Resolutions for the New Year and Parkinson’s Law

Make no New Year’s resolutions, I’m going to say that out loud. Really, why do it?

Why put yourself in a position where you’ll fail when you already know you won’t follow through? And do you know why you and countless others won’t keep their 2023 New Year’s resolutions?

Thanks to Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s Law, if you’re not familiar with it, is the proverb that claims that work expands to take up the available time. Simply said, the quantity of labour necessary adjusts to the amount of time available to complete it.

Consider this: When you were in school, you probably didn’t complete the paper or assignment that was due on Friday if it was assigned by the teacher on Monday. You started and finished the paper on Thursday night. Parkinson’s Law states that.

The same holds true for New Year’s resolutions. Setting a goal in January and giving yourself a year to accomplish it is generally not going to work. The first week or two you might be all fired up, but after that you’ll get distracted, tell yourself you have another 11 months to complete it, and completely forget about it.

Does that imply that you should never have major goals? Obviously not. Instead of one large aim, let’s instead set a few smaller, more manageable ones. You can organise the steps into digestible portions with the aid of a coach.

Say you want to shed 20 pounds this season. Set a first-step objective of eating one serving of veggies for the first two weeks of each meal.

After you achieve that objective, set a goal to work out for 45 minutes, four times a week. Then move on to the following modest objective, the following one, and so on.

All of these smaller objectives will eventually be completed, and they will have assisted you in achieving your main annual objective.

So stay away from Parkinson’s Law and New Year’s resolutions in 2023. Consider pursuing short, manageable goals to gauge your success.

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