Become An Effective Communicator For More Success

Become An Effective Communicator For More Success

A key life skill that can increase your success in all area of your life is effective communication. Being able to communicate effectively can aid you in forging closer bonds with others, preventing misunderstandings, and working towards your objectives more successfully in all spheres of your life, whether they be personal relationships, professional careers, or social encounters. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about Become An Effective Communicator For More Success.

You’ll Learn:

  • Setting expectations.
  • Knowing and asking for what you want.
  • Being honest.


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Alright, guys, today we’re talking about becoming an effective communicator for more success. I think communication is very important, something I have improved as I’ve aged, which I’m sure I’m sure anyone would.

But I’ve got three lessons here that I want to teach you today in this in essentially how to become a better.

Communicator and this may be coming out for you because maybe sometimes you feel like you don’t get your words out right, maybe that’s with a partner, a colleague, a boss, friends, you know, all these scenarios, they come up every single day and your communication is key.

And I think it’s one of the most important aspects of, you know, having a better life and becoming the best version of yourself. That’s why I’m ******* recording this.

So I want you to crush. You’ve shown faith in spending 5 minutes with me.

And I want to give you the love back to make sure that you get some value from this. I used to be a terrible communicator and I think that comes down from comes from my parents because they were German.

And they were speaking German. It’s very hard language, very tough language, very aggressive language. And they never really taught me English.

I learned it from school so people would often tell me I was a terrible communicator. Every girlfriend I ever had would tell me I was a terrible communicator and it was something that I had to learn and dial in like anything. If you’re growth minded, you know that.

Something you get better at? I’m not great. And This is why I podcast as well, because I want to get better at talking.

I want to get better speaking. I want to get better at communicating. I want to get better at influence. One of the main reasons I actually do podcast.

It’s not actually of anyone. Any ************ listens to this. I couldn’t care less. Well, actually, I could care, but I do like to teach, and I do like to.

Educate my listeners. So the first point in becoming effective communicator for success is set expectations from every situation. And what I mean by that is.

You need to every relationship, friendship or boss, you know relationship you get into. You need to set the expectation of of what you want to get from this. And if you don’t set the expectation.

It’s going to end up like in your face. Let me give you some examples. Let’s work some examples here.

So if my wife and I, I was constantly getting ****** *** at her about something I never told her that I had an expectation on, then that would be my fault.

And this is very common in relationships. It’s like people have arguments about stuff they’ve actually never spoken about and set.

Expectations on people on.

Each other.

And it just ends up as a ship fight, right? And then let’s say a boss of yours, let’s say I’m, you know, I’m thinking car sales here.

I don’t know why that’s come to my head, but if your boss expected you to sell 10 cars a month and he never communicated that you were meant to sell 10 cars a month, there was no expectation met and then you would just never hitting the expectation.

Because it was never communicated.

So if you’re getting into a relationship or you’re trying to communicate with the boss or communicate with anyone, you need to set expectations on what is required from that wrench relationship. Friendship, you know, work colleague or whatever it.

Is there needs to?

The expectations are set and met. Otherwise it’s just going to be a **** fight with people just getting annoyed and angry at each other.

Every relationship and friendship and you know, like even with my staff like they have, they have expectations on what is required from them. They have KPIs, they have outcomes they need to hit.

With my wife, every time we have an argument or a disagreement, we say what is expectation on each other, and then we aim to meet it.

Because if you don’t know what something is, you can’t meet it and it’s pretty funked up to hold someone to a standard that’s never agreed to with them as well.

And that’s how you just constantly find yourself falling out with people.

#2 is you got always ask for what you want. If you don’t ask for what you want, you’ll never get what you want.

Find the simplest ways I’ve ever created says success, made sales, earn heaps of money, signed up heaps of clients had.

Great success with women was when I was just playing up. Just ask for what I want so.

I just did this a couple of years ago. Actually it was like we wanted. I wanted to sign up 15.

Members a month.

To the gym.

I’d honestly just go out and just cold message people that I knew and be like, hey, John, are you training at the moment?

Because I would love to have you at my.

Gym and I basically just ask what I want and then more times more action. I would take the more people would.

Actually say yes, that sounds OK.

See, you know nightclub example or, you know, go out, meet a girl and you say, hey, I’d love to take you on a date.

I was asking for what I wanted in that situation. There was no like beating around the Bush. I would just plain up ask people for what I wanted.

If you want to raise at work and ask your boss like I want a raise, I want a promotion.

I want these things without them actually asking. Then they won’t give it to you. Like as an employer and being a boss, I don’t give people pay rises unless they ask me because I reward people that ask for what they want.

With your wife or your partner, or your husband or whatever you need to ask for what you want in each relationship.

Otherwise it’s gonna that leads into my first point is the expectation is you’re never going to mean expectation if you don’t ask for it, you’re never going to get what you want unless you ask for exactly what you want.

And my third teaching point here is.

To be an effective communicator, you always need to be honest.

And this one comes at my detriment. Sometimes it also comes into my favour. People always say to me there’s no black and white with you, Tim, because I always am honest in every situation.

Someone asked me for feedback on their technique or their physique, or their lifting, or how their business is going. And I you know, honestly.

Rudely say what I think of it.

Which goes into my detriment, but also makes me an effective communicator. There is no like finesse with it. It’s just straight up is what it is.

You don’t need to use that tactic because you know most people probably can’t get away with that, but some can.

But being honest about things and situations always works out better for me, and I think it would work out better for you.

People aren’t honest to themselves about their expectations to what they want from a partner or a relationship, or a friendship.

They’re not honest about what they actually want for themselves, and if they don’t hold themselves to way standard people aren’t honest about it. Everyone’s always lying to themselves.

Don’t be that person. Be honest. Be honest in every situation.

So set the expectation in every situationship relationship and friendship. Ask for what you want in every relationship and situationship and then be honest about yourself and then stick to what you’re trying to actually ask for here. That is how you’re going to become a better communicator and have more success in life.

Do these silly things today.

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