Be No. 1

Lily works full-time, is married, and has two children. She feels hardly capable of using the restroom by herself.

Peter practices law. He enjoys spending time with his family but puts in long hours, including on the weekends.

Jane’s parents are elderly and need a lot of attention and care. She takes them along to doctor’s appointments frequently.

You probably fit into at least one of those categories. We all work hard and give generously. But if we are being honest with ourselves, we all have time. Just take it, that’s all.

When it comes to self-care, the airlines are on the money. Masks come out when the plane encounters turbulence. Before assisting others, you don your own mask. If you go about it another way, you won’t be able to help anyone else.

Similar to this, neglecting your health and fitness—your engine—will leave you sputtering. You’ll eventually be actually gasping for air.

When was the last time you gave your self-care routines some thought?

What does your exercise routine entail? Did you leave the gym you joined on January 1st? Like you would for a doctor’s appointment, arrange a precise time on your calendar. Get back on board. It’s never too late.

Do you follow a regular fitness routine? How are you doing with your recovery? After all, when we rest, we see the gains. Plan a massage, a yoga session, or some alone time. Shut it off. Set up a time to attend to one. 

What kind of diet do you follow? Does it need to be cleaned up a bit? As much as possible, incorporate a healthy lunch. Start with one and build on that. Want some advice? We’d be glad to help.

Self-care is so simple to disregard, especially during the Christmas season. We have crowded homes, numerous gatherings, and a lot of stress. It’s crucial to practice self-care today more than ever. To support mental and physical health, ward off sickness, and recover more quickly if we become unwell, we must increase physical activity, reduce mental stress, and make conscious choices about good nutrition.

Take your calendar out. Set a time for yourself to meet (we have 31 classes each week)

Being better to yourself will help you be better at life.

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