Having A Big Ego Is The Best, Here’s Why

Having A Big Ego Is The Best, Here’s Why

An egotistical person may be the first person that springs to mind when you consider someone who has a large ego. Big egos aren’t necessarily a bad thing, though. You can actually attain your goals and succeed in life if you have a healthy amount of self-confidence and self-esteem. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Having A Big Ego Is The Best, Here’s Why.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Having a Big Ego Is the Best
  • The Hero and the Villain
  • You Vs You


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All right, I’m talking about why having a big ego is the best, and to justify this episode, I need to give you the context on this episode.

So the context I’m talking about here is the hero and the villain, and you are the hero in your life. You are the main character in your story, and the villain is always the bad person.

So usually people say the villain is like their mortal enemy or, you know, the guy across the street or the dude with the gym around the corner. Or.

My next door neighbour, or you could say it’s some rich famous person, but I want you to flip the script here and imagine the villain is you and the villain is the best.

The best version of you so you know you could ask yourself what are 25 traits or 20 traits or 10 traits that the best version of me would do that I don’t do consistently. So for my example here it would be.

The villain trained 6 days a week in the gym and he trains three days a week. BJJ. He stretches for 5 minutes every night, he eats clean 90% of the time he drinks 5 litres of water.

You know, he makes all the sales calls every day when he’s meant to. He treats his clients like they are gold, like insert 1000 things.

So you create this list and then every time you’re at a standstill or a point when you are not living up to your potential and you recognise that from a conscious point of view.

You ask yourself, what would the villain do? OK, the best version of me and how would they handle this situation?

And you’re going to have this list and character built up of your villain, and you want.

To try to be better than that villain at every point.

So in the gym, if your villain is doing 100K bench press for 10, you’re doing 105.

If your villain is making 10 sales calls a day, you’re making 15. If your villain is taking your wife on two date nights a week, you’re taking her on 3.

Like however crazy you want to get this, you can get this, but it’s a really strong way and a simple way of motivating yourself.

So all you need to do here is list out the best version of you, give them a name. What do they look like? What do they sound like? What are they?

Act like. What do they do and then write down 15 to 25 things that they do better than you as the best version of you have it on a screen saver.

Have it on your wallpaper. Have it printed out. Whatever you got to do and you got to look at it every single day, because if you allow yourself to slip into mediocrity and you’ve got nothing to compare yourself to, it’s really hard to motivate.

So instead of.

Thinking that the villain is, you know, the tax man or interest rates or the guy down the road or the guy that took my axe, it’s actually you and it’s the best version of you.

You are the hero in your story, and the hero always prevails. So how can you beat your villain? You need to flip the script to you versus you, not you versus the world. You just need to beat you.

And that’s why having an ego is the best thing ever. Having an ego to beat your villain, not beat other people.

You only want to be in competition with yourself because being in competition with other people is gross, frankly.

I have or had a pretty big ego until I started BJJ about a month ago now. I walked into BJJ and I knew it was going to be hard.

I didn’t think it was going to be as hard as it was and I went up against a pretty small guy and I didn’t really know how.

BJJ works, but you do like a warm up. It’s like 10 minutes, you learn.

Some drills, couple of drills practise them.

You’ve basically got no idea what you’re doing, and then you roll and roll is AKA fight. So you fight some other guy.

You have no idea who they are. They could be. They could be small, they could be white belt, they could be brown, they could be black like whatever.

Depends who you get partnered with, so I get partnered with, I think my first role was with a blue belt, which is the one above black and I got ******* manhandled.

I got tapped out like 9 times and the most ego killing part of that was I am 98 kilos jacked, strong as **** and I got tapped out.

Like a 60.

Kilo dude like 9 times in 7 minutes which is.

Nothing kills your ego faster than putting yourself in a situation where you ******* suck. Being a white belt at something is incredible.

As you know, someone like me that’s been training at the gym for so long is not a white belt in the gym.

A black belt in the gym, but being a white belt again kills your ego. So I have my.

Internal ego and my external ego. My external ego was destroyed that day and my internal ego is raging because I want to beat my villain who is the best version of me.

So it’s quite humbling. So if you’re someone that has a massive ego, put yourself in a situation where it can be destroyed, destroyed because ego is the enemy, as Ryan Halliday always says in all of his books. So in summary here guys is.

If you have struggle or trouble motivating yourself.

Develop a massive ego and develop that ego so big that it wants to defeat the best version of yourself. You need to create that fictional character.

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