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Get the custom program & personalised coaching you need to live your full potential. Professionally designed strength training programs.

Available online 24/7 for just $147 a month

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Science-based strength training programs for all levels of fitness, that’ll get you results

You’ll get exclusive access to training programs designed by world-renowned strength & conditioning coach, CEO and Founder of Helix Gym – Tim Frey

Our training programs are perfect for you if you’re:

Maximise your technique and train at your full potential. Break through barriers and become the one in a million.
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Access our Custom programs online 24/7, with training sessions to suit you if you're wanting to achieve any physical outcome.

You'll get access to:

Completely custom programming delivered on a class leading mobile app

This will cover all your needs according to your goals for all things strength, power, body composition changes

Weekly check-in to keep you accountable

Weekly technique coaching to make sure your form is on point

FREE access to additional programs (such as mobility 101, handstands 101 & real athlete)

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Clients to improve their strength, physique and nutrition.

Here’s what they’re saying:

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"Always striving to deliver the most value possible to members and achieve genuine results and impart knowledge through very interactive and personal coaching."
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"The variation Tim provides in the programming keeps you feeling fresh and wanting to get back in the gym the next day."
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"Tim and his coaching staff have made to my strength, fitness, nutrition and overall well-being has been absolutely amazing. If you want results the tools are there on a silver platter all you have to do is show up! Come join the Helix Family you won’t be disappointed"
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"Tim will help you reach your goals no matter how big or small they may be"
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"Coach Tim will write you an individualised program that is certain to get you the results you desire, no matter your fitness level, age, disability, or sport."

Suited to all fitness levels

Access to training sessions online 24/7

Science-based for long term health and sustainability

Eat right, train hard& get amazing results guaranteed