The Secret To 20kg Fat Loss

The Secret To 20kg Fat Loss

Is there really a secret to fat loss? What is the most effective way to lose 20kg of fat? Or is there a shortcut? On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about The Secret To 20kg Fat Loss.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important to always stay in shape.
  • How long does it take to lose 20kg of fat?
  • What are some healthy habits one can adopt to help with a fat loss goal?
  • How important is exercise in achieving fat loss?


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Hey guys. Thanks. Checking out the episode. So I wanted to start out with a funny story and I swear it is fitness fitness related in the end.

So I was sleeping on the Airbnb down South in Albany, and it’s about 11:00 o’clock at night, and all of a sudden, obviously I sleep naked. So I’m Naked in this point.

The some alarm goes off and it is so high pitched it’s one of those high pitched alarms that when you hear it, it’s almost deafening.

This thing’s ringing for probably like 15 seconds till I cottoned on that the sound was actually from within our Airbnb.

So I spring up **** naked, come out to like the main kind of area of our Airbnb. So this is like in a residential area overlooking the ocean, super beautiful houses, very close to each other.

This area and I look up and the sound is coming from the smoke alarm. So when huge noise comes from your smoke alarm you think sorry.

Is there a fire or what is going on? So panic run around the house naked dogs are going nuts at this point slapping, you know, the whole shooting match.

And then I realised that the smuggle arm is probably going on because it has a flat battery. What are the ******* chances that this thing has a flat battery at on our first not in this aeroplane be at 11:00 PM. Honestly, I’m working up from one of those sleeps where you feel like you won’t wake up from.

So I’m full drowsy **** naked at this point and I find something. It’s and I try to, you know, reach the smoke alarm to take out the battery.

Can’t reach it so I get a chair. Can’t reach it. I get a stick and a stick or like a room or something. And I’m like hitting this thing with the broom not working. Nothing’s working so.

You get on the horn to the property manager at 11. Thank God I answered. And then the owner and then the owner said we’ve got a ladder downstairs.

So ******** running outside full starkers.

Caulk is out and bring up this ladder and literally all the lots around the house were like on top of a hill very visible there was.

Let’s say there was a lot of commotion in the streets. A lot of people out, and the situation or wherever the smoke alarm was was in.

Stay inside of a lot of people who could see through various windows because we have the lights on the inside and we couldn’t really.

See out anyway.

I climb up this ladder.

And take out the battery. Disaster averted. This thing probably takes like 10 minutes. So as you can imagine, 10 minutes of an alarm blaring full blast in a sleepy country town.

There’s a lot of people around, so yeah, everything kind of calms down. And then I realise I look out the window and I realise there is probably like 6 or 7 people.

Like watching from the streets and and then I’ve also realised that this House is fully cambered up, so there’s cameras everywhere outside and I have just been sprinting around **** naked in Albany.

**** out ship was everywhere in front of like 6 people. 6-7 people slash. The owner of this House will have this on camera footage also.

So that is my fun Airbnb story. Imagine getting woken up by a ******* smoke alarm that has a flat battery that is just going to be like one of the most unlucky.

Things ever so that was the first night of my trip, and that was actually last night. So I’m recording this on Saturday.

But yeah, the main point here is.

That if you weren’t jacked, it would have looked a lot worse for everyone else.

So make sure you stay in shape guys, because you never know who is going to see your body.

Or **** everyone saw it in Albany last night.

So this podcast is about the secret to a 20K fat loss. So.

We’ll just tell a little.

Bit of a story in this one.

So it’s about a a client of mine called shared and he had some incredible results. He actually started last year in January. He came to us. He was literally around so.

If you imagine like a a full circle, this is what the man looked like walking around.

Not even kidding. It’s a gust of wind came. He would probably do like one of those like tumble, turn Rolly pollies laterally.

Down the hill, like that round. So you know, before we kind of started with us, he was frustrated with his lack of progress in the gym, struggled with his overall health and fitness, lacked energy and motivation and obviously he wasn’t happy with the way his physique looked. I mean, who would at that, you know, looking like a shape, not a good shape.

The triangle.

So you know, I want to give you guys the exact steps that he did. I’ll go through some details with this.

So he started using, which was originally called Flex, which is one of our programs and it’s now called Adonis.

And he was doing a minimum of four days a week. So when I say minimal four days a week, I’ll say probably say he’s doing six days a week. Most of the time, probably averaging.

5.5 something like that.

The key with.

The Adonis program it it’s very high volume, so when you get a high volume gym or training program you burn a lot of calories.

When you burn a lot of calories, you obviously give yourself the best chance to lose weight, so you know if you’re someone’s listening to this and you’re looking for it like a weight loss program, you want to be doing a lot of reps.

Those reps equal calories, calories, equals fat loss. It’s not always like the the tried and tested.

You know method for fat loss, but it is really important to have a program that is tough. It’s really important to have a program that is high Rep and and high volume for that matter.

That is like the first like.

Absolute key on that program as well. We’re doing weights which will teach reps and we’re doing a conditioning piece, usually for 10 to.

15 minutes, that is.

Usually like a high intensity interval type.

Conditioning piece, which also further boosts burns.

And then we have an epoch effect, which is an excess post oxygen consumption, which means your body is burning at a higher rate post training OK, which is good.

So he would have been burning calories throughout the day at a higher rate than he normally would have. Imagine you can extrapolate that over 5 to 6 sessions a week. It’s quite a lot of calories.

And most of our guys and why why I say guys because guys are generally bigger and they burn calories a little bit easier than women.

They can burn anywhere from 700 to 1200 calories in an hour, so he’s automatically probably. I’d say he’s doing 1000 calls per session. He’s doing his 6000 calorie deficit.

For the week and it takes, you know, about six 6600 calories to lose a kilogram. So he was basically a kilo fat loss a week just on the training.

Secondly, he followed a meal plan which was given to him by coach, which we worked that out which what his cals and macros were. So he was eating enough to fuel.

This training and and, you know, put some muscle, but also like there were enough calories in there or there weren’t enough calories in there that he could be storing excess body fat.

That was really key. So we had him at 2.2 grams of protein per kg body weight, which for him at the time was hundred and something which is quite a lot. And then, you know.

We just mixed up the carbs and fats accordingly to that, so nutrition stuff is pretty simple when it comes to like a.

Fat loss program.

Next up, he has a pretty religious bedtime. About 8:30 to 9:00 PM, he gets up at. You know, he was at the time, getting up about 4:30. I think he gets up earlier.

You know, so at least getting 7 hours of sleep 7 to 9 hours sleep is the absolute key for recovery.

Healing growth, these types of things. Without that, you know, very hard time getting results. Next up, we had three to five litres of water per day throwing. That’s pretty standard across the board.

Water is also OK for recovery and just general health effects. 66% of us on water without that vital building block or repair block, it’s going to be pretty hard for you guys to get results. And then lastly, he had a regular body scans on our Evault scanner. So you know there’s a.

The old saying, if you’re not accessing your guessing, and if you’re not accessing your weight or your muscle mass, your 45 percentage, then you’re going to be guessing most of the time, hiding from the truth, hiding from the truth is not a good thing when it comes to getting a buddy buddy composition resolved because you can never really tell where you are or how close you are to getting a result.

So regular body scans. I would recommend every two to three weeks and then updating that with your coach. So in summary, training program, new program, bedtime water.

And then regular check-ins or body scans are the key to sustaining a 20K fat loss. So hypothetical example, if you lost half a kilo a week, it would take 40 weeks and you lost a kilo a week.

It would take 20 weeks, but you know the key here was he was burning in excess of 6000 calories a week on his training program before we even got to nutrition.

Which is quite high, but you have to have the right programming and encourage that. Knows what.

They’re doing there so.

Let me know what you think about Sharred’’s transformation. I’ll see if I can check some links to his transformation in the notes so you guys can.

Check that out.

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