Q&A: Strength Training On Your Period – Mansplained by Tim Frey

Q&A: Strength Training On Your Period – Mansplained by Tim Frey

“A bit TMI however, I would love to hear about the importance of mental wealth when training on the menstrual cycle. Most females do experience excruciating pain but we have to push through for gains (LOL). The question is, how can we still lift / train / stay on track at high intensity even though our bodies are going through the menstrual cycle.” This is the question we got from one of our female listeners, Elena. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Q&A: Strength Training On Your Period – Mansplained by Tim Frey.

You’ll Learn:

  • The physiology of menstruation + strength training.
  • How your menstrual cycle affects strength training.
  • Is it OK to do strength training during periods?
  • How to stay on track?


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Hey guys, today we have a listener question and this is from Elena bit TMI. However, I would love to hear about the importance of mental wealth when training on menstrual cycle. OK, period. The men out there. Most females do experience excruciating pain but we have to.

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The question is, how can we still lift trains down track at high intensity even though our bodies are going through such menstrual cycles?

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So we’ve got.

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Three parts of this we’re gonna look at the.

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Physiology first.

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So there is some evidence that women’s menstrual cycle may affect strength and muscle function. The studies have found that women may experience changes in muscle strength and function in different phases of their menstrual cycle, so the extent and the difference and changes in these various individual individuals. So we’ve got 2.

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’cause the follicle follicle phase? You can tell I’m mansplaining this the first half of the menstrual cycle where oestrogen levels are generally higher. The research does show and state that this has a positive effect on strength and function, OK?

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Potentially leading to muscle strength increases during this phase and then we have this second phase, which is the luteal phase.

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The second half of the menstrual cycle, where progesterone levels are generally higher. The research and studies have shown that this may have a negative effect on strength and function, potentially leading to decreases in muscle.

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Strength during this phase, so we’ve got one phase at the start where you get stronger and one phase at the end where you get weaker.

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So on the balance of it, it’s the same and I know me saying that infuriate some people, but it’s important to note that the potential changes in muscle strength and function.

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Maybe small and may not affect the woman’s ability to perform strength training exercises, so it’s quite independent and person to person.

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The menstrual cycle is just one factor that influences muscle strength and function, and other factors such as training status, nutrition, overall health, play a role. So I’m definitely.

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Explaining this, which I do understand I have trained, I would say 1500 women in the last 13 years. So I am quite well versed with the functions of the menstrual cycle and how it works.

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I think the important point here is to answer your question and is to drop the expectation on.

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Yourself you probably got.

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The expectation that you know even when your body isn’t up to it to grow full, stand and hit the same numbers and percentages, which you always do. Physiologically, you know according to the science, that is impossible.

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As I have chatted about on a previous episode, the science isn’t always correct. It is a guide, but you need to go on your own into action on what’s going on.

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The second part of this is the mental wealth, so by mental health I’m assuming you mean mental health and mental.

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Health is the.

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The rage of the saying at the moment so.

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Your body is undertaking a biological response that has been around for over 10,000 years. Plus as long as humans have been around, women have been getting their period.

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So I think you need to drop the pressure on this. Your feelings don’t really matter in this regard because there’s nothing you can really do about it. Your body is going to do what your body does, you can, just you know.

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Handle it as best you can with as little pressure as possible and as little expectation. I think you need to get in the habit of going through the motions, regardless of how you’re feeling. And I say this to a lot of people. It’s like.

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Results don’t really care how you feel. It’s about the consistency of it, and I understand that it hurts and severe pain and excruciating.

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If it is that bad, then I would.

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Suggest not training.

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But you could probably come in and drop the weights 10 to 20% less during the end of your menstrual cycle. That’s a suggestion.

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Just show up and try your best.

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The third part of this is how you can stay on track.

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The simplest answer here is just to stay on track, and I know people rage at me in every area of my life making things sound so simple.

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But the simple answer here is just soundtrack things. You know things that put you off and things that ruin your flow or your motivation or your consistency are generally things that need to be improved.

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As they will affect your quality of life in all other areas as well.

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After coaching 1500 women in 13 years, the key is showing up and just dialling the weights down. Don’t push yourself too hard so I know that was probably a simple explanation of strength training on your period.

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But it is simple, it’s just show up to a little bit less if the pain is too great and you literally can’t.

00:04:48 Speaker 1
Function then don’t train. It’s a simple answer for a simple man.


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