Helix Internship Program

Finding it hard to get a foot into the fitness industry?
You’ve studied and are eager to get going but no one is giving you a chance?
Hungry for knowledge, systems, and principles to get results?
Introducing Helix’s Internship Program.
This is an exclusive opportunity as we only take 6 students per quarter who are serious about their careers.

During the Helix Internship we will teach you:


•   Budding PTs who have studied and are ready to have an upper hand entering the industry

•   University students looking to complete their practical hours

•   Gym enthusiasts who want to level up their training, nutrition, and mindset

•   Current trainers looking to create their training facilities

•   PTs wanting to learn how to get the best results for their clients


•   Hungry for knowledge and absorb all the information we provide

•   Curious and ask questions

•   Ready to kick start your career in applied strength & conditioning

•   Open to feedback and criticism

•   Must be able to complete additional study


We are Perth’s premier strength & conditioning gym. Our Mission is to help every client become the strongest version of themselves by unlocking their potential with strength training. Tim Frey is the Founder and CEO of Helix Gym, an Australian premium training facility established in 2015. After working in a college strength and conditioning in the USA, Tim not only found his passion in the health and fitness industry but also established an entrepreneurial mindset, knowing from a young age he had what it took to take his knowledge, experience, and drive to the market and make his mark. With his wealth of expertise, he wants to share it with you and encourage the next round of knowledgeable coaches.


MS.c (Master in Exercise Science: Strength & Conditioning)

BS.c (Bachelor in Science: Exercise & Sports Science)


EXOS Performance Coach NLP Master Practitioner

TimeLine Therapy Master Practitioner

CHFI Nutrition Coach Level 1 & 2

Cert 3 & 4 Fitness


10 years in the fitness industry, 2700+ clients coached

Coached at the University of Arizona (Olympic Sport)

All Americans, Olympians, NCAA champions & Australian pros

27x Australian Pro Athletes


Yes, our team has the required credentials to sign the relevant paperwork. We see our internship as the best next step after formal education to develop real-world experience.

3 hours per week minimum of in-person coaching, and 1-2 hours per week of at-home study provided by Helix Gym.

The internship is free, we are aiming to raise the standard of strength & conditioning in Australia. We also offer the best interns a paid position at Helix Gym, we’re also opening a new facility soon so there is lots of growth potential.

Our internship is generally 150-200 hours in total time, this is student dependant on the relevant criteria and competency needs to be achieved.

We give all interns the option to become members during their time with us, at an additional investment.


Please fill in the application form below and our team will contact you to arrange an interview.