50 Speaker 1
Get some people that be like.

00:03:51 Speaker 1
I don’t want to build muscle like I ******* get it like I get that too, but muscle is so important in overall health and longevity, even like not getting jacked. Not being a bodybuilder not being massive, but for your overall health and strength. It is super in.

00:04:10 Speaker 1
Let’s stop training environment here. Generally the better results come from doing more of the thing. Whether that is Pilates, yoga, or essence.

00:04:19 Speaker 1
If you want to be really good.

00:04:20 Speaker 1
At parties do it for days.

00:04:21 Speaker 1
A week if you want to be really good at yoga, do it five days a week.

00:04:24 Speaker 1
If you want to be really good at S&C, do it five days a week. But if you’re doing five days a week.

00:04:29 Speaker 1
Of all five of those things, you’re going to be burning more calories doing S&C, and you’re going to be building better lean muscle mass doing S&C.

00:04:37 Speaker 1
So ask yourself the environment of yoga and Pilates. Is that conducive of you getting results in terms of lean muscle mass and fat loss?

00:04:47 Speaker 1
Obviously, probably not. I haven’t been to many pumping Pilates classes and yoga classes. Not that I’ve been to many any anyway other people you’re training with inspiring.

00:04:57 Speaker 1
Do they make you want to train?

00:04:59 Speaker 1
More or is it a bunch of grannies doing the downward dog?

00:05:03 Speaker 1
Finally, we have the broadest are the people generally in the studio in shape. This is the best indicator of results.

00:05:15 Speaker 1
On a particular facility, gym, Pilates studio, yoga, whatever. Don’t look for the outliers. Look for the average. The average.


Sum of the.

00:05:24 Speaker 1
People in the gym.

00:05:25 Speaker 1
Are they in shape? Yes or no, and be really hard with this and that’s the kind of indication of the results you will get at that facility.

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