“A Chain Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link”

This calculator is designed to point out your own personal weaknesses in the gym. But Why? Why is this important?

It is because of a little thing known as ‘Structural Balance’

Think about your car, If you have a massive engine, but no brakes…. You’re in for a bad time
If you have a great interior but a below-average engine…. It’s again not that great of a car.

It is having everything working together in its perfect amount and all being elite that makes the car itself an elite car.

We can look at your lifts in the same manner. Looking at how they compare to one another to determine you’re own weaknesses and what lifts are limiting you from becoming the best athlete you can be.

Targeting your weakest lift can sometimes be key for optimising your worst lifts as well. Take one example a powerlifter that wants to perfect his deadlift, in an effort to train his deadlift he has ignored training his front squat which has become his limiting lift (below 85% of his back squat).

While it might not be logical the next step for improving this lifter’s deadlift might in fact be to train his front squat as a lot of the anterior musculature that is involved in the Front Squat is used as stabilisers for the deadlift. Again for all the accelerator, you might have for your deadlifts (glutes, hamstring and back) the brakes are just as important.

The same can be said for the upper body with your chest press, chin up and military press among other lifts.

So where do you stack up? Want to be elite? Finding out your limiting lifts is the first step.

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