Chase Goals, Not Rabbits

Here’s why you’ve got a coach:

There’s a lot out there. You know you may not do the entirety. A variety of it looks—or sounds—so good.

I’m speaking about eating regimen plans, dietary supplements, exercise applications, or even daily WODs.

But you can’t do it all, and looking to do an excessive amount will certainly set you back. I’m guilty!

All of us are aware of overtraining, and we’re all scared of getting injured. However, a lot don’t realise there’s a choicest amount of learning to do, just as there’s the finest quantity of meals to consume.

Too little, and your progress could be slow. But doing too many workouts has the identical effect.

We pick out strength and conditioning for our training as it’s a terrific balance: It’s not too little and it’s not too much. However whilst hard as some exercises are, many humans are tempted to do extra: to add a bit of “healing run,” or even to do a couple of workout routines in a day. This isn’t the path to achievement. 

Greater isn’t always better. Better is better.

You have a coach. That coach is your filter.

Your coaches are right here to inform you what’s top-quality, not what’s minimal.

At Helix Gym, we, your coaches, want to speak to you regularly. One-on-one, in individual or even by groups. We want to put you at the Evolt 360 Body Scan, ask about your goals, and overview your progress after which we come up with a custom program if needed.

Here are the links to book a strategy session and request a custom program. It’s a part of your membership!

What we DON’T want is for you to take a guess.

We don’t need you to attempt fad diets just due to the fact someone else is doing them. We don’t want you to drink a gallon of milk an afternoon simply because you noticed it online. We don’t even want you to do what anyone else inside the gym is doing, because their program is theirs. It’s not yours. Train in a group, tailored for the group or individually: That’s what we, your coaches do.

 You’ve got a coach.

They’re a filter.

Next time you notice an exercise online and assume, “Oooooh, that appears highly spiced! Gotta attempt that tomorrow!” ask your coach if it fits your goals. Take it from experts who learned the hard way!

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