The Helix Commandments

Consider these your guiding principles to becoming your mind's greatest asset.

Black Belt Mastery = Level 4
IGV = Iron Game Victory

The Commandments:

1. Do not tell us how your progress in the iron game is going, we can see it by the numbers on the bar across all lifts and the state of your current physique.

2. Train 6 out of 7 days until you achieve black belt mastery in the iron game.

3. Consume foods you wouldn’t be ashamed of consuming in front of elders of the iron game.

4. Prepare for your sleep and recovery in the same manner you prepare for the most important things in your life.

5. Become the best version of yourself in every situation, especially whilst practicing the iron game.

6. Execute every repetition inside the iron temple as if it is a test to achieve your black belt in iron mastery, technical excellence is mandatory.

7. Vow to only consume foods that are obtained from pure sources, not the industries ruining the fabric of our society.

8. Only consume foods that you require to recover, indulgence leads to creating further distance from the black belt and life mastery.

9. Commit to being a valuable part of society, a part that builds others up around you, and consider how you can improve others’ lives.

10. You must always increase the load you are lifting compared to the previous sessions, your journey to iron mastery depends upon it ahead of all else.

11. Endeavour to help those fellow iron game students who are on an earlier journey compared to you succeed faster, do not attempt to help those ahead of you. Your numbers on the iron bar will dictate your success and level.

12. When you become stuck on a level in the iron game, seek wisdom from elders ahead of where you are, implement the wisdom and do not complain, complaining is the root cause of being average.

13. Reflect on your journey daily, when you become ungrateful, weak or ignorant, begin to write your progress over the years on paper, and share your weakness with a fellow student of the iron game.

14. Commit to turning all weaknesses into strengths, you have many. If you do not think you do, humble yourself and ask an elder of the iron game for assistance identifying them and subsequently improving them.

15. The foods you consume should have had a heartbeat at some point, they will be a part of your journey forever physically and spiritually.

16. Share your IGVs with the world, inspire them to be better, become better and continue the cycle of betterment.

17. If you are doubting your ability to practice the iron game on any particular day due to mental weakness, think about what the best version of you would do, they would not unnecessarily rest like you consider doing.

18. Your level along the journey of iron game mastery is that of which you maintain, not which you have obtained momentarily. Prove yourself.

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