12 lessons from 12-weeks of competition preparation

12 lessons from 12-weeks of competition preparation

As my lifting team finishes up 12-weeks of preparations for a weightlifting competition, I would like to point out a few observations I’ve made as to the coach about the good, bad & damn ugly of the experience.

We started with 35 lifters, we are down a few, only the strong have survived this prep. RIP

The lessons, in no particular order

  1. The human body can handle a lot more than you think
  2. Your mind will let you down before your body does
  3. Recovery is more important than training
  4. Quitters never win, winners never quit
  5. People always find something to complain about
  6. The athletes that followed the program better, got better results
  7. Not hitting your percentages should be illegal
  8. Environment is everything
  9. Scrolling Instagram is worse for an athletes mental health than some drugs
  10. The bar will not kill you, get under it
  11. If they could see what I see in them, this would be easier
  12. Ego will always be the enemy

Comment below which of these hit home for you most?

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