Don’t Overthink – Meditation

I just had a conversation with a buddy who is knowledgeable in meditation and its various forms. It lets me understand how frequently we overcomplicate things. I’ve attempted what I thought to be actual meditation more times than I can count, accepting each time that I’m terrible at it. Though do I? Or was that meditation technique just not for me?

I have many applications downloaded where a calm-sounding man guides you through a practice, encouraging you to let go of your thoughts and concentrate on your breathing. When it comes to me, this typically lasts for at least 10 seconds before the hamster wheel starts spinning again at top speed. My mind doesn’t constantly rush with bad thoughts—in fact, quite frequently the opposite is true—but it is overactive and IT NEVER STOPS, with the exception of when I do Oly.

I focus only on Oly when I perform it. I consider breathing heavily, how my body feels throughout exercise, how many reps are left, and how quickly time is passing. I have a complete commitment to that workout. Therefore, perhaps this is how I meditate. My mind is completely focused on the job at hand for an entire hour, which I find to be wonderful. The purpose of meditation, after all, isn’t it?

About meditation, my good friend Wikipedia says:

In order to create a cognitively clear and emotionally tranquil condition, a person may employ a strategy such as focusing their attention on a certain object, topic, or activity during meditation.

That definition makes meditation appear less complicated. Find anything, anything, that you like to do, that stimulates your brain, and that diverts your attention from the busyness of daily life. Even if only for a little while each day, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in whatever it is.

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