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If you’re looking for serious results it requires consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that or do that, do not opt-in for a free 7-day pass.

Initial Investment:

The investment is $0 for the 7-days


Because we hope to do business with you one day, we want to show you value upfront so you can see the value you what we do.


Our group training sessions are 60min in duration, we recommend all members come in and warm up 10mins earlier.

Yes, all sessions are coached by our team of elite coaches. The session has a group warmup for 5min followed by 20-30min of strength work, we then finish with accessories and conditioning

We can work around most injuries and still have productive functional strength training experience, we specialise in rehab for sporting injuries.

If you’re broken, we will fix you and make sure you still achieve the results you want.

Yes, we give all clients training programming via the TrainHeroic mobile application, members are asked to update their sets, reps, weights and rate their sessions on the app.

We offer a range of memberships to suit every budget, they range from 2x per week to unlimited, our pricing starts at $69 per week. All memberships include access to our recovery suite, open gym, after hours access, 1 on 1 coaching, nutrition and much more!

Yes we start each new member after their free 7-day trial with the following:

  1. A goal setting session
  2. An Evolt Body Scan
  3. Measurement Session
  4. Before Photos
  5. Nutrition Consultation & Plan

Yes, we offer sports nutrition although for complex issues we would recommend seeing a dietician.

We like the term “Functional Fitness”! Just joking, we’re anti CrossFit actually

Why? Because we like having structure, a program that guarantees results and not doing overly hard training for the sake of it

Generally our timetable is as follows:

Monday to Friday:








7 & 8am

Yes, we welcome all physical competence levels at Helix Gym. We will work with you to find a program that works for your goals

No, we have a 30-day notice after a 12-week minimum on all memberships as of June 2022.

Yes, we have 30-days of holds per 12-months, additional time can be requested with relevant medical certificates. We’re happy to be accomodating and work with our members to get through any personal situation that would require extended time off the gains lab.

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