Engine Builder – Program/eBook

Engine Builder – Program/eBook: 30 Science-Based Conditioning Workouts


Elevate your fitness game with our groundbreaking product, the “Engine Builder” – a Program/eBook offering 30 science-based conditioning workouts designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. This cutting-edge program is meticulously crafted to enhance your physical prowess, endurance, and overall health through a diverse range of training sessions and structured phases.


Four Types of Training Sessions:


ATP-PC System (Sprint Training): Focus on explosive power with sprints lasting 0-10 seconds, ideal for boosting your fast-twitch muscle fibres and enhancing speed and strength.

Anaerobic System (Strong Pace Workouts): These high-intensity workouts last 0-60 seconds, targeting your anaerobic system to improve muscular endurance and power.

Aerobic System (Long Duration Training): Emphasise on stamina and endurance with sessions lasting over 60 seconds, perfect for marathon runners, cyclists, and long-distance athletes.

Zone 2 Conditioning (Health Focused): Engage in steady, moderate-intensity exercises that are crucial for heart health and overall wellbeing.


Structured into Five Progressive Phases:


Initial Testing: Benchmark your current fitness level with tests like the Max Calorie Echo/Assault Bike in 10s and Max Distance Run in 20 min.

Base Phase (8 Sessions): Establish a solid foundation with a mix of all four types of training, setting the stage for more advanced workouts.

Build Phase (6 Sessions): Intensify your training with more challenging workouts, focusing on building muscular strength and cardiovascular resilience.

Peak Phase (6 Sessions): Push your limits with the highest intensity workouts, aimed at peaking your performance capabilities.

Re-Test & Evaluate: Measure your progress against the initial benchmarks, witnessing tangible improvements in your fitness levels.


Why Choose Engine Builder?


Scientific Approach: Every session in the program is backed by scientific principles, ensuring you train effectively and safely.

Comprehensive and Varied: With 30 workouts spanning various intensity levels and focuses, this program keeps your training diverse and engaging.

Progressive Training: The five-phase structure ensures gradual improvement, reducing the risk of injury and burnout.

Performance Metrics: Detailed testing protocols help you track your progress and see real improvements in your fitness journey.

Flexibility: Whether you’re at the gym or home, these workouts are adaptable to your environment.


Ideal for:


Athletes looking to enhance their performance across various sports.

Fitness enthusiasts seeking a structured and scientifically-backed training program.

Individuals aiming to improve their general health and cardiovascular fitness.

Trainers and coaches looking for a comprehensive resource for client training.


Embark on a journey of transformation with the “Engine Builder” – where every workout brings you a step closer to your peak physical condition. Tailored to cater to a wide range of fitness goals, this eBook is more than just a training program; it’s your roadmap to surpassing your athletic limits. Join the ranks of high-performers and revolutionise your training today!