Hold The Standard

Hold The Standard

What is the importance of having a standard? Should you always hold on to a higher standard? On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Hold The Standard.

You’ll Learn:

  • About the $5000 value lesson.
  • The concept of “Hold The Standard”
  • Are you guaranteed to become better if you hold on to your standard?


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Hey guys I want to start out this episode with a story considering this as an episode about holding the standard.

I would like to tell you where that came from, so I was stuck in a rut in 2018. Finally, because my episode released on Friday.

It was about being stuck in a rut. So yes, I was stuck in a rut as well. But I knew I needed a change.

And like the guy I was talking about in that episode and actually acted on that change, my gym was doing OK at the time. I knew it could be better, but I’m the kind of person. If something’s not working, I change it to be better.

So I’ve been following a guy online called the functional coach or Logan Gelbrich and I hit him up and I.

Was like can I come and do a private mentorship with you?

For a week and this was literally just like I had the idea and I messaged him like 10 minutes later. He was like yeah, no worries. So I booked a flight for

Los Angeles in America.

I flew there like 2 days.

Later and I started to do a private mentorship with Logan Gelbrich. He owns a gym called Deuce Gym in Venice in Los Angeles, so the first day I met him.

He rocked up an Audi sports car and it was pretty ******* sick. It was like that first experience with Someone Like You know when you meet someone who’s like clearly balling and clearly well outside your scope of like where sphere or where you could get to. And it’s quite like an awe-inspiring thing.

You know when you really meet like a savage or a baller, you can just feel it like they have like a different.

energy, so he picked me up. We drove to a coffee shop in Venice Beach called Great White. I don’t know if it’s there anymore.

But it’s like an Australian coffee shop, so you could get real coffee there, like, not like the American like Peculated ship.

It was like actual, like lattes. I’m a sucker for almond latte, so obviously got an almond latte there.

This guy was so much of a baller. He walked up. This is ******* weird. He walked up to the cash register.

And then on the left was like a painting on the wall. He lifted off the painting and then behind the painting was like a secret menu.

And I thought these guys obviously ******* in here like he knows what’s up, so he orders his two coffees.

No idea what they were on the back of his secret menu and he even had like a secret style handshake with the dudes that were working there.

We sat down and discussed while I was in America after that and.

I’m talking about the gym. I told him what was going well. I told him what goes, what wasn’t going well and he basically just said to me you have really ****** standards.

And he he goes on to explain.

Why I have standards and how like why I have bad standards and how it manifests in my life? And it was like one of those moments where you just feel so seen and so like a rabbit stuck in headlights hit me like a.

Ton of bricks.

And I flew to Los Angeles and probably spent like 5 grand on this trip.

$5000 for like one piece of advice and the advice was basically hold your standard or have better.

And it’s and honestly, it was probably like the best $5000 I ever spent. Since then I hold standards in every area of my life to the highest.

Degree and people always say this to me. Whether it’s a good or a bad thing. But my wife says that it’s like sometimes I feel like I struggle to meet your standards, which I don’t think is a bad thing.

Obviously, like if she feels that way, that’s probably not great for her, but it’s great that that comes off. Well, I think it’s a great thing if that.

So we’ll go through the concept of holding the standard here, and I feel like maintaining hold. The standard means maintaining a standard of excellence.

If it slips everything around you slips, setting high standards for yourself may be challenging, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Think about like the best bosses or the best entrepreneurs or.

Best training partners you’ve ever had. They always have higher standards. Is it someone that calls you out when your chin isn’t touching the bar on a dip? Is it someone that calls you out when you’re not like properly snatching you’re not doing a full ******? Is it someone that calls you out? If your bench isn’t hitting your chest? If it’s is it someone that pushes you for more reps? Or is it someone that just lets you get away with half our ship?

I know when I’ve been coached in a gym by coaches, the ball Breakers and the ones that push you to that limit are the ones with the highest standards.

Therefore, are the best coaches and usually look the best as well. So this is all related to standards.

And then we could talk about standards in business here so you know the best kind of entrepreneurs. Are they someone?

That’s going to let this standard slip and not post on social media and not make the sales call not pitch the offer. Not do them networking just because they don’t feel like it. Or are they going to hit their standard of excellence and strive to have high standards and everything they do?

It helps you really focus on what truly matters and be accountable for your actions. Remember, the only limit is the one you set for yourself.

Don’t settle for less. If you’re someone that has ****** standards in your life, ask yourself how that’s manifesting for you and how that is turning out for you in your life, like the guy I spoke about in Friday’s.

Podcast episode he has no to shoot standards for himself.

Therefore he has **** life, a ship life. So I got a couple of questions here four actually what is your standard of physical practise?

Is it I trained twice a week? Some weeks I train five times a week. Other weeks I turn 4 times.

A week or do you train five times a week? Every week? Is that your?

Standard is that your absolute minimum.

Next question is, what is your standard of nutrition? Do you eat whatever you want just because it fits in your calories and macros? Or are you selling that eats clean and fits in their calories and macros?

I can tell you between the two approaches. There’s gonna be a massive difference in the way you feel the way you look, your energy, and your general well-being and vibrancy.

Third one is what is your standard of recovery? Do you have a set bedtime a set wake up time? Do you have a set weekly schedule for?

How often you’re getting in the sauna or ice bath? Stretching these types of things? What is your standard of recovery?

Is there any standards with it? And lastly, what is the is? Or are the standards you set for yourself in the workplace?

Are they high standards? Do you let your coworkers get away with stuff? Do you call them out if you have staff?

Do you let your staff get away with stuff or do you call them out? I can guarantee you those with higher sets of standards will do much better, so I spent $5000 to learn this lesson. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Ever since then I’ve had great success.

Implementing holding the standard and I know you could too.

So there’s one thing left to do and that’s hold.

The ******* standard.

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