Helix Internship Program

Our internship program is for aspiring world class strength & conditioning coaches, this is the next step after you complete cert 4 or a related university degree.

The 3 main areas our internship covers:

1. We give you real world experience coaching a variety of clients & athletes over a 6-month period under the watchful supervision of expert coaches.

2. We give you a tried and tested curriculum of additional education to ensure your knowledge is up to par with becoming a world class coach.

3. We train you on physical excellence so you can practice what you preach to the highest degree.

We only accept 6x intern coaches per year.

We have successfully trained over 65+ interns through Helix Gym, many have gone on to coach pro sport and open various S&C facilities around Australia.


  • 3-5 hours per week of coaching and shadowing
  • 3-5 hours per week of training in our S&C small group sessions
  • 1-3 hours per week of online study
  • A good attitude and are willing to work hard

The internship is a 6-month total time commitment, we have a set of criteria which must be completed by the end of the internship to ensure completion.

Criteria For Successful Completion:

1. Completion of level 1 on the Helix Gym Standards or above for your own training.

2. Successfully coach a 20 person class on your own at an 8/10 satisfactory rating.

3. Successfully coach a 1 on 1 on your own at an 8/10 satisfactory rating.

4. Completed all 6x online courses for upskilling.

5. Completed 12-weeks of programming at the satisfaction of the Head Coach.
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About Helix Gym

We are Perth’s premier strength & conditioning gym. Our Mission is to help every client become the strongest version of themselves by unlocking their potential with strength training. Tim Frey is the Founder and CEO of Helix Gym, an Australian premium training facility established in 2015. After working in a college strength and conditioning in the USA, Tim not only found his passion in the health and fitness industry but also established an entrepreneurial mindset, knowing from a young age he had what it took to take his knowledge, experience, and drive to the market and make his mark. With his wealth of expertise, he wants to share it with you and encourage the next round of knowledgeable coaches.

About Tim Frey

Formal Qualifications


Coaching Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our team has the required credentials to sign the relevant paperwork. 

We see our internship as the best next step after formal education to develop real-world experience.

3-5 hours per week of shadow coaching
3-5 hours per week of training in our S&C classes
1-3 hours per week of online study

Min 7 hours per week
Max 13 hours per week

The internship is $997, we are aiming to raise the standard of strength & conditioning in Australia.

Upon completions, a small portion of interns are offered paid positions at Helix Gym.

Our internship is generally 168-312 hours in total time, this is student dependent on the relevant criteria and competency needs to be achieved.

Yes you will become a Helix Gym member during your internship and are expected to train a minimum of 3x per week.

Want to apply for the Helix internship?

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