How To Squat Deeper 101

I was scrolling through our Instagram @helixgym and I thought to myself DAYUM there have been some deep squats going up from our page.

Could it be a specialty of ours?

Perhaps, maybe just good movement, in general, is synonymous with what we do at the gym.

I’ve had a few questions by clients and followers on how specifically they should go about improving their squat depth.

Quite simply it boils down to a few key areas, many of them you may have heard of but if you’re reading this you probably haven’t mastered that ass to grass squats yet.

Maybe you’re just reading this because you like my writing, so thank you, kind sir/madam.

This brings up an interesting point…. Knowing a topic and having mastery of a topic.

Knowledge as the name states is knowing a topic in-depth.

Mastery of a topic is having knowledge and practising it.

Practicing it practically not from behind a keyboard talking about practicing it.

I guess it’s like the difference between one of those super-smart PhD coaches that could tell you the specifics and science of training but can’t lift to save their life.

It’s not true mastery in this instance.

Anyway back to this blog.

How To Squat Deeper 101 Point 1: Hit the mobility training… properly….

Tight ankles? You won’t squat deep

Tight hips? You won’t squat deep

Tight t-spine? Your squat will be negatively affected.

How to do mobility training properly you might ask?

Hit 10-20min of dedicated mobility training working on your WORST areas daily for 4-6 weeks and you WILL see a drastic improvement

How To Squat Deeper 101 Point 1: Squat more.

I remember a time about 2 years ago and I did this crazy training program called the squat holiday.

It was developed by one of my favourite strength coaches Wolfgang Unsold, its a German AF name so you can guess where he’s located.

In a nutshell, you squat 3x a day for 7-days.

I’m not talking about squatting on one of those shitty 30-day basic-bitch challenges.

I’m talking about progressively squatting with weight.

The result was that I got today 5 and died in the ass, gave myself CNS fatigue and aborted the challenge.

I did, however, get a deeper squat with more strength and consistency.

The beauty is the motor learning effect of squatting so much.

I got stronger, I got more comfortable with the depth and the weight helped improve my mobility in the hole.

How To Squat Deeper 101 Point 3: Don’t be lazy.

A goal like anything takes effort.

Consistent effort.

I was talking to Tayler & Tom this morning and said something really weird is happening.

I’m getting strong AF and it’s odd.

Not like I haven’t been getting strong but this feels unusually good.

Everything feels good.

I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, I feel good and I’m getting lean.

The magic sauce: consistency and not making excuses.

Thanks for reading, if you got something out of this blog let me know.

I’ve probably hammered your email with the content or posted this everywhere so you know how to find me.

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