Compounding Interest – In The Gym

Compounding Interest – In The Gym

Exercise routines can benefit from the application of compound interest, which is not only a financial concept. You can significantly advance your fitness level by concentrating on tiny, frequent increases over time. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Compounding Interest – In The Gym.

You’ll Learn:

  • Compounding interest in the monetary system
  • Compounding interest in the gym
  • Consistency


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Hey guys, today I want to talk about compounding interest and in the gym..

Explanation or relation to that. So I am currently a BJJ white belt and I train three times a week at lunch time 12:30.

And I was asking my master, I said, how long is it going to take to get a black belt? And he said 10 years.

And I’ve heard that before, but immediately like **** 10 years a long time.

I’m 31 and that would take me to 41.

So I did the math and.

I was like 3 * a week.

Is 150 something hours a year, so 151 hours every two years you get a new belt, so I’ll be a blue belt in two years and that’s 300 hours.

300 hours isn’t not that long, so I used to coach when I was in America, I used to coach like 60 hours a week, so I’d be like 5 weeks.

Of coaching in America and already up a level.

In terms of belts?

What I’m trying to get at here is not that much time. 1500 hours is not that much time to become a black belt in something like if you’re a black belt like you, you know, people say your journey only starts when you become.

A black belt, but.

You know from the outside or in your like black belt is so advanced and so far.

From where I’m at and I just thought it’s just the the compounding effect. It’s like the, you know, every week that’s three hours of learning, 3 hours of learning, 3 hours of learning, 3 hours of.

Then it compounds until you understand it, you get better and the effects just like keep wearing on when you first become a white belt.

******* sucks. Like you’re getting tapped out. You’re getting choked out. You get ankle locks, you’re getting wrist locks like dudes are slamming you around like it’s the worst, and then you know, as the weeks go and it gets a little bit better.

You don’t get funked up as much anymore, but the same thing is just with interest in compounding, interest in finances and then compounding interest in fitness as well, which.

Is what this is about. So let’s talk the compounding interest in terms of, like the monetary system at the moment. So.

Let’s say I put $100 in an investment account like an S&P 500 and it gained 10% interest per year.

Next year it be worth 1-10 and then 10% of 110 is, you know $11.00 + 110. So 121 and then 10% on that so.

The amount just grows every year and the same thing happens in fitness. It’s like a compounding effect. So hypothetical example here.

If I do a 5 minute warm up five days a week, I would say six days a week. That is 30 minutes a week, two hours a month, and then 24 hours a year, which compounds on itself.

So your joints open up, you become more fluid, your muscles lengthen, they become more adaptable and resilient to injury, like, and that’s just from doing 5 minutes of warm ups six days a week. So it’s not too much.

The next example, same thing. If we do 5 minutes of post workout stretching every day, six days a week, two hours a month, 24 hours a year, when more resilient to injury, with lengthened our muscles.

We’ve taught our body to switch off at the end of sessions, insert benefits on this, and that’s a compounding effect that gets better and better and better.

The more you do it the.

More consistent you are.

Now let’s talk about training 5 hours a week would be, you know, 250 hours a year and then in 10 years at the same time, it takes you to black belt. It’s 2 1/2 thousand hours. OK. Which is quite a lot of training.

People always say in the gym they’re like it’s so slow to get results, and I think the problem here is it’s a, you know, a few problems here.

It’s like the media and, you know, even me, I’m guilty of this as a, you know, a ******* marketer.

But like a six week challenge, a 28 day challenge, a 12 week challenge and those challenges are so drastic, but in reality.

Like the best results of it.

The scene take years in the gym like one year is just like a good like, you know, white belt, shirt like your well done.

You got your **** together, but it takes such a long time to get any meaningful effect in fitness as well, because the hours that you do are so little.

If you think about it, you’ve got 168 hours in a week in seven days and you’re training three to five hours of those. That’s like less than 5% of your week training. That’s so little of your week.

And then you want you want to derive 100% satisfaction from those hours. You know, like that’s the main thing that you judge your satisfaction or happiness by is the way you look and perform, but you’re only putting 5% or less of your total effort into it. It’s not like justifiable on, like, a scale of reality there.

The point I’m trying to get at here is these things take time, and compounding interest takes time to develop, but once you develop a role with it and a role, I mean it’s like consistency with.

Everything gets better when you’re a ****** white belt in BJJ like I am right now. It ******* sucks when you’re first starting out in the gym.

And you’re training three days a week, getting ******* wrecked. It sucks when you’ve got $100 in your savings account and you’re just starting out your investment journey.

It ******* sucks, but then Fast forward five years later and I am a going on purple belt and BJJ.

I’ve been saving compounding interest for five years and I’ve been doing $0.05 just a week in the gym for five years.

You’re on your way to becoming the best version of yourself or living the life that you want.

And if we think about this in a gym setting, again is if every single session of the 60 minutes you’re doing a warm up, you’re doing strength, you’re doing accessories and you’re doing conditioning.

You’re targeting 5 aspects of fitness, 4 aspects of fitness which are incredible for your overall health the compounding.

Interest of time that you spent on those things will greatly benefit your life, so I want you to think about.

How can things do better for me overtime instead of how can things do better for me in the next six weeks, be consistent for years, not just weeks.

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