5 Ways To Unlock Your Potential

5 Ways To Unlock Your Potential

Living a successful and fulfilling life requires you to unlock your potential. To fulfil your dreams and goals, you must draw on your innate talents, skills, and strengths. But for a variety of reasons, including self-doubt, a lack of motivation, or a fear of failing, many people find it difficult to reach their full potential. On this episode of The New Helix Experience podcast, Tim Frey shares about 5 Ways To Unlock Your Potential.

You’ll Learn:

  • What does it mean to unlock your full potential?
  • What are some of the common blocks on unlocking your potential?
  • How do you unlock your potential?


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Hey guys. Today we are talking about five ways to unlock your potential so.

I just want.

To talk about how this came about.

So I guess we can all agree everyone was wanting to come the best version of themselves physically and mentally, like at my gym. We built it to help busy professionals achieve their fitness goals with simple, effective.

And you know results.

Guaranteed workouts in 60 minutes. We understand that time is valuable and that’s why we created like a training and nutrition system that anyone can follow four or six times a week to unlock their full potential.

Our commitment is to providing high quality education and knowledge, like a finally informative training experience and results based methodology.

So I want.

To talk about one of our clients.

Sharred I’ve mentioned.

Him a few times on the podcast, but essentially he’s a busy professional who wanted to transform himself physically.

Mentally. But he didn’t have the time to spend hours in the gym. I mean, who ******* does? He was looking for like a short 60 minute a day. Way to get long, long, lean, stronger, confident.

He needed a program that was like, not only a physical overhaul but also a mental one. He wanted to become the best version of himself and achieve a physical transformation, but he was struggling to find a program that fit his busy lifestyle and guaranteed results.

Sharred maybe similar to you realise that if you don’t take control of your health and fitness, you’ll suffer some serious health issues like a lack of energy decrease in overall quality of life, and a bunch of other health issues that fester overtime. There are potential dangers and consequence of not taking action become.

Very clear and I think like Sharred like maybe you at some point you decide that enough is enough.

Enough is enough to make change and take charge of your physical and mental well being like Sharred did.

At that time.

He reached out, signed up for one of our programs and was ready to become the best version of himself after some time, feeling lost and overwhelmed, he decided it was time to take action. And then.

You know the coaches and team we started helping it with some guidance and to navigate through the obstacles that he was going to face with his head.

You know, at that time when he started with Helix gym, we made a promise to him to help him become the best version of himself, physically and mentally.

The team and he actually met with Sharred and then you know we were really keen and eager to understand this, his struggles and his goals. I knew that we had a good track record of success and simple.

Effective programs, which we also have, the credibility which which was great, another like when Sharred to anyone, comes in, they’re feeling a little bit vulnerable and.

Sure, but they open up to like the guidance and, you know, essentially told him that physical struggles and consequences that could happen if this thing was neglected further and further and further. But, you know, he was frustrated, defeated and unhappy with his current state. The gym, I’d say empathetically.

Listen and encouraged him to channel these emotions and feelings into motivation to create a positive change for himself and his kid. Show went underwent a physical change.

And you know, we could all agree that changes life forever. He became physically and mentally stronger with a newfound confidence and a sense of purpose.

He started to see the world a little bit differently and through a new light as he achieved his desired outcome with the help of the gym. These transformations are.

That well, it’s evident in these transformations. All these types of transformations that his performance in the gym and his relationships with those around him were contrast well, in contrast, were uniquely different. And, you know, they were leaps and bounds apart when you really take control of.

You’re training everything and life gets better. Sharad finally achieved his outcome and life became imaginably. Imaginably became a lot better, you know.

He told us he wakes up every day feeling energised with the confidence to take on any chance came his way he.

No longer feels.

Held back by his physical limitations or self doubt.

Instead, empowered with his newfound strength and resilience, his relationships and everyone around.

With him, like the relationships with them became deeper and his professional success skyrocketed. And I think now he kind of lives in a world or a possibility that anything is possible.

When you take control of your health and fitness, why did I even tell you that story? I wanted to talk about what? Unlocking your full potential.

Actually is so for me it comes down to a few things. They are strength, mindset, physique, relationships, money, happiness and fun.

I’ll go through.

Each of them in a little bit of detail.

So for strength like unlocking your full potential for me would be, are you able to perform physical feats of strength? Like can you lift your, you know, two times your body weight off the floor? Can you squat 1 1/2 times your body weight?

Can you bench press 1 1/2 times your body weight? Can you get out of bed and play with your kids?

Can you, you know, sit down on the toilet without struggling and using the wall like these types of things like your full potential will not be realised from a strength point of view unless you can master those things.

The weaker you are as you’re younger, the weaker you’re going to be. As you age, you’re going to need to build up like a tolerance and a base level of strength.

That when you go into an older age, you’re going to be able to use and everyone’s seeing like old people that are absolutely decrepit who never built up a base of of fitness and strength.

They struggle when they get older because they are so weak and brittle. You can prevent that and you can prevent that with training and strength in the gym.

So let’s talk about mindset becoming the best version of yourself in regard to mindset is, are you able to push through every day without being an emotional little *****?

Something bad happened in your day and you just completely ******* blow up and that blow up causes you to fall out with people around you cause you to fall out with coworkers, cause you fall out with like your loved ones and and your spouse.

Because you’re just being too emotional and people that are too emotional and this comes into mindset are just going to have a hard time in life. No one wants an emotional little ***** who gets upset about anything.

It’s just not a fun person to be around and you’re a ******* HR nightmare. Usually most people sabotage their success with emotions. I’m sure you can agree is.

Even subconsciously or consciously, they’re just self sabotage. Everything they do by being overly emotional, like everything is a problem, and partly because, like these types of people never experience great.

Pain physically, like they never put themselves in hard situations. Therefore they just completely blow their load. But if you put yourself in hard situations physically you a lot, you become a lot more emotionally resilient and mentally resilient, which is one of the most important things about starting training.

Next, let’s talk about becoming a full potential in terms of physique. So everyone has a genetic potential. So a maximal genetic potential.

Let’s say my genetic potential is 100 kilos, 10% body fat for my height. Am I getting towards that?

You know, if I want to, am I getting towards that genetic potential and the ability to unlock my full potential by hitting my genetic peak or am I leaving a little bit of room in the tank because I’m?

Not training. I’m not doing the nutrition. I’m not doing the recovery. I’m not looking as good as I could and I’m a strong believer.

And like the better you look or the stronger you are relative like to your goals, the more potential you can achieve and the greater things you can do and the more.

People you can.

Help no one with or it’s it’s going to be harder. People with a ****** physique or a ****** look, they’re going to get less respect in the world.

They’re gonna.

Have less mates, less people who are interested in them, and what I mean by mates is like the opposite sex or whatever sex you’re trying to attract.

You need less attracted to you because you know the first thing that someone sees is your physical appearance. And if you look like **** and you’re out of shape, then you’re just going to get less potential for mating going forward.

Next up, let’s talk about relationships in regard to becoming your full potential, are you enjoying the extent of what a relationship has to offer or are you not because you can’t reach its potential because you are sabotaging yourself from a mindset or relationships point of view or a physique point of view like you aren’t even?

Able to attract a.

Mate, because you’re physically out of shape, you’re too emotional or you can’t handle emotion or you’re shut off from emotion, or you just haven’t put yourself in hard situations enough to warrant the dealing or warrant the respect of a potential mate. It’s all like, you know, strength mindset, physique, relationships.

They’re all related.

Everything’s related. Nothing’s random. You don’t get anything randomly in this world.

Or like you can get something randomly, but it won’t last, like if you’re constantly getting subpar people or relationships, or women or men or whatever it is, it’s a sign that something’s not going right in your life because that’s.

The thing you attract.

And then we’ll switch over to money.

Once you unlock your physical and mental potential, money is easier to make and.

Hold you hear these?

Stories about people who win the Lotto.

They win like 10203040 million and then a couple of years later they just.

End up blowing the money because they haven’t like earned or learned the ability.

To hold that money, they have bad habits. They spend and waste all their.

Money. When money comes to them, they just get rid of it and they don’t hold it and they can’t invest it. It’s because they have.

Discovered their full potential and discovering your full potential in terms of finance is a skill as well.

Everything is a skill you need. It’s a skill to get rich. It’s a skill to make money. It’s a skill to hold money. It’s a skill to get money from people.

All these things come under the same banner and it’s unlocking your full potential and the first step to unlocking your full potential is getting your physical body in the right frame of mind as soon as you get your physical body in the right frame of mind, you start to respect what nutrition you put into your body then.

Once you’ve unlocked the strength and the physical body.

Your physique will start changing.

Once your physique start changes.

Who naturally attract better relationships. And then you look to want more from your career or the business that you’re in.

Then once you have the career business, you’ll start to unlock money. Money also gives you options and then creates happiness.

They can go in different orders, but you’ll find that you know most of the time, all of these factors strength, mindset, physique relationships, money, they.

Will be present.

It is hard to juggle all of these things, and if you think about them like juggling balls in the air.

They’re hard to keep up, but if you keep the foundation solid and you keep working on yourself and developing yourself and becoming the best version of yourself.

It isn’t to say that it’s not possible. I’m not saying I’m living, breathing proof of all of these, but in some small degree I have success in.

Each of these areas.

And that is just by putting 1 foot in front of the other and wanting.

To become the.

Best version or the full version of myself every single day?

To wrap up this podcast, I’m going to go through some common blocks in unlocking.

Your full potential.

So most of the time, people.

Will prioritise the wrong things.

What I mean by prioritising the wrong things is they wake up every day and they’ve gone on their phone.

And they’ll scroll social media for an.

Hour in the morning.

Then they’ll get up in a.

****** mood that we ****** off for the day. They’ll go to work, work 8 hours, get home. They’ll be passed off. They had a fight with their boss.

They didn’t really accomplish anything because their emotions are high. They’ll just rinse and repeat to the same thing every day.

Yes, you will gain money from this method, but you only gain money from a certain type for a certain period and then it will run out and whatnot. Instead, you could prioritise your physical health, get up an hour earlier, work out.

You’ve been a great mood. The hardest part of the day is accomplished. Then you’ll start to respect yourself a little bit more.

You’ll eat better. You’ll feel better, and you’ll start to put good energy out in the world, and that energy will come back to you.

In terms of opportunities?

The point I’m trying to get with this one is the prioritisation or your priorities are wrong. The first thing that people should prioritise on a daily basis is their health.

Prioritising health.

The easiest way to do that is by training first thing in the morning. If you can’t train first thing in the morning, that’s OK, but it needs to be a priority because I know.

At the afternoon peoples that train, they tend to have more things that pop up and stop them from actually consistently training. The key here is consistency.

If you’re not consistently doing it, you’re going to be tired, sore, beat up, angry, frustrated, and you’ll never get in that rhythm.

The beautiful rhythm of consistency is one of the best things about training. Once you get that dialled in, anything’s possible for you, but all starts with training and you have to prioritise the right thing.

The second most common block with unlocking and full potential is mindset. Blocks on training, relationships and nutrition.

And what I mean by that?

So let’s hypothetically say I get a 40 year old woman 45. Let’s make it 45. Let’s call her Sally.

She comes into my gym and she says I don’t want to sign up with you because every trainer is scary. It’s like a boot camp instructor, and I’m going to get punished in here.

And she doesn’t answer my gym for X reasons. Those reasons have nothing to do with me, and I’m not going to do those things that this, she thinks this trainer is, but previously she’s had a bad experience with a trainer, which is limiting her from achieving success.

That is a mindset block 101. Just because you’ve had a bad experience with something doesn’t mean that’s going to happen again.

The other example here is like women and gods, everyone does this.

Oh, all guys, a ****. They ****** me over. They cheered on me. They were *****.

I’m never going to have a relationship because all guys are can’t.

All guys are not *****.

There’s some great guys out there who will treat you with respect, who you have a great relationship with, but if you’re blocked off to the fact that getting a relationship is impossible cause all guys are counts, that is also a mindset.

Block of yours.

Every situation can be completely different if you let it.

If you don’t let it, you’re going to end up in the exact same situation that you are right now. You have to.

Have an open mind with this.

Next, we’ll talk about a mindset block with nutrition. So let’s say you have an ethical belief that all meat is bad.

Very common belief, by the way, in today’s age.

But that common belief takes you five years down the road. You never have a single animal protein. Then during that five year period, it’s four times harder to get results as a plant based nutritional.

Follow up.

Five years down the road, you’ve got anaemia. You’re sick. You can’t. You can’t get. You have low iron, you’re depleted. You’re lost muscle gain, fat, feel like ****. Sleep like ****. You’re pale, you look bad.

What is the knock on effect of those five years? For that ethical reason that you don’t eat meat, which is fair enough, but if you don’t do it for ethical reasons, then you need at least give your body the respect of supplementing properly. And a lot of people don’t do that. They just think it’s fine to.

Not have meat or animal products for a period of time. It’s not fine for your body. It may be fine for your conscious and your mental health and and whatever ethical reasons that you have, but it’s not fine for your body, and that is also a mindset block.

A mindset block to believe well to start with and then it transitions to a physical ailment because we all know and it’s been proven time and time again in the research that eating.

And like plant based diet is not good.

For your health.

And lastly.

Connor ties in with my first point here is.

A lot of people don’t make time to train like it’s not a necessity necessity for their life.

I believe it’s the most fundamental aspect of life.

Obviously, besides like procreating having kids.

Having love all that type of ****, but you’re not going to have kids if you’re a ***** ** **** and you’re under.

You’re not going to have kids if you look like **** because there won’t be anyone to meet with, so I believe it is one of the most important things to do is make time to train 60 minutes a day. Not hard to do.

And then my last point here, I’ve got five ways you can unlock your full potential. Really ******* simple.

Set aside time to train four to six times a week on a program, don’t go and do random **** in the gym.

Follow a program from someone that knows what they’re doing, not some pencil neck strength coach or someone you saw on Instagram. They have to be reputable and they have to have the ability to get results for you.

#2 set aside time to learn and implement those learnings for your career or financial gain.

So you don’t know what you.

Don’t know there is so much information out there if you do not take the time to find that information and utilise that information for the benefit of your life in terms of making money and building business building your.

Improving your relationship etc etc etc. You are going to have a bad time.

The whole point? Well, I feel like one of the whole points of being a human is learning. You need to learn and become the best version of yourself the way you do that and unlock your full potential is by learning from.

People who have done that before you.

My Third Point consume food for fuel. I’d be guilty of ******* around and finding out with this one a little bit last couple of weeks. But food is fuel.

Shouldn’t be.

Well, yeah, I guess you can do it for ethical reasons I’ve gone.

On the vegan thing again here, but.

Like I get it, it can be ethical and not eat meat, but like you need to put in the right nutrients in your body in some way. If you’re not going to get it from me.

But consume food as fuel.

What you require to recover grow.

And become the best version.

Of yourself #4 set aside quality.

Time for relationships and friendships.

I like to put this in my calendar.

On a Sunday, I’ll say we’ll social events out this week. Pencil them in usually one to two.

What nights date night and when am I going away and spending quality time with my wife? Not just like time on the couch watching Netflix, arguing about business and who’s killing it more, etcetera.

Actual time #5 set aside time for fun and enjoyment, and the way I like to do this is.

Also on Sunday.

I’ll set aside time that I’m going to go ride my dirt bike, go for a run.

Play card like something like that. So one to five again.

Four to six times what we call a program that’s #1 #2 implement time to learn and grow.

And actually if I can use it #3 food for fuel #4 set aside time for relationships and friendships.

#5 set aside time for fun and enjoyment. Let me know if you got something on this podcast. We are riffing on unlocking your full potential.

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