Do This To Have More Success In Your Life

Do This To Have More Success In Your Life

Understanding what success means to you will help you live a more successful life. Make the effort to create quantifiable, precise goals that are consistent with your values and top priorities. Create a strategy to carry out those objectives, and no matter what challenges you face, stay dedicated to moving forwards. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Do This To Have More Success In Your Life.

You’ll Learn:

  • Journaling
  • Getting things out of your head
  • Increase your productivity and success rate


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Hey guys, thanks for checking out this episode today. We are talking about doing this thing to have more success in your day, slash life, very simple, very actionable podcast episode.

What I’m talking about today starts with journaling, and you may be thinking folk journaling. I don’t journal journaling. Lame.

Dots in reality, getting things out of your head is the best thing you can do for your productivity and success.

So I do these three steps every single morning and that’s how I have built something pretty cool. Some would say it’s cool.

Some would say it’s not. If you don’t know, then you obviously don’t follow me on socials and I don’t know how you found this podcast anyway.

So what you’re going to do is get out a blank piece of paper every single morning and do this for the next week, and then you’re going to report back and let me know how you found it and how it went.

So what you’re going to do? First step, you’re going to write down five things you’re grateful for, so five things I’m grateful for is my amazing wife. My amazing two dogs, Luna and Felix.

#3 the.

My amazing family, their health, health in general, my own health, my physical capabilities, literally anything that you’re grateful for once you’ve written it down, you want to read it back to yourself and feel it, OK?

Not just like write it down for the sake of a tick and click task you want to write it down for the sake of actually.

Feeling like you are grateful for the thing.

Step 2. You need to write down the five most important tasks you will need to accomplish that day. That will lead you to success, OK.

If you’re someone that has a career somewhere, this would be extracurricular things. If you’re someone that has a business, this would be things that are going to move the needle in your business, not like just posting on social media like actual actionable ****, high level sales stuff, high level marketing stuff, high level things that are going to move the needle.

On your life.

So you’re gonna write down five things. You’re gonna order them one to five, most to least important.

Step three, you’re going to schedule two blocks of two to four hours for deep work. Deep work means doing **** that matters uninterrupted.

No messages, no notifications, no lunch break with your wife, no sitting on the toilet, scrolling on TikTok, literally 24 hour blocks of deep work.

This is the most essential part of your day. When you do this deep work time, it’s like time stops and you will get so much done.

Recap 5 things are grateful for step one. Step 2 write down five most important tasks, all of them one to five, and ******* get them done. Step 3, Schedule 2.

That is scheduled 22 to 4 hour blocks for deep work, no interruptions, no messages, no notifications. Do this for a week and let me know if this is helpful because it will be.

I know so many people who just wake up and go through their day to day without actually having any structural or meaning to anything. They do very simple.

Very short, actionable episode of this podcast. Let me know if you’ve got some value from this.

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