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Armageddon 30-Day Program

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Because we hope to do business with you one day, we want to show you value upfront so you can see the value you what we do


A: Immediately once you opt in your email address

A: I would start with Jacked & Strong as the main program, the Core Crusher & Armageddon are add ons, to be added on when you like.

A: Google it or hire a professional to show you

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Enter your email address, click download below and we will send you the 3x programs valued at $93 immediately.

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Jenny Derkenne
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"Love this program! The program is amazing, after multiple sporting injuries I was always hesitant to do certain exercises due to pain or risk of re-injury, but after only a few months with Helix, I'm moving completely pain free and lifting heavier than I ever have with no worries. It shifted my mindset to focusing on achieving strength and fitness goals, rather than training mainly to maintain a certain aesthetic. Ironically, I've never felt more comfortable and confident in my own skin since joining. It made me fall in love with training again and I'm so grateful for that. Would recommend Helix to anyone who wants to push themselves. It'll be one of the best decisions you can make for your physical and mental health."
Keiran Batavia
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"Joining Helix was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself physically and mentally. The programs that are formulated for the members aim to push you and will ultimately improve your physical health and wellbeing. Mine has improved enormously. Since I started I have lost weight, gained muscle, gained a new family and fell in love with the gym. Not to mention hitting PB on almost everything."
Sharred Weller
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"I found myself bored and uninspired with my training. I gave Helix programing a try- and fell in love immediately with the Type of training- but more importantly- the culture. if you are looking to be part of something special- a group of people motivated by each others performance and improvements, a group who push each other to their limits- then I suggest you give Helix a go. You will not regret it."