Being Better, Ice Baths & Training Cycles w/ Marcus Edwards

Being Better, Ice Baths & Training Cycles w/ Marcus Edwards

Have you had thoughts about wishing you were better at this and that? Or wanting to be better than him or her? Are there strategies to get better? How much work must be done to say you are getting better? On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey is joined by Marcus Edwards as they talk about being better, training cycles and ice baths.

You’ll learn:

  • Do people really switch off this time of year with training, fitness and nutrition?
  • Engaging in different training cycles.
  • What are the keys to getting better?


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Speaker1: [00:00:00] All right, guys. We’re on with Marcus Edwards today. Is football coming home, Marcus?

Speaker2: [00:00:05] I don’t want to speak too soon, but because I’m going games tonight.

Speaker3: [00:00:09] Yeah, well, I know if I speak too soon, it’s gonna come. Might come back to bite me big time.

Speaker1: [00:00:13] So. Yeah, we’ll speak to it soon. Be like every other English fan.

Speaker2: [00:00:16] I want to say is. I wanna say it is.

Speaker1: [00:00:19] Dude, I got in the Uber yesterday. I was getting my car detailed and the Uber was like, Do you watch football? When I was like, Yeah. And I was like, Let me guess, you support England?

Speaker2: [00:00:27] And he was like, Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:00:28] And he it’s coming home. And I was like, You guys say that every tournament. And it never got.

Speaker2: [00:00:32] Done literally for my entire.

Speaker1: [00:00:34] Life. Every English like friend I have is just goes on about it’s coming.

Speaker3: [00:00:38] I mean every big every I mean it’s all big teams left now, but any big team that gets knocked out now like Brazil last night, it’s just making the England fans get even more excited about, you know, the prospect of it actually coming home.

Speaker1: [00:00:52] It’s a big game tonight is huge.

Speaker3: [00:00:55] Yeah. And I think if.

Speaker1: [00:00:56] They win, who do they play?

Speaker3: [00:00:58] I think it’s the winner between Morocco and Portugal. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:01:02] Yeah. Okay, so it’s good. The hard games, man. That’s true. Games.

Speaker3: [00:01:05] So hypothetically, let’s say England, some beat France tonight. And then Portugal beat Morocco. It’s England, Portugal. And that’s scary, you know? Yeah. Um, but I think if anything is going for us this time, that wasn’t going last time. Yeah. Is soccer and Bellingham and Foden. Yeah, like Bellingham’s probably at this point one of the players of the tournament.

Speaker1: [00:01:29] Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:01:30] And if we go through to the final, you know, and some maybe, you know, maybe even win. Yeah I probably wouldn’t you know, I wouldn’t it wouldn’t be too difficult to probably point to him and say yeah, probably.

Speaker2: [00:01:42] Gold and.

Speaker3: [00:01:42] Baller maybe.

Speaker1: [00:01:43] Yeah. He’s been incredible.

Speaker3: [00:01:45] Yeah he’s nuts.

Speaker1: [00:01:46] He’s great for Dortmund.

Speaker3: [00:01:47] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:01:48] He was like, Where did he come from? He’s been shopping at Dortmund for like, years.

Speaker3: [00:01:51] Yeah, but they’re, they’re, um, they’re like Academy just produces, like, nuts plays, and then they just sell them on for, like, a massive fee. And it’s a good business, but.

Speaker2: [00:02:01] I think they’ve.

Speaker1: [00:02:01] Made like half a billion or something and sell on fees in the last few seasons.

Speaker3: [00:02:05] Some silly Yeah it’s crazy.

Speaker2: [00:02:07] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:02:08] And the English teams just don’t do that Like they.

Speaker3: [00:02:10] Never No they just.

Speaker2: [00:02:11] They spend all the money.

Speaker1: [00:02:13] Yeah. They’re buyers aren’t they.

Speaker2: [00:02:14] Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:02:15] All the Chelsea and SW and Manchester City spending big.

Speaker1: [00:02:20] So what do you think of the World Cup as a whole?

Speaker2: [00:02:22] Um, well, I think.

Speaker3: [00:02:24] I always find it exciting and I love football. I think my experience last World Cup was different. I was in Europe last World Cup, so, you know, it was middle of summer.

Speaker1: [00:02:34] Way, a little bit.

Speaker3: [00:02:35] Middle of summer, like going around, you know, I was in Spain and Spain will be playing so just rock up to a pub. And it was just like crazy. They go hard over there. I’m not saying, you know, and the English do as well, but it’s a lot. It feels like a lot bigger when you’re actually in Europe amongst the countries and amongst the fans and stuff. But you know, it’s always exciting, but it’s a bit difficult with some of the games being three and midweek and stuff like that.

Speaker1: [00:03:03] But I think in terms of footballing, it’s probably the best World Cup I’ve seen, which is surprising. Yeah, I thought it was going to be a melt and then like at the start you saw like the one love thing and it was got so political and I just thought the players should just focus on playing like we’re, they’re like, we don’t need to add politics into this cause I feel like somebody’s trying to just weaponize every event we have these days and make it political. And this is just literally about football and like, and you know.

Speaker3: [00:03:30] And they yeah, and there was, you know, it was quite a big thing in the news at the time. And then now we’re a couple more weeks in and it seems to all be forgotten.

Speaker1: [00:03:39] Yeah. No, we’re talking about anything. So yeah, it’s an interesting one. Um, I’m gonna put my money on. If you had to pick someone that was in England, who would you pick for the win?

Speaker3: [00:03:49] I really want to say Argentina. Yeah, like, I would just love Messi as much as I want England to win. I would love Messi to be able to sort of finish his career with a World Cup.

Speaker1: [00:04:02] Yeah. Why do you have a hard on for Messi? What’s that about?

Speaker2: [00:04:06] If it was everyone’s going hard on for him.

Speaker3: [00:04:08] If it’s the debate between Ronaldo and Messi, it’s like Messi for me.

Speaker2: [00:04:11] Yeah, through and through Ronaldo.

Speaker1: [00:04:13] He’s kind of tarnished his reputation in the last couple of years, I feel. Yeah, I think he just should have retired man. Like what have you got to fucking prove? Dude’s like 40 and he’s still performing. Like, I get it. But now he’s just being a prick. Like he’s been a silk on the.

Speaker3: [00:04:26] Oh, he’s still, you know, he’s still built better than half of these. You know, most of these footballers are.

Speaker1: [00:04:32] He’s in better shape than us.

Speaker3: [00:04:33] Yeah, but I don’t know. He’s just throwing tantrum after tantrum the past like six months especially. And he’s just kind of everyone’s just kind of.

Speaker1: [00:04:42] He’s a silky cunt. You just want him to retire.

Speaker2: [00:04:44] Just.

Speaker1: [00:04:45] Fuck off to like, Qatar or wherever the fuck are you going to play? Or America and just stop being a dick, Like, because I really, like, would like to think of him as the best player of all time, in my opinion. And you think Messi is that guy? That’s fun. But now I’m just like, you know, all the shit he’s doing is kind of just tarnishing his rip for me.

Speaker3: [00:05:03] Yeah, I know. And you know, you said fuck off to guitar. The rumor was they apparently offered him 250 million.

Speaker2: [00:05:11] For, like a season or something.

Speaker3: [00:05:12] Stupid money. That is stupid money, Drug money.

Speaker1: [00:05:15] But yeah, he was fucking. Yeah, who’s paying that?

Speaker3: [00:05:18] But it’s it’s quite funny on Twitter the other day in the Portugal game, Um. He was on the bench and his replacement, quote unquote, scored like a hat trick, I’m pretty sure.

Speaker2: [00:05:31] Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:05:31] So it’s not not looking good for him, bro.

Speaker1: [00:05:34] No, no. Just need to retire. Yeah, I think he will. Probably after this World Cup one more season that he’s kind of done.

Speaker3: [00:05:41] Yeah, and I’ll probably say the same for Messi and Neymar too, to be honest, which is kind of.

Speaker1: [00:05:47] Neymar has been a pretty disappointing like a career was he started very strong and then just went downhill. Psg just sucked us for luck ever like they never really do anything.

Speaker3: [00:05:57] Yeah things change big time when that kind of MSN front three at Barcelona split up.

Speaker1: [00:06:04] Yeah, Boss went to shit and they’re like going bankrupt. Anyway, I switch and so I did see a post by Elaine Norton the other day and I did share it to our members group, um, at the gym. And essentially it’s like a lot of people view like we’re recording this 10th of December 2022, A lot of people just kind of say, Fuck it, like with December. And when you think about it from like a time point in the year, it’s one month out of 12, which, you know, correct me if I’m wrong, is like 8% of the year. So like, would you throw away 8% of gains, possibility, self improvement just because it’s a single month of the year? Like, what are your thoughts on that?

Speaker3: [00:06:40] I wouldn’t. So first point is I wouldn’t. Second point is I have so I’ve been there.

Speaker2: [00:06:48] I’m not going to say no, fuck.

Speaker3: [00:06:49] Yeah, I’m not going to stand here and say, oh yeah, nah, you shouldn’t throw away the month. Like, who would do that? Because I know I’ve done it. I think the month of December, like, yeah, like you said, it’s like 8% of the year. This is still time to tick off the goals that you set this.

Speaker1: [00:07:05] Year to.

Speaker3: [00:07:06] Make gains, whether that’s in the gym, in the personal life, whatever else. Um, I just think December has.

Speaker2: [00:07:14] This.

Speaker3: [00:07:14] Stigma to it. You know, it’s holiday season quote unquote.

Speaker1: [00:07:19] Weather’s great.

Speaker3: [00:07:20] Where there’s great here so like or you know you change it up and you’ve gone on holiday to somewhere where it’s cold and you’re snowboarding and whatever else. But you know and then particularly here in Perth, you know, all the events start happening. So, you know, I know we’re speaking probably mostly to a younger crowd as well. And it’s kind of every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, as you get further closer towards Christmas, it starts becoming Wednesday. Thursday is just always something on and probably the biggest detrimental factor to utilizing the month of December for gains and stuff like that is probably alcohol to be honest. Yeah. Which is as a result of those because it’s not just the drinking at the event or at the occasion, which is fine to enjoy. Like do what you want. But it’s the in my experience, it’s not, it’s not the day of drinking or the night. You have fun on it. It’s the the day to three. After that, you’re left recovering, picking up the pieces, so to speak.

Speaker1: [00:08:15] Yeah, like I get that. I had my wedding honeymoon and Christmas party in like three weeks and I still train every single day.

Speaker3: [00:08:25] Yeah, I mean, I tried.

Speaker2: [00:08:27] I train every single day.

Speaker1: [00:08:28] It’s possible, but people just make an excuse, you know?

Speaker2: [00:08:30] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker3: [00:08:31] I mean, yeah, the, the amount of Monday sessions that I’ve done where I’m probably still hanging from the weekend is a bit silly, but. Yeah. And they don’t get any easier. That’s the thing. You think you know, you do something more and more and you think you get easier, but they get older, you get that tougher.

Speaker1: [00:08:47] That gets like, I guess, you know, we have probably 50% of our members that get incredible results and the other 50% don’t. And, you know, the the commonality of the correlation between the ones that don’t is this like they’re the type of people that are not showing up in December as well. So it’s just like it’s a certain type of person and a certain type of mindset.

Speaker2: [00:09:06] Yeah, it’s like it’s a going.

Speaker1: [00:09:07] They’re like, Yeah, I’ll start on January the second, but how much D training you can do in four weeks?

Speaker3: [00:09:14] Yeah, well.

Speaker1: [00:09:14] You can go to fucking piss in four.

Speaker2: [00:09:16] Weeks. Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:09:16] No I mean for, for a bit of context I do sound a bit nasally, but I had COVID for the first time this week.

Speaker1: [00:09:22] Still only the first time.

Speaker2: [00:09:24] Only the first time. Yeah, three years. Dude, I.

Speaker3: [00:09:26] Know. I tried to get it. Oh, there’s times where I’ve tried to get it, you know what I mean? And then when I was supposed to have something important happen on Monday, I got it Monday morning. And that’s just the way life works. But anyway, I’ve been off this week pretty much not seeing anyone, you know, doing the courteous thing, isolating and whatever else. But I felt like I’ve d trained in a week, let alone what three, four weeks could do.

Speaker1: [00:09:49] Yeah, for sure.

Speaker3: [00:09:49] Um, but the, the end of the day, it’s just, it’s just consistency. And I think sometimes that word scares people, but it’s like you don’t need to be consistently firing on all cylinders. You just have to be consistently like firing, like, just showing up. You know what I mean? Like, I you know, it’s I’m I’m humbled by some of the people at the gym that have come to me and said that, you know, they I’ve inspired them or something or, you know, oh, man. Like, you know, that you know, that’s like so strong what you’re lifting there, like, and making. You kind hearted jokes about it and stuff like that. But what a lot of people don’t realize is I’ve been doing this seven years. I’ve been at Helix for three years, but I’ve been training for seven and it’s been a pretty consistent seven.

Speaker2: [00:10:36] Hmm.

Speaker3: [00:10:36] So it’s like the idea is, is this like consistency in over time.

Speaker1: [00:10:40] Just getting it done? Yeah. Yeah. Yesterday I, I’ve had a crazy week, Steph, and I’ve started a new business. I’m actually launching a second one as well. A third one? Um, we went to the Killers. I had a bunch of meetings stand up, like watching the soccer, like, bought a house, like, literally the same week I walked up to the gym yesterday, and I felt like I’d been hit by a fucking car. It was like my alarm went off 430 in the morning, and I think I lied in bed to a 450, then rushed to the gym, got there with like 10 minutes to spare, then had to have a shit.

Speaker2: [00:11:09] And then.

Speaker1: [00:11:10] Like, you know, when that comes on in.

Speaker2: [00:11:11] The morning, I was like.

Speaker1: [00:11:13] I got out like 2 minutes before the class started. No warm up, no stretching straight into it. And it was like three by three at 90%. Oh, Dad’s in school. It’s fucking killed me. So I just equaled my last week’s numbers and I didn’t try to do anything crazy, but just got in and got it done. And it was still crazy, relatively speaking, but it’s just. Yeah, one of those examples where I could just lie in bed and be like, I’ve had a successful week. I bought a house, started two businesses and did a bunch of shit, but I was like, It would have been unsuccessful if I didn’t.

Speaker3: [00:11:41] Yeah. And at.

Speaker1: [00:11:42] That Friday session I wasn’t.

Speaker3: [00:11:43] Letting that happen. Yeah. And the, and the ha the hardest thing sometimes is just getting up and getting there. But once you, once you’ve done it and you’re there and you start working out and you start lifting stuff, you it’s like 9.9 times out of ten, you’re going to feel better after.

Speaker1: [00:11:55] Yeah, 100% just getting it done. So yeah. When’s the last time you went to a live concert?

Speaker3: [00:12:02] Uh, week before last. So probably a week before the Killers. Yeah. Saw Kendrick.

Speaker1: [00:12:05] Lamar. Oh, how was that? It was really, really good.

Speaker3: [00:12:08] Rc Yeah. All right. Say, Arena Yeah. Is it.

Speaker1: [00:12:10] Packed?

Speaker2: [00:12:11] It was, yeah.

Speaker3: [00:12:12] It wasn’t sold out, which I was interested by, but it was, um.

Speaker2: [00:12:15] It was.

Speaker3: [00:12:15] Pretty funny because it wasn’t a 18 and over event.

Speaker2: [00:12:20] So yeah, it was just interesting kids.

Speaker3: [00:12:22] So, so I was, I’ve, I’ve seen Kendrick Lamar before at a festival and I was like standing amongst the mosh for that. So me and my mate got like seeded tickets for this one which actually kind of, uh. Preferred this time around, it was a lot better. But, um, it was quite funny seeing all these, like, young kids around and me and my mate realise we were getting older when we started. People watching, we started like.

Speaker2: [00:12:45] Yeah, dude, you’re making, making fun of.

Speaker3: [00:12:47] Making fun of them and stuff and like, or getting like second hand embarrassment for like things that were doing and we’re like, Oh man, we’re getting old. All the things that probably back in the day people looked at us and were like, What the fuck are these dudes doing?

Speaker1: [00:13:01] Yeah, dude, I feel that on my first trip after the fucking prison we were in for the last couple of years, they opened the borders. I, um, Steph and I were in Bali and we sold out the Killers in Perth and I was like, sick, bought a ticket because we hadn’t been to an event. And then we were like, Fuck, do we even know any of their songs? And then everyone just knows Mr. Brightside. So anyway, we get there and then I realised I knew way more songs and just Mr. Brightside. So it was good. But you know, imagine like the kind of people I didn’t think I was like, I’m such a fucking loser for going to the same. But, um, the kind of people that, like the Killers are not the coolest bunch of people.

Speaker2: [00:13:35] So I get there and I like the killers.

Speaker1: [00:13:39] But like you actually go to their concert, like, that’s a certain type of person. Yeah. So sitting in the and literally like, there’s a dude who’s like fucking 95 next to me on my right, there’s like some chick that looks like fresh out of Armidale on my left. Like, you’re like, she had like three teeth and everyone around me was like, proper, like huge, like bogans or like, massive, like fat. And I just it was just the most awkward concert because Steph and I were trying to get into it, but everyone around us was just like sitting there, still not moving, and it was just like hours of that. Yeah, it was just very awkward.

Speaker3: [00:14:13] Yeah. You could tell the people at the Kendrick concert that, um, didn’t know as much as the others, particularly the younger crowd as well. Like, that was only like probably the more recent songs that they knew. Yeah. So when they came on, they went nuts. But I was probably going nuts for like every.

Speaker1: [00:14:26] Song or just the whole time.

Speaker2: [00:14:27] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:14:27] So yeah, we just like we went. And as long as like the six good ones that I know came on, then we left like a little bit earlier, just to, like, beat the traffic. But man, it was eye opening. I haven’t been to, like a live event like that in a while, and I just remind me of, like, the real world.

Speaker3: [00:14:42] Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:14:42] I only hang around like, people for people doing stuff. And then I go out into the real world and everyone there was a lot of, like, overweight, like obese, like. Yeah, hobbling, you know, like fucking could barely walk, like, back injuries, all sorts of shit. I was like, This is the state of society at the moment. This is crazy. And everyone was white. It was not like a black person there at all. I guess. Like an audience for the killers.

Speaker3: [00:15:07] Yeah, I don’t know. And it’s, it’s quite interesting that, um. Yeah, you point out the kind of state of society thing, cause I would have, it would have been cool to see some actual stats on it, cause I feel like when we were in that lockdown for however long we were in it for, and the government was kind of like, Yeah, you can’t go outside unless you do an hour of exercise a day. I swear that there was so many more people I saw outside exercising and walking. Then before the lockdown. And there’s probably less people now after because they, you know, it’s they’ve got freedom of choice now. Whereas before it was kind of like you’re locked down, you’ve only got an hour to leave the house. And they’re going, Oh, I’ve only got an hour.

Speaker2: [00:15:47] Yeah, like.

Speaker3: [00:15:47] I need to get out.

Speaker1: [00:15:48] Nigga, that’s done.

Speaker3: [00:15:49] But then when they’re not in the lockdown, they don’t have that urge to be like, Oh, I need to get out there. Just like I can do what I want.

Speaker1: [00:15:54] Yeah, I do. People are so fucking lazy. Like, full.

Speaker2: [00:15:56] Stop. Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:15:57] I mean, I’m. I’m not going to say I’m not guilty of it, but, you know.

Speaker1: [00:16:01] It’s become such a norm. It’s just being lazy.

Speaker2: [00:16:03] Yeah, it’s a huge norm.

Speaker1: [00:16:05] The government. Yeah. They don’t really release statistics like that ever. No, no. They just release all the bullshit. They don’t need to know.

Speaker2: [00:16:11] Sure.

Speaker3: [00:16:11] The the rise of short form media definitely has not helped that the amount of you know, it’s so easy to just lose yourself in scrolling for, you know, tik tok and reels and stuff like that because everything is so short. It’s like everything’s packing a punch, it’s hitting those dopamine centres. It’s, you know, exciting. You, you’re making, you feel something, whatever, and then it’s on to the next one and then you just keep going. And then all of a sudden it’s an hour, 2 hours and it’s, you know, you’ve just, you’re still sitting on the toilet.

Speaker1: [00:16:40] Yeah. Man, that only fancy it’s different.

Speaker2: [00:16:42] A that’s what you’re talking about it. No, no, no, no. Of course.

Speaker1: [00:16:47] Have you subscribed?

Speaker2: [00:16:48] No, no, no, no.

Speaker1: [00:16:51] It was a blatant lie. So we just finished up today our 12 week program at Helix Gym. We have two programs, flex performance. So Flex is a bodybuilding get jacket, strong style program, and performance is an Olympic lifting program. We’ve had probably, in my opinion, our best training blocks ever in terms of results. So most people’s old one, our arms are like a three or four rep max now. So which means they’ve increased their strength like 300%, relatively crazy on most lifts, which is fucking crazy. I’ve been a coach for 13 years. I’ve never, ever seen these types of results across the board. Literally everyone that showed up has got those types of results. And I wanted to know like Marcus is a. Freemont is an athlete. And just from his point of view, why do you think it worked so well for so many people like both programs?

Speaker3: [00:17:41] I think it’s that choice between the two, which prior we didn’t really have. But, um, I think it just whichever program you choose, it’s just pushing you to the absolute limit. But because you have that choice, it’s like you’re the intention is there. You’re actively choosing what program you want to do, but above that, what goal you’re working towards because you’re only going to choose performance. Really, if you’re really wanting to improve on snatch or clean or clean and jerk or something like that. So those that have just chosen that and they’ve run with that, they’ve improved on that exponentially. And then the flip side to that is the majority that have chosen.

Speaker2: [00:18:17] Flex.

Speaker3: [00:18:18] Because of how it’s been sold like this is going to improve your list. It’s going to get you jacked, feeling better, moving better. They’re like, okay, this is this is what I’m actively choosing. This is my intention to do this. And they’ve just stuck to it for 12 weeks. And, you know, there you go. The results speaks for themselves.

Speaker1: [00:18:33] Call me the post, man. Man, I’ve fucking delivered.

Speaker2: [00:18:36] The program.

Speaker3: [00:18:38] And. And you fucking sent it.

Speaker1: [00:18:39] So. Yeah. Wilson, come up to me. And he was we were talking about we’ve got two new programs coming up and he said, If I do the new program, am I going to lose my strength? And I was like, Shut the fuck up, Wilson, When have I ever let you down? Like, you’re not going to get weaker.

Speaker3: [00:18:52] When are you ever going to lose strength by.

Speaker1: [00:18:54] Lifting the I keep training, you know, it makes no sense. Yeah. So you think the choice was the reason? Is that what I’m gathering here?

Speaker3: [00:19:02] I think I think it’s part of the reason is yeah, because there’s a, there’s like an element of, of the member actively choosing what they want to work towards and what they want to do. Um, I think there’s been a lot more, uh, not, not saying that there was an effort before, but there’s been like a really like massive uplift and effort from, like yourself and the coaches and stuff like hounding people fucking the community is probably the best it’s ever been. Everyone’s getting around each other. There’s so many different figures in our community now that are kind of lifting everyone up and and we’ve got so many fucking beasts now that there is always someone to look up to, to strive toward for something.

Speaker1: [00:19:48] Yeah, yeah, that’s. I started training at 530. I kind of thought the boys need a shake up.

Speaker2: [00:19:53] Yeah, so that’s what.

Speaker1: [00:19:55] And then I started baiting all the quote unquote CrossFit is at conditioning. And they were like, You don’t even train, bro.

Speaker2: [00:20:04] Yeah, they’re definitely gonna, they’re definitely gonna.

Speaker1: [00:20:06] Fucking so mad about it.

Speaker2: [00:20:07] They’re definitely going to listen.

Speaker3: [00:20:08] To this and be all up in your DMS.

Speaker2: [00:20:09] Now.

Speaker1: [00:20:10] Um, yeah, baiting them, running and conditioning. It was fucking hilarious. I just like, try harder.

Speaker2: [00:20:17] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:20:17] I was like, I do not want to lose to these motherfuckers. So, like, lying on the floor after every session. Yeah. Losing out for like, 15 minutes.

Speaker3: [00:20:24] You can, you can tell what my sort of my goal is in this sessions because I, I love the strength and I love like, hitting high weights, low numbers and stuff like that. And so I just, I go all fucking out in the weights and I get to conditioning. I’m like.

Speaker2: [00:20:40] Fucked.

Speaker3: [00:20:41] I’m so fucked. I’m trying to I’m trying to hit that extra gear to get it done. I’m like, and it’s the conditioning is already, like, heinous, like it’s so difficult. And then I’m just dying and I’m like, you know, maybe I do need get back to 530 and get that get that push from the boys there. But yeah, no.

Speaker1: [00:20:56] It’s good is the worst thing of all time. We, um, we have our token gay guy, Wilson, and he, we had a pull up and double unders workout like a conditioning pace the other day, and he was.

Speaker2: [00:21:09] Like, Yeah, fucking beat you, Tim.

Speaker1: [00:21:12] And I was like, doing you doing single skips count.

Speaker2: [00:21:15] Like you.

Speaker1: [00:21:16] Claim that you beat someone at a workout.

Speaker2: [00:21:18] Not doing.

Speaker1: [00:21:18] The workout, like doing a regression.

Speaker2: [00:21:20] You know? That makes no sense. Yeah, he’s like, I’m the best on the winner. I’m the Helix Champion.

Speaker1: [00:21:25] I was like, Wilson, shut the fuck up. You weren’t even doing this.

Speaker2: [00:21:27] Probably, dude, Like, you can’t claim that. Yeah, Yeah. Not fair. Thoughts for Wilson here. Hey, what.

Speaker1: [00:21:34] Thoughts for Wilson?

Speaker2: [00:21:35] Learn double unders, maybe. Yeah, dude. I mean, I definitely been there to support calling the kettle.

Speaker1: [00:21:40] Yeah, I can’t fucking.

Speaker2: [00:21:41] Learn how.

Speaker1: [00:21:42] To do double on this. So we have two new programs coming up which start on the second. I’ve got some, uh, testers coming in the next couple of weeks, but we’ve got Valhalla and a so Valhalla is about super total. So super total is Olympic lifting and powerlifting in one program. So the whole point is to get your barbell numbers up, which is super exciting. I’ve done a template for this and I’m going to be testing stuff from next week. So we have our testing week coming up and I bet every other gym listening to this in Perth is also going to be like, I’m going to do a testing weight because Helix is.

Speaker2: [00:22:17] Doing one fucker.

Speaker1: [00:22:19] Flat out copy us like with everything else. And then now the program is Adonis, which is essentially Adonis is a Greek god and Adonis looks fucking sexy and jacked. And that is the whole point of the program is to get jacked. So yeah, the template for that is it’s going to be a push pull legs for six days. So legs first then. Then push and then legs pull, push again for our 12 weeks. So starting with a five by 20 fuck, which is gonna be fucking heinous.

Speaker2: [00:22:50] So as pull before push this time. Yeah. Nice.

Speaker3: [00:22:52] Tuesdays and.

Speaker1: [00:22:53] Thursdays. So squat Monday pull deadlift and then upper body pause for the rest of it. Yeah. Push would be like benching all the pitchers and then.

Speaker3: [00:23:02] Probably probably good changing the pool days because I think.

Speaker1: [00:23:05] Yeah push up the same day as.

Speaker2: [00:23:06] The the.

Speaker3: [00:23:07] The the dead lifts that were on the Fridays like people missing the dead lifts and stuff like that. And it’s probably the one lift that’s probably going to get you the strongest.

Speaker1: [00:23:14] Yeah. Hundred percent. Just get those done. So I’m really personally I’m really looking forward to this.

Speaker2: [00:23:18] I don’t.

Speaker3: [00:23:19] Know what I’m gonna.

Speaker2: [00:23:19] Choose. It both sounds sick. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:23:22] Dude, I did a snatch workout like, a week ago. It was fucking awful. Like I was snatching 60 and making it look hot. Like Danny walked in on me, snatching, and she was like, The hell happened. I’ve lost it. I have fucking.

Speaker2: [00:23:34] I felt.

Speaker3: [00:23:34] I felt like doing the flex and all the military press and that kind of overhead stuff building strength there. When I went back to the snatch, I felt surprisingly really good. But doing planes? Not hell no. I’ve lost all that front rack mobility because you’re just not using it, you know? So.

Speaker1: [00:23:53] So you feel my pain. I broke my wrist.

Speaker2: [00:23:55] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:23:55] I can’t even scratch my ass like. Yeah, hold a fucking Bobby.

Speaker3: [00:23:58] Well, it’s gonna be interesting when I do push again. What’s gonna happen? Cause I had that minor tear in my pec, so I kinda went to go do a push up the other day, and it, it said no.

Speaker1: [00:24:08] So you got COVID, bro. You’ve had a month off. Yeah. My first time having COVID, I had I’ve had it three times. It was.

Speaker3: [00:24:17] That’s hectic.

Speaker1: [00:24:17] First time was awful. Second time, second or third. But you I think I had it last week anyway, so. Yeah. And I didn’t test, but I was like, I’ll definitely go.

Speaker3: [00:24:24] Unfortunately, unfortunately, I gave it to Mom and Dad. Really? Well, yeah, because.

Speaker1: [00:24:28] Mom, they survive.

Speaker3: [00:24:29] Yeah. I mean, they’re fine now.

Speaker1: [00:24:31] Yeah. The mighty covered. Yeah. So.

Speaker3: [00:24:33] Cause Mum had to take me down to because I was due to have a surgery Monday morning. So Mum took me down there and then before you, before you get admitted to the surgery, they have to take your temperature and they took mine and it was like I think it was just above 38 or something. She’s like, Oh, that’s a bit high. I was like, Oh, I’ve just, I just had like a block.

Speaker2: [00:24:50] Knows it’s hot, you know? So yeah, I’m hot. Ready for I.

Speaker3: [00:24:54] Thought it was like hay fever. And then she goes, Oh, we’ll have to get you to do a rats. And then she did it and put like the little liquid in the, you know, the actual test itself. I looked at it and almost instantly it went positive. I was like, fuck. And they’re like, Yep.

Speaker2: [00:25:06] We’re gonna have to cancel your surgery.

Speaker1: [00:25:07] Were they wearing, like, PPE and shit?

Speaker3: [00:25:09] Yeah, like gloves and everything else.

Speaker1: [00:25:11] Literally, like full suit of plastic stuff.

Speaker2: [00:25:13] And then the the worst part. Yeah, yeah. The worst part.

Speaker3: [00:25:16] Was it was, um, peak hour traffic in the morning. So that takes mum. I’d be like, Hey, Mum, sorry, you have to come and get me, pick me up again. And because it was peak hour, it took 45 minutes to come and get me. I was just sat outside this clinic on a.

Speaker2: [00:25:31] Chair.

Speaker3: [00:25:32] With like a new 95 mask on.

Speaker2: [00:25:36] Looking like everyone’s pointing at you. Like, Yeah, it literally made me look like a duck. He’s got it. And then fucking one.

Speaker3: [00:25:42] And then because Mum had to pick me up, like I gave her like the, in 95 she had to wear one as well cause.

Speaker1: [00:25:47] You gave her. But hey you gave her your one.

Speaker2: [00:25:49] No. Oh yeah. Yeah. No, I had a spare one.

Speaker3: [00:25:52] And then, well it gets to Tuesday and she dropped something at my door and she goes yeah I’m starting to get sniffly. I was like, Oh, sorry about it. And then as a result, Dad.

Speaker1: [00:26:01] Also got.

Speaker2: [00:26:02] It.

Speaker3: [00:26:02] Yeah, also got it. But my sister’s just got back from Bali and I don’t think she’s been home there yet.

Speaker2: [00:26:08] So hopefully, I don’t know. Did you see.

Speaker1: [00:26:11] The Jordan Peterson? He interviewed a guy, I think it was a virologist and they were looking at the origins of like where it came from, COVID 19.

Speaker2: [00:26:20] So I didn’t see that.

Speaker1: [00:26:20] The origins of the virus. So obviously. Well, no, obviously. But as you can assume, like the Chinese labs are being pretty fucking weird about releasing data on like what’s going on. But finally they got the data and there were virologists that were looking at it just after the time of like when it started kicking off around the world and they kind of like noticed a few discrepancies in the virus itself. And they didn’t really say anything because they thought it couldn’t be true. But it came out that the virus appears to be manmade.

Speaker3: [00:26:51] Well, yeah.

Speaker1: [00:26:51] That like because there’s elements of the virus that don’t appear naturally together and they never have. So they’re like on of strong correlation between it being manmade and it being purposely released from China.

Speaker3: [00:27:05] Well, I mean, you were putting putting the the tinfoil hat on.

Speaker2: [00:27:09] No, this is not. No, no. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:27:11] But when at first I was because I was I haven’t read up on it in a while.

Speaker1: [00:27:15] If we had this conversation 18 months ago, people would be like, You’re fucking whatever, bro.

Speaker3: [00:27:19] Tinfoil after it. Been around for a while. Yeah, Yeah, I, I was, I did a bit of research on it. I was like, it wouldn’t actually surprise me if it was some form of manmade biochemical sort of warfare testing that kind of, quote unquote went wrong. Or maybe it went right, you know what I mean? I went robbery where ants like, you know, what are we supposed.

Speaker1: [00:27:44] To bless an ass for a piece of sand? Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:27:47] But, yeah, no, it’s interesting. And.

Speaker1: [00:27:51] Well, they were basically saying, like the speed of which it’s transmitted around the world is like the big question mark that they thought like nothing they’ve ever seen has been transmitted so easily and fast. So that’s where the scientists started asking questions about it. When you think about it like, well, it’s so weird because I’ve been next to COVID positive people and.

Speaker2: [00:28:10] Never got it.

Speaker1: [00:28:10] And then I’ve been around nobody and got it.

Speaker3: [00:28:12] Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. Like it could just be the gap in my knowledge, but I feel like there’s still no concrete understanding on how it’s like spread because like you just said, you can be next. You know, my one of my good mates, uh, Sean, his partner got it. Um, and his other housemate so that all these other two housemates. So there’s two couples that live together. All three of them got it. He didn’t have it. So they, they all work in health services. They all had to isolate. And one of them’s a teacher, but he never got it tested. Every day was never getting it. And he, you know, he’s sleeping next to his misses. Everything else. But, you know, so you don’t get the people are not getting it that way, being right next to the person who has it. But then they would just like go to a shopping centre and walk around or something or even just, I don’t know, walk outside or whatever. And it’s like, Oh, you’ve got it.

Speaker1: [00:29:03] It makes no actual sense.

Speaker3: [00:29:04] Yeah, you can’t figure it out, but someone probably has, and I just probably haven’t read up on that particular bit of information.

Speaker1: [00:29:12] Anyway, I do research guys. We don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about. They would do.

Speaker3: [00:29:15] Mostly uneducated.

Speaker1: [00:29:16] Opinions. Yeah, this is not one of those shows, but you know, we definitely don’t know what we’re talking about.

Speaker3: [00:29:21] So did you say the did you say the, um, new clip of changing the topic? Yeah, the new clip of, um. Livy King this.

Speaker2: [00:29:28] Morning. No. What is it?

Speaker3: [00:29:30] He went on the the podcast.

Speaker1: [00:29:33] With COVID breath, by the way.

Speaker3: [00:29:36] He went on the, um, the podcast with Andrew Schulz. That comedian apparently is on full nati now.

Speaker2: [00:29:42] What do you mean?

Speaker3: [00:29:43] He’s just he’s just because he’s been caught out on the roids. He’s just. He’s just said, Yeah, I’m going full, full nati now. Bullshit. So actually see if he does it.

Speaker1: [00:29:51] He just still huge. Yeah, still massive because.

Speaker3: [00:29:54] He was like, you know, I’m so passionate about the nine ancestral tenants and stuff like that.

Speaker2: [00:29:57] And, and, and Andrew Schultz is like, Well, how.

Speaker3: [00:30:01] Good are the nine ancestral tenants if you’re dead at.

Speaker2: [00:30:03] 50? And this is a good point, you know, So what.

Speaker1: [00:30:08] Did he say?

Speaker3: [00:30:09] And he was like, Well, yeah, like he just agreed with it. And he’s like, This is why I’ve made the decision to, you know.

Speaker1: [00:30:15] Anyone who didn’t think he was on Jews a fucking retard. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker3: [00:30:20] Like it was.

Speaker1: [00:30:21] It’s obvious. Oh, it’s so obvious.

Speaker3: [00:30:24] Oh, he’s in his forties isn’t he.

Speaker1: [00:30:26] Yeah. Yeah. Mid to late forties.

Speaker3: [00:30:28] There was even rumors going around that he. Injected something one way or another into his abs and his abs.

Speaker1: [00:30:35] Fake, which they look fake. Speaking of ancestral tenants, one of, uh, how’s this egg livered living? King’s ancestral tenants is cold, and we have this miraculous ice bath that doesn’t ever seem to show up at my gym, supposedly showing up. So I wanted to tell Marcus on the story. Cause I know a lot about men. Must be listening to this. Anyway, so I bought this ice bath in September.

Speaker3: [00:30:58] Yes, a while ago now?

Speaker1: [00:30:59] Yeah, September. Or even earlier than that. And so you pay 60% plus shipping, which is a lot. It was like a total.

Speaker3: [00:31:08] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:31:08] Um, and then they’re like, yeah, 8 to 10 weeks be in your possession. So ten weeks roll around. I emailed them and I’m like, Where is my ice bath?

Speaker2: [00:31:16] Where the fuck is it? Yeah, you said.

Speaker1: [00:31:18] 8 to 10 weeks.

Speaker2: [00:31:19] It would seem a guarantee. Yeah. Yeah. Like, what is going on here. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:31:22] And then they’re like, they didn’t get back to me, like, just ghosted. And I was like, Oh, fuck. Oh, here we wasted eight grand, you know, like fucking down the drain. And then so I messaged them on Instagram, email them, yada, yada, yada. A week later they get back to me and they said, Oh, sorry, COVID like the whole like, Hey, our team’s got covered. Like we’re having, you know, shortages, yada, yada, yada. This was a couple of weeks ago now and onward. And I was like, I don’t really care about COVID. Just give me a timeline.

Speaker2: [00:31:50] Yeah, tell me when it. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:31:52] And then they’re like, Oh, yeah, we’re going to start production next week. And I was like, Oh my God. He said it was going to be 8 to 10 weeks. That was just literally in the entire time. There was no updates on where it was, like, What’s the tracking? They didn’t say shit like the whole time, and I just thought, That’s just a fucking start up things, honestly, like start up businesses. No idea about communication. So I’ve been following up like a mad man. It was meant to stop production, which I’m assuming is not long. It wouldn’t take. It’s a fucking metal tin with like some wood on the outside of it. Um, two weeks ago. So I’m. I’m hoping it’s pretty ready, and then they’ll ship it over pretty soon. But you’re.

Speaker3: [00:32:30] Probably looking at the new year still.

Speaker1: [00:32:31] So I’ll have to give you guys an update on the Odin ice bars. Um, up until now, the customer service has been piss poor. Hopefully the fucking product is better. Yeah, but honestly, like, what are you guys doing?

Speaker2: [00:32:43] Oh, just fucking.

Speaker1: [00:32:45] Don’t you work at consumer protection something?

Speaker3: [00:32:46] Oh, I did. I did. Yeah. I mean, yeah, you definitely could have gone to them. Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:32:51] Because.

Speaker3: [00:32:51] Cause you were. Because you were giving it. You guarantee the time frame and it wasn’t, you know, you didn’t receive the goods within that time frame. So it’s kind of.

Speaker1: [00:33:00] So I’m looking forward to getting in our ice bath eventually. I saw a guy I have on social media has one. The exact model I thought it was the exact model I do was fucking huge the size of the room, like it was massive. And I said, Is it going to fit in my.

Speaker2: [00:33:15] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:33:15] And then I messaged him and I said, is that the like the ice bath? And he said, Yeah, don’t worry, it’s the XL. I was like, thank fuck. Like honestly, it looked like three metres, like two metres wide. And I thought, this is not going to fit in that area. Yeah, that’s going to be absolute melt anyway.

Speaker3: [00:33:28] No, it looks cool though. I’m super excited to see it.

Speaker1: [00:33:31] Yeah, it’s going to be sick. So I saw a post this morning. So there’s actually a Facebook marketer and her name’s Kat Howe and I’ll read it to you. She goes, If you want to get better at podcasting, you need a podcast. If you want to get better at video, you need to do a video. If you want to get better at doing push ups, you need to do push ups. If you want to get better at socializing and having social loss, you need to socialise. Very simple.

Speaker3: [00:33:54] But yes.

Speaker1: [00:33:54] The point of it is if you want to get better at something, you have to do it. Everyone said to me when I started a podcast, Why the fuck are you starting a podcast? We don’t need another podcast. You’re never going to be Joe Rogan. You fucking suck, man.

Speaker2: [00:34:06] Like you suck at podcasting.

Speaker1: [00:34:08] Your episodes are shit. And I said, I agree with all of those points, but I’m literally doing this for my own benefit to get better at talking and podcasting, which is like, it’s like a skill that I want to learn.

Speaker3: [00:34:19] Yeah. Like I, um. The FA for context. Um, Tim forwarded me a course to do.

Speaker1: [00:34:26] No. Didn’t you bought your own course? What are you talking about?

Speaker2: [00:34:28] Yeah. Yeah, no, I bought it. But the link. Yeah, you forwarded. You forwarded the info to me.

Speaker1: [00:34:33] Never forward anything illegal online to anyone.

Speaker2: [00:34:36] It’s not even what I was implying. That’s what I said. You said that you sent the information to me to go get the course, which I did.

Speaker1: [00:34:43] Is illegally bought.

Speaker3: [00:34:43] Of course. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Nice. But anyway.

Speaker2: [00:34:46] Um, I have completely lost my train of thought now. Thanks.

Speaker1: [00:34:50] You were talking about podcasting?

Speaker3: [00:34:51] Yeah, I was. And now it’s. It’s gone.

Speaker1: [00:34:53] Maybe about you starting a podcast.

Speaker3: [00:34:56] Yeah, I dunno. It’s completely gone. No, it’s.

Speaker2: [00:34:59] Gone. Anyway.

Speaker3: [00:35:01] Covid brain.

Speaker1: [00:35:02] If you’re someone that wants to get better or something and you’re telling yourself some bullshit, like, I’m never getting better at it, but you’re actually not doing it, you’re the problem.

Speaker3: [00:35:10] Yeah, 100%. Yeah. And I do remember what my train of thought was. Now go. It was because one of the questions in the first section of that course thing is to say, you know, why do you want to start a podcast? And one of the things I wrote down is I want to more effectively and actively listen to and communicate with people. So it’s kind of like that’s that’s something that can be far reaching and can go outside podcasting and, you know, be in my relationships and my friendships and everything else, even in business and stuff like that as well. But you put yourself in a scenario where you’re literally sitting down and talking to people. You’re going to get better at sitting down and talking to papers because you’re just doing it. That’s the whole it’s like deceptively simple. Like you just need to do. You need to do it. Yeah, but that involves actually doing it and putting steps in place to do it and just, you know, the I guess I’m not sure if you’ve seen the meme, but it’s probably been my favorite thing the past few months is like a teacher drawing on a whiteboard and it was like a graph and up up the y axis. The tall one was like, fuck around. And on the bottom on it was find out. It was like, the more you fuck her and the more you find out.

Speaker2: [00:36:18] Yeah. So that’s literally it. Just so true.

Speaker3: [00:36:20] Mantra hitting in for the rest of the year in 2023. Fuck her and and find out.

Speaker1: [00:36:24] Yeah. I always get this on socials. People like they’ll mess me some bullshit. They’ll be like, How did you squat 200.

Speaker3: [00:36:31] Squatted.

Speaker1: [00:36:32] Squatted a lot over the last 15 years.

Speaker3: [00:36:35] Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, the I’m not sure if you’ve seen the people sharing so train heroic is an app that um, I use and other members of Helix used to get the programs and try.

Speaker1: [00:36:49] To sign up WW W dot helix ESP dot com forward slash group training.

Speaker3: [00:36:53] I was that P but yeah you track your reps and your weights and stuff like that but they did a they did their own urine review thing. How do.

Speaker2: [00:37:00] You get that.

Speaker3: [00:37:01] You have to update the app. I didn’t realize you just have to update it. Go to your profile and it’s there. And mine was like, you’ve lifted 6600 and something baby elephants this year. So 900 and something thousand kilos of volume. Yeah. And it’s like, you know, you want it. Yeah. Like you said, you want to get good at squatting, you want to get good at deadlifts, squat, deadlift.

Speaker1: [00:37:22] And that’s why you look like an a donut.

Speaker3: [00:37:24] Oh, I don’t know. I’ve had a, I’ve had a wake off, but.

Speaker1: [00:37:28] Same in business, man. People messed me some bullshit like this.

Speaker2: [00:37:31] Like, how do you have a successful gym?

Speaker1: [00:37:33] Why is your partner successful? How do you know so much about stocks and investing? And I’m like, because I fucking study hard and I work hard. I’ve been doing it for so long.

Speaker2: [00:37:42] I think there’s no secret.

Speaker3: [00:37:43] No, there’s there’s no secret. And I just think it’s the the difference between the ones that do and the ones that don’t is just. The some people can point it and be like, Yeah, but I fear, you know, I have a fear of this. I have a fear of that. And it’s like the people that did the shit, they still.

Speaker2: [00:37:58] Had the fear 100%. They just did every day.

Speaker3: [00:38:00] They just did it in spite of and they keep doing it in spite of. And then you just you keep learning and you keep finding out and you keep getting better. And then that leads to the next thing. It’s like if you keep if you keep looking for open doors and opportunities, you’re going to keep finding open doors and opportunities. Yeah, if you keep seeing closed doors and you keep thinking about closed doors and you’re just gonna remain stuck.

Speaker2: [00:38:19] Mm hmm.

Speaker1: [00:38:20] So, like most people out there, they are stuck.

Speaker2: [00:38:24] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:38:25] So what would you say to anyone that’s stuck, Marcus?

Speaker3: [00:38:28] Um. I mean, I’ve felt stuck a few times this year. And I guess what you kind of have to do is I kind of just took time for myself. Like I just literally kind of. Shut up, shut off from certain habits and certain people that kind of weren’t serving me at the time and kind of just just went somewhere alone and just thought just sat and had a think and wrote stuff down and took pen and paper. Because if you just keep it all in your head, it’s going to get really messy up there and it’s not going to help. And you just write stuff down. You just have to. You just have to start. It starts with your attitude, so you have to start. Gratitude is a good place to start.

Speaker1: [00:39:09] So gratitude is the attitude.

Speaker3: [00:39:10] Gratitude is the attitude. Yeah. You start with gratitude. Being grateful for the things that are happening have happened. Everything is around you. And then you start from that gratitude. You start training your mind to look for more positive things and look for more opportunities.

Speaker1: [00:39:24] For sure, I couldn’t agree more.

Speaker3: [00:39:25] If you keep thinking shit, you’re going to get shit.

Speaker2: [00:39:28] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:39:29] You mentioned the, um, you know, getting it out on paper. And I think that’s a huge problem in societies now is like you’ve got tik-tok, you’ve got Instagram, you got Facebook, you got so much distraction, just keeping you busy doing bullshit. Like for someone to put down the phone, turn it off, take out a pen and paper, do some journaling, do some thinking for yourself. It’s a big thing. I always say that to my wife. Um, she’s having a hard time in business, so she can’t think her way through a situation. I’d say fucking delete Instagram app, like, stop getting on that bullshit, getting so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing, who gives a fuck? And that’s why I blocked and delete most. No, no. I’d muted most people on social media because like I just get too wrapped up in other people’s bullshit. I couldn’t even imagine what other people are doing.

Speaker3: [00:40:11] Yeah, no. 100%. And even if you don’t wanna, even if for some people it’s difficult to get a pen and paper and actually write stuff down, like get notes up or get like a word document up and just at least start typing it first. Like the whole idea is just get it out of you thinking it into something that’s like somewhat like tangible, something that you can see and then you can see what you’re writing. And rather than just letting it fester in your head, you’re writing stuff down and you’re getting more clear on certain things, and you’ll find that as you’re typing it or you’re writing it, you might write something down. You’ll be like, Hang on, why the fuck am I thinking that for?

Speaker2: [00:40:49] Mm hmm.

Speaker3: [00:40:49] And then because it’s out there, you’ve recognised the thought. You’ve kind of you can cross it out, whatever else, or you’re writing something down and you’re going actually like that’s, you know, you feel like you’ve hit like a gold mine. Like you kind of I want to follow that. I want to dive into that deeper and you start writing more and, you know, so there you go.

Speaker1: [00:41:07] But yeah, my biggest successes have come from writing stuff down, like, yeah, sure, by like a country mile. So switching gear, have you been following the Twitter saga? Do you follow any of this stuff, like with Mask and the government?

Speaker3: [00:41:20] And I’ve seen a lot of the musk stuff, not I mean, I’ve seen him kind of reply and respond to a couple of different, I guess, government figures in America.

Speaker1: [00:41:31] But.

Speaker3: [00:41:32] Not governments as a whole. But it’s been pretty pretty funny to be pretty fierce. It’s pretty fierce and it’s pretty funny at times, but yeah.

Speaker1: [00:41:40] Well, I don’t know if you’d call it the Hunter Biden laptop saga.

Speaker2: [00:41:46] No.

Speaker1: [00:41:46] Well, there’s a lot of Hunter Biden’s Joe Biden’s son, the American president. Yeah, he was just up to, oh, all sorts of bad stuff like dealing with Russians and, you know, like just some whole conspiracy shit and essentially, like Twitter before Musk there was suppressing it and they were acting as like an arm of the government in suppressing information like the bureau’s will’s, like all the FBI, CIA there. Basically they had a representative and they were talking to a Twitter representative and they said, I want to get this information shut down. I want to get this person banned. I want to get this person muted. I want to get like all this. And they were basically like the government was controlling social media, not just Twitter, but like Facebook. Yeah, Instagram, like all of them that were acting as proxies for government and this big like. I would say push back on and mosque is because they can’t do that anymore. Yeah, that was his big like everyone on the left is like free speech. Like, fuck them, they’re going to ruin the world. But reality, what they don’t want is people just to be able to say what the fuck they want. And they don’t have control over mosque anymore because they can’t suppress whoever they want to suppress.

Speaker3: [00:42:53] Well, yeah, exactly. I mean, and it’s just been so much going on on the Twitter side as well, like they’re speaking about that kind of free speech thing. Like you don’t want people out there saying whatever they want that’s kind of harmful and dangerous and stuff. Yeah. I mean, what musk. Reinstated Kanye to Twitter and within like the next ten days, banned him again because of the crap you spouting. But I saw this morning that they’ve they’re developing some sort of like software algorithm that’s going to delete all the inactive and like bot accounts 1.5 billion accounts or something getting deleted or whatever. Yeah. But and people crap it on about um. Yeah. You know, Musk is doing this. Musk is doing that. But think about how many of, like the Russian troll farm accounts are going to be within those that are going to now get deleted and wiped off the face of the earth, which has to be a good thing. You know, so I don’t know. It’s interesting.

Speaker1: [00:43:53] Yeah. There was the huge outrage about paying $8 a month to be registered and be able to comment on stuff. But I thought about it in my head and I have like four followers on Twitter, like, I’m not even on it at all. And I would still pay $8 a month for it because I think I get $8 of value. And then there was, you know, all this celebrities and social media who isn’t saying, I’m not paying, you know, I’m not paying $8 and they’re making like millions of dollars of Twitter and they just refused. And I thought, this is pathetic. I’m making $0 off it. But I can see the ROI and the value in following smart people. And these people, it’s literally like an arm of their business won’t pay.

Speaker2: [00:44:28] $8 for I think is like.

Speaker1: [00:44:29] Completely ridiculous.

Speaker3: [00:44:30] I think their biggest concern and I’ll use the words concern or gripe was just like anyone could do it. And it was it was hilarious because they.

Speaker2: [00:44:40] Yeah, they thought that was they brought.

Speaker3: [00:44:42] It, they brought it in and then they took it away for a bit and now they’ve brought it back. I think.

Speaker2: [00:44:46] They brought it in and all these.

Speaker3: [00:44:47] People started changing their names like to like a variation of Coca Cola. I can see the can in front of me and they would get like the blue tick verified and stuff and then they would just start saying the most like funny stuff like, Oh, hey, we’re throwing cocaine back in our recipe.

Speaker2: [00:45:01] Like, just shit like that.

Speaker3: [00:45:02] And it was so funny. So it was and I was finding it hilarious. But then some, you know, some people taking things too seriously.

Speaker1: [00:45:09] I love the Internet.

Speaker2: [00:45:09] I love I know.

Speaker1: [00:45:10] It just makes it fun.

Speaker3: [00:45:11] Yeah, it’s a blessing and a curse, but it’s fun. Yeah. So but that would just kicking up a stink because they.

Speaker2: [00:45:16] Shouldn’t be allowed to do this. And it’s like, Oh, it’s the end of the day. It’s a social media platform, right? Yeah, it’s a free place. You can just do it if it’s a social media platform. Yeah, the whole like censoring thing.

Speaker1: [00:45:27] Like I can understand both sides of it and like, they’re influencing young men to do bad things and, you know, they’re influencing wars and, you know, changing people’s beliefs on stuff, but also like there’s another part of that if, if like young people are on their they should be parented by their parents.

Speaker2: [00:45:44] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:45:45] And it shouldn’t be like up to the social media to say what people can and can’t say. I look at them, I’m a 31 year old male adult. I look at stuff that I don’t agree with, but I’m not on there being like, this person has an opinion. I believe that everything else is wrong now.

Speaker3: [00:45:59] I think and I think that’s the the the problem isn’t the platform itself. Like you said. It’s the it’s the the problem is the I’m not saying that people are bad at parenting because they’re not, but it’s kind of like.

Speaker2: [00:46:11] You can say that. Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:46:12] But it’s like it’s like the these young younger generations now getting on the internet so early with like no oversight And it’s just like and I guess that then makes it important about what people who are older and more mature are putting out there to a certain degree. But, you know, these young people have access to so much and they’re still in like, you know, their developing years, particularly like with brain development and stuff like that. So they’re just soaking up information like a sponge. And it’s not all good information.

Speaker2: [00:46:46] No, it’s not all good information.

Speaker1: [00:46:47] It’s funny, like my first phone was literally like the size of my forearm, like it was fucking it was fucking like 30 centimetres long with huge I like rest on my foot to talk in it. Like it was crazy how big this thing was. And now kids have iPhones. Like, honestly, I was sending a text message. Cost me like a dollar to send a text.

Speaker2: [00:47:03] Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:47:05] And you had to like you had to top up your it.

Speaker1: [00:47:07] Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:47:07] You got to.

Speaker1: [00:47:09] Fucking ride a pushbike to the fucking news agency. Yeah. To top up my phone for like ten bucks for like ten messages. It was bullshit. Yeah. And now kids are like watching titties on fucking on Pornhub and.

Speaker2: [00:47:21] Tick tock.

Speaker1: [00:47:22] Tick tock. It’s crazy. Yeah. And getting all sorts of, I think. Why do you think we would be further ahead if we had like, I mean, like, personally and, you know, from an intelligence point of view, if we had the access to the shit we have access to now as kids.

Speaker3: [00:47:37] Oh, that’s a really tough question. I’m not sure. You reckon?

Speaker2: [00:47:41] Fucking oath?

Speaker3: [00:47:41] Probably to a certain degree.

Speaker1: [00:47:43] Dude, I was reading Willy Wonka as, like, a book in school. Yeah, because that’s all we.

Speaker2: [00:47:47] Could access.

Speaker3: [00:47:48] That. That being said, I think my generation and as an extension like yours were only a few years apart is, um, we probably got. That technology and the Internet and those resources probably at what I would say, like almost the right time, because it was we’re old enough to know wrong from right sort of thing and mature enough to a certain extent. Yeah. And then it was it was still in its infancy when it was introduced to us. And then as we got older, we kind of grew with it. Where as opposed to, you know, the whole that whole concept now of iPad babies, you know, they’re just like born and now they’re born into a gender into a world with so much technology. And it’s like, Oh, the baby’s crying, I hear given an iPad sort of thing, but then you’re getting to eight and nine and you’ve got an iPhone already and you’re on tick tock and whatever else. Whereas like, whereas like my first proper introduction to the Internet, like I had I got social media fairly early, but I had rules. It was like my only friends to begin with were my super close friends, but my like my parents and my family and I wasn’t allowed to have it if I didn’t have them on it. So it was like they could have some degree of oversight.

Speaker1: [00:49:04] On my parents. Smart.

Speaker2: [00:49:05] I had no.

Speaker3: [00:49:06] Rules and and there was like, certain rules into like how much you could use it and stuff like that. Like in a day or in a week or whatever else. But then probably, you know, my first biggest exposure to the Internet was probably when I got an Xbox 360 back in the day and.

Speaker2: [00:49:22] Started playing online.

Speaker1: [00:49:24] And trolling people.

Speaker2: [00:49:25] And getting.

Speaker3: [00:49:26] Trolled is like a 13 year old. And you like hearing stuff.

Speaker2: [00:49:29] People hate me like, I’m gonna fucking kill you. Yeah, yeah.

Speaker1: [00:49:32] And you’re like, I’m fine.

Speaker3: [00:49:33] How’s that for a trial by fire?

Speaker2: [00:49:35] Come find me, bitch. Did you have MySpace? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker1: [00:49:39] That was.

Speaker3: [00:49:40] Crazy. Myspace. We had.

Speaker1: [00:49:41] Like, top nine friends, and I always just put some trick I was trying to have sex with.

Speaker2: [00:49:44] Like.

Speaker1: [00:49:45] Electronic kiss or.

Speaker3: [00:49:46] Something. Oh, I was like, Yeah, I was. My cousin’s a bit older than I am, and I think MySpace was super popular when she was early twenties.

Speaker1: [00:49:54] You know, it’s still around.

Speaker2: [00:49:55] Is it still a thing? Really?

Speaker3: [00:49:57] Yeah, man. There were so many that was like around. There was like this one that was like.

Speaker1: [00:50:01] It was like Tumblr as.

Speaker3: [00:50:02] Well. Yeah. And there was like, this weird one that.

Speaker2: [00:50:03] Was like pixel or something, rather. It was like, it was literally just.

Speaker3: [00:50:06] Like a web page. I mean, there.

Speaker1: [00:50:07] I have a.

Speaker2: [00:50:08] Hotel.

Speaker1: [00:50:08] Yeah, Yeah. I was just thinking of all.

Speaker2: [00:50:10] These club.

Speaker3: [00:50:10] Penguin and library and Skype and stuff.

Speaker1: [00:50:13] Yeah, it was crazy.

Speaker3: [00:50:14] Well, I ruin Skype or.

Speaker2: [00:50:15] Oh, man, that was.

Speaker1: [00:50:16] I spend so much time on that.

Speaker2: [00:50:17] Hey, Hey, Mom. You know, the membership is $30. Like, what’s the 30 bucks? Something like that? Yeah. Oh, 15 bucks. 15 bucks a month. Can I get it? Okay. Yeah. And then it’s like you could.

Speaker3: [00:50:29] Do all this cool shit, and you just thought you’re a bad ass motherfucker.

Speaker2: [00:50:31] Because you got the access to the full game. Full game?

Speaker1: [00:50:34] Speaking of being a bad ass motherfucker, what would you say to someone who is, in summary, switching off this time of year with their training, nutrition and fitness? What the fuck would you say, Marcus?

Speaker3: [00:50:46] Just fucking do.

Speaker2: [00:50:47] It. What are you fucking knock? Yeah, just do it. Yeah. No, just. Yeah, He’s.

Speaker3: [00:50:54] Like, if you’re gonna keep waiting, you’re gonna always keep waiting. I think trying to remember the exact quote that you said. But it’s like if you keep waiting for Monday, it’s like, Yeah, Monday is never gonna fucking come. I just. You just got to do it now. Like, do it now. Get that. Get that first, you know, that first ring on the, on the tally sort of thing, you know, just get it done like.

Speaker1: [00:51:15] Diet starts right now bitch. It doesn’t start on Monday.

Speaker3: [00:51:18] Yeah yeah exactly like you know and the the I think the thing that would help most people is this is like I don’t know, it’s just consistency. Like it’s like the 8020 rule, it’s like the golden rule. It’s like it doesn’t mean you just have to I mean, depending on your goals, I might have to cut out a lot of shit, but you just have to start like once. Once you start, you have to take you take one step forward. How else are you going to move forward if you’re just standing still like you, you need to take that first step and then take the next one. And I’ve I’ve suffered from it as well. I kind of try and think 40 steps ahead to the point where I never actually take the first step. And it’s like you just need to take the first step. Fuck knows where that 40th step is going to be.

Speaker1: [00:51:58] Called anxiety.

Speaker3: [00:51:59] Bruh. Yeah, just take.

Speaker2: [00:52:00] The take the first one. It’s a mental illness. Yeah, take the first check then take the first one.

Speaker3: [00:52:08] Like just take the first step.

Speaker1: [00:52:09] Take the first step. As Marcus says, that wise words from the man.

Speaker2: [00:52:12] Oh, yeah. I don’t know. He’s been through.

Speaker1: [00:52:14] Many, many of these.

Speaker2: [00:52:15] Steps.

Speaker1: [00:52:17] One forward 37.

Speaker3: [00:52:18] Yeah. I think I’ve run in circles, man.

Speaker1: [00:52:20] Yeah, literally circles. Yeah. Well a member of the year. It’s been great to have you on. How do people find you?

Speaker3: [00:52:27] Uh, an Instagram. Marcus Dot Edwards. It’s Edwards that day.

Speaker1: [00:52:32] You need to get a better hashtag. That so, yeah. Like ad.

Speaker2: [00:52:35] Handle? Yeah. I don’t know.

Speaker3: [00:52:36] Yeah, it was worse before, so I’ve improved it 100%.

Speaker1: [00:52:40] Thanks, guys.

Speaker3: [00:52:41] All right. Thank you.

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