Why You Will Never Get Results

A big part of running a gym is marketing, in today’s age you can’t rely on word of mouth, referrals and walk in’s to have crazy business success so digital marketing is where it’s at.

After the first sentence you may be thinking I’m going off on tangent but i’ll bring it back to fitness.

I was writing some ad copy yesterday and I had a creative idea to hang shit on all the fitness fads and make a point that quick fixes don’t work.

I started the ad and it was blowing up, my phone has been vibrating all night for the right reasons for once with enquires/leads….. this gave me that “Fuck ye you da man” feeling.

If these enquires knew how much effort and time goes into getting that hook, line & sinker ad campaign they would sign up outta respect.

Anyway, the ad goes like this “Have you tried: XYZ fitness fad and didn’t have results”…. Well we’re here to put an end to all the bullshit and give you a sustainable way of getting results.

Why has it been doing so well?

People resonate with it, after some time doing this fitness thing you realise a few things about getting results.

The main one is jumping around training methods, trying fads and the “cancel this gym” try the next one culture doesn’t get you results.

Marketers like me try and make you believe that the latest and greatest trend will indeed bring in the miracle result you’ve been chasing your whole life.

Well, it doesn’t.

Coincidentally yesterday I PB’d my squat after 12+ years of training, 99.9% of people don’t give a shit but it does show one thing and that is consistency wins.

Revolutionary, who would have thought it would be consistency?

If you’ve been reading my material for a while you know I like to smash on about it but still alot of people cannot seem to grasp the concept.

Without consistency to a program, coach or food plan you will never get results…..never ever.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts.

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