How To Find Like Minded People To Connect With

How To Find Like Minded People To Connect With

Connecting with people who share our interests and values is crucial to living a successful life since, as social beings, humans. Finding like-minded individuals, though, might be difficult, particularly if you are having trouble finding a community that speaks to you. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about How To Find Like Minded People To Connect With.

You’ll Learn:

  • About Masterminds and Workshops
  • How to Get the Right Connections
  • Finding the Right Place to Build Your Connections


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Hey guys, thanks for checking out this episode. I had a listening question come through and the crux of the question was around how do you find like minded people to connect with?

And I think this is a pretty common problem that everyone goes through when they kind of get through like a little bit of evolution in their friend circle.

Or people they want to hang out with, or Connexions they need to and want to make for business or career purposes. So it’s pretty common. I guess the people you grew up with.

Sometimes and generally are not the people that.

You need or are best for you to get where you want to go and laugh, so to speak, and I guess you kind of put together by chance when you’re growing up and then you became friends and then.

You know, interests grow apart. Things grow apart. People get families, people move on, yadda yadda, yadda. And then you’re kind of not stuck, but you’re with the people that you grew up with, which is not a problem unless it is.

So for someone to have self awareness and say they need to connect with like minded people for business or career purposes.

I’d say that’s like a consciousness.

Thing which is cool. So you know from my own experience with this question where I found the most like minded people to connect with were in like masterminds and workshops.

So masterminds, I would say I wanted to get better at digital marketing, so I would join digital marketing mastermind, which I did.

And then when you’d go to the meetups quarterly, you’d have like 15 to 20 people all in the same room. And when I was in the room with these people, we’d kind of work out like similar businesses.

Similar problems similar.

Personalities similar, you know, relationship stuff, similar interests, and then all of a sudden you met 15 to 20 like minded people that were on a similar journey to you. But like to find those Connexions. It’s more of like a pay to play kind of thing. So.

And I heard a quote by Mr Alex Hormozi and he said you need to buy your Connexions and in some ways it’s true. In some ways, that’s not.

So in this circumstance I paid I think 30 grand to be in this 12 month mastermind. But I got out of it much more than 30 grand in value.

And then the Connexions and and like minded people. I was able to build through, like getting in that mastermind was great. Then the guy that ran the mastermind.

Kim, he obviously like you invest in him with a couple of years and then they have that at the back of the mind or I have that the back of my mind when people invest with me, it’s like obviously want to help people out.

That have helped you out, so if you need anything or you need Connexions or you need anything like that, you ask the people who you’ve paid to play with.

And I have probably 4 to 5 main mentors in my life and I’ve all bought their products at some point in the 10 to 20s of thousands of dollars.

So it is like a a pay to play with mentors and then with that you build Connexions as well, and I find the best place to build Connexions of like minded people.

Is in mastermind or career or business stuff for me person.

The other way is in the gym and that doesn’t have to be a gym like mine. It can be a Dojo like a BJJ gym, CrossFit gym.

It can be a 45, it can be whatever it is because people that hang out at the gym or they want to better themselves with physical training.

Generally will be pretty like minded to you you’ll find.

I always get this at my gym. People say look everyone here is so nice and friendly and you know happy and positive, it’s because it’s like a like minded community of people that all gel with the message or the mission we’re trying to accomplish in the world.

And that’s what brings those people together. So if you’re a bunch of people that unite on the same mission.

Vision. Or you know what you’re trying to achieve with your life, then there’s going to be commonalities and like mindedness, especially like.

In the female space, I find like girls or women that come to my gym and they get like best friends with the other girls, like really easily.

Most of the time that happens is maybe because the women or the girls they normally hang out with outside of the gym and not like minded and they just can see themselves and the other people that are around them.

Which makes it easier to connect.

With people, which is.

You know, always a good thing so.

Pay to play masterminds. Next one will be gyms and not like 247 gyms like community based gyms.

Third one is you need to put yourself in places where these kind of people hang out. And like by hang out, I don’t mean like the coffee shop because they’re probably not.

Going to be just hanging out at the coffee shop, ready to chat and connect. It’s a little bit of a weird place to meet people, in my opinion. It can be like it depends how forthcoming you are and how outgoing you are. But.

What I mean is putting yourself where people.

Ours, like events, networking events like bowls, charity things.

Yeah, they’re probably the main ones, like dinners. You can obviously organise dinners if you have people you can or want to connect with and you have like a mutual friend.

You could ask them to organise a dinner. I find these things work really well with, like quite a few people, rather than just if you got someone you want to connect with and your friend and then it’s just the three of you might be a little bit weird.

If you kind of.

Would organise like a big dinner like 10 people, five couples. But you know, if you’re single, then obviously go by.

Yourself or or you.

Know get someone to go with you. But if there’s like 10 people there, it’s probably a little bit less weird.

You can introduce yourself and then connect for like a coffee or a zoom after that.

So yeah.

Dinners made UPS, charity events, bowls, masterminds, and then the Dojo or a gym would be my best way to find like minded people. But just with the gym one if the people you’re wanting to connect with are like a similar.

Wealth or success level. You need to be going to the places where those people are. So those kind of people are probably not hanging out at jets.

You need to find like what the demographic is in the place you want to connect with people at, and if that’s your place, then that’s your place.

So we’ve had plenty of, let’s say, health practitioners that come into my gym train and then they get heaps of clients from it.

Well, it’s an example of like connecting with like minded people because you know they are like minded too the practitioner that came in they know like and trust them and then they benefited by.

Getting you know.

405060 referrals from that place, so it’s an example of that in.

Real world examples, but if you’re someone that struggles with great connexion to great friends or not having the right people around you that inspire you, then you know you know what to do.

And if you don’t, then don’t blame anyone else. So if you’ve got anything out of this episode, let me know in the comments. Nice and simple and fun episode.

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