Why Choose Us

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Helix Gym For Your Personal Training

1. We Create A Plan That Guarantee Results
– We will sit down with you and map out how we are going to hit your goals and assess your: body and lifestyle/nutrition habits to ensure success.

2. We Care About You
– Youโ€™re not just another number to us, every single one of our members is valued and treated as if theyโ€™re family.

3. We Give You A Program That Works
– We will develop a custom strength and conditioning program to hit your goals in the shortest amount of time possible, it will be fun, challenging and rewarding. plates
4. We Will Hold You Accountable
– Whether it’s by text, in-person, email, carrier pigeon or postcard we will make sure youโ€™re accountable for hitting your goal with amazing communication.

5. We Are The Best In Perth
– No matter your goal, we have the: systems, coaching, experience, and game plan to attain your goal in the least time.